10 Best Apache Nifi Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookApache Nifi is a powerful data integration tool that is widely used for processing and transferring large volumes of data. As organizations increasingly rely on data for their business decisions, the demand for skilled Nifi professionals is on the rise. To meet this demand, there are several online courses available that aim to teach Nifi concepts and techniques. This article provides an overview of some of the best Apache Nifi courses available online, highlighting their key features, benefits, and learning outcomes.

Here’s a look at the Best Apache Nifi Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Apache Nifi Courses and Certifications Online

1. Apache NiFi (Cloudera DataFlow) – Be an expert in 8 Hours by Vikas Kumar Jha, Poonam Jha (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The course “Apache NiFi (Cloudera DataFlow) – Be an expert in 8 Hours” is designed for beginners to advance level learners who wish to learn real-world production scenarios and become experts in Apache Data Flow Management. The course is instructed by Vikas Kumar Jha and Poonam Jha and contains 8+ hours of comprehensive hands-on lessons.

This course discusses the latest version of NiFi and Processors step by step, covering the latest version of Apache NiFi Processors. The course has already become a bestseller with over 3500+ students enrolled since the course went live last month. The course provides a journey of learning Data Flow Manager from beginners to advanced level.

Apache NiFi is an open-source software for automating and managing data flows between various types of systems. It is a powerful and reliable system that provides a web-based user interface for creating, monitoring, and controlling data flows. It has a highly configurable and modifiable data flow process that can modify data during executing also known as run time. Additionally, it is easily extensible by developing custom components.

The Github link to download the templates is updated in lecture-5 resources. The course content and sections include installing NiFi, working with NiFi Processors – parts 1 and 2, reading, and writing to databases, creating templates and code organization, NiFi provenance data – auditing history, NiFi cluster overview, and frequently asked questions. The course also covers best practices and a bonus lecture.

The instructor invites learners to ask any question during the journey of learning Apache NiFi, which he will be delighted to answer. Moreover, the course offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so learners can enroll without hesitation and start their journey on Apache NiFi Data Flow Management.

2. Introduction to Apache NiFi | Cloudera DataFlow – HDF 2.0 by Stephane Maarek | AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner,Solutions Architect,Developer (Udemy)

This course offers an introduction to Apache NiFi, Cloudera DataFlow – HDF 2.0, and is instructed by Stephane Maarek, an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Solutions Architect, and Developer. NiFi is a technology for building data flows and addressing streaming challenges. It allows users to build flows directly from a UI without coding and is used by many top organizations. The course offers a mix of theory lessons and hands-on labs to teach users how to set up connectors and processors, read FlowFiles, and use NiFi efficiently to stream data between different systems at scale.

The course is comprised of over 1.5 hours of video and over 15 classes. Students will learn how to install and configure Apache NiFi, its architecture and core concepts, and how to monitor it. Additionally, students will learn about integrations between Apache Kafka and Apache NiFi. Users can ask questions on the forum and the instructor is available to answer them in a timely manner.

The course has received high ratings from students who have praised its usefulness and the helpfulness of the instructor. Lifetime access to future updates is provided, along with a responsive instructor in the Q&A section, links to interesting articles, and a Udemy Certificate of Completion. A 30-day money-back guarantee is also offered.

The course is instructed by Stephane Maarek, who has taught 1,000,000+ students and received 350,000+ reviews throughout his career in designing and delivering certifications and courses. The course is divided into several sections, including Introduction to NiFi and First Concepts, Hands On: Getting Started with NiFi, Apache NiFi in Depth, and Annexes. A bonus lecture is also included for coupons for the instructor’s other courses.

3. Apache NiFi – Admin Guide – Clustering and Management 2020 by Vikas Kumar Jha, Poonam Jha (Udemy)

The Apache NiFi – Admin Guide – Clustering and Management 2020 course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of NiFi clustering and troubleshooting in a production environment. Upon completion of the course, students should be able to set up and manage a NiFi cluster environment.

The course covers a range of topics, including NiFi Cluster Overview, why NiFi Clustering is necessary, and NiFi Cluster Setup in a production-like environment with three servers. Additionally, students will learn about NiFi Cluster setup in a demo or development environment on a single server or system, as well as understanding the working of data flow execution in a cluster environment.

The course also addresses how to disconnect a NiFi cluster node during maintenance activity, offloading maintenance node’s work to other available nodes, rejoining nodes back to the cluster, and managing NiFi cluster when one of the server crashes and shuts down. Load Balancing and using NiFi Toolkit to automate admin tasks are also covered in the course.

The course content consists of sections on NiFi Cluster Overview and Setup, NiFi Load Balancing, and using NiFi Toolkit. There is also a bonus lecture that provides coupons for other trending courses.

4. Apache NiFi – A Beginners Guide | Big DataFlow | HDF & CDF by Manoj G T (Udemy)

The Apache NiFi – A Beginners Guide | Big DataFlow | HDF & CDF course is designed to help individuals evaluate Apache NiFi in a short period of time. This course is suitable for beginners, as it focuses on the core functionality of Apache NiFi. NiFi is a robust data ingestion, distribution framework, and ETL option that enables the collection, curation, analysis, and action on any data anywhere, providing built-in end-to-end security and provenance.

Apache NiFi is based on a different programming paradigm called Flow-Based Programming (FBP). It is considered one of the fastest-growing Apache Projects and expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. The course is aimed at anyone interested in learning about Apache NiFi and its integration with popular big data technologies such as Hadoop, HDFS, MapReduce, Hive, Spark, Flink, Kafka, and Elastic Search.

The course curriculum includes Apache NiFi Introduction, Installation, Basics, Hands-on, Advanced Concepts, Monitoring, NiFi Registry for Version Control, NiFi Custom Processors, and NiFi in Cluster-Mode. The course is designed to strike a balance between theory and hands-on experience, making it the ultimate guide for beginners. The course is delivered in less than 3 hours and equips students with the required skill sets to work on their big data pipeline/ETL requirements using NiFi.

The course is not meant for students who are already familiar with the topics given in the course curriculum and are looking for a more hands-on oriented class or various integration examples using NiFi and other big data technologies. The instructor, Manoj G T, is a Big Data Evangelist, JavaScript Lover, Web Developer, and Performance Freak. He is passionate about programming and seeks to provide high-quality course content to all his students in an easy and understanding way.

Students have given positive feedback about the course, with many stating that they have benefited from its comprehensive and lucid nature.

5. Apache NiFi Complete Master Course – HDP – Automation ETL by MUTHUKUMAR Subramanian (Udemy)

The Apache NiFi Complete Master Course – HDP – Automation ETL is a comprehensive course that covers all the basic and advanced concepts available in Apache NiFi, including Flowfile, Controllers, Processors, Connections, Process Group, Funnel, Data Provenance, Processor relationships, and Input and Output Ports. The course also covers Apache NiFi subprojects like Nifi Registry, and provides practical demonstrations of handling throughput and latency, prioritizing data, and error handling.

Additionally, the course covers processors and controllers used in production scenarios, such as HTTP, RDBMS, NoSQL S3, CSV, JSON, Hive, and SSL ConnectionPool, along with demonstrations of creating and using KeyStore and Trust Store for SSL communication, and using Maven and Eclipse EE for custom processor and deploying nar file to NiFi libraries.

The course is divided into several sections, including Introduction to Apache NiFi, First Baby Step – Flow file Demo, Processors and Connections, Integrating Apache NiFi with Distributed Messaging System – Apache Kafka, and Nifi Registry. Other sections cover Nifi Cluster, Nifi and Bigdata Ecosystem, HTTP Processors, Nifi and AWS, Nifi and NoSQL Database, Nifi and Apache Solr, Custom Processor and Custom Controller, Practical Use Cases, Reference Resources, and a Bonus Lecture.

Each concept is presented with a demo and real-time implementation, and all demonstrated flowfile templates are uploaded as part of the course. The course emphasizes the importance of handling data latency and throughput, and demonstrating how it can be controlled with relationship, yield, and back pressure.

6. Apache NiFi – A Complete Introduction | Master the Flow by Pragmatic Institute, Experiential Learning (Udemy)

The Apache NiFi – A Complete Introduction | Master the Flow course, offered by Pragmatic Institute and Experiential Learning, is an introductory course that covers the fundamentals of Apache NiFi. Apache NiFi is a software tool used for data extraction, transformation, and loading. The tool integrates with many data types and file formats, making data processing as easy as drag and drop. NiFi has built-in features for load management and back pressure handling, making it highly scalable and reliable for automated data flows.

The course begins with setting up the NiFi developer environment and introducing various terminology used in NiFi, such as processors and flowfiles. The course then progresses into building workflows to tackle real-life data processing issues. The content of the course covers prominent use cases for NiFi, including file import and export, CSV record data transformation, and text file processing.

This course is suitable for beginners who want to learn everything they need to get started with NiFi and begin building their own flows. It is also suitable for students who want to understand key techniques for getting NiFi ready in production environments. The course is divided into several sections, including Introduction, The NiFi Interface, File Workflows, Data Flows and Content, and Flows, Caches and Process Groups.

Overall, Getting Started with Apache NiFi is a valuable course for anyone looking to start or continue developing with this versatile data tool.

7. Apache NiFi step by step for all level : Beginner to Expert by FutureX Skills (Udemy)

This course, titled “Apache NiFi step by step for all level: Beginner to Expert,” is offered by FutureX Skills. It covers various concepts related to Apache NiFi, including Flow File, Back Pressure, Prioritization, Data Provenance, and Real World implementation. The course is designed to prepare learners for a real-world Data Engineer role, and it covers step-by-step topics that are meant to upskill learners from beginner to expert.

The course covers topics such as real-world enterprise data flow problem and its challenges, the need for a tool like Apache NiFi, user interface and internals of a NiFi Flow File, installation of Java, Maven and Apache NiFi, various login identity providers in Nifi, setting up Nifi on Windows, introduction to the folders structure covering bin, repository, logs, and extension folders, etc. The course also includes a simplistic demo to cover the Nifi User Interface, basic concepts like Expression Language, Funnels and Variables, and in-depth concepts like Context Service, Parameter Contexts, and Templates.

Additionally, the course includes Nifi hands-on implementation of all the use cases, building a pipeline to create a controller service for database connection and write data to MySQL DB, logging, pipeline and cluster monitoring in Nifi, and a bonus Git link for all templates used in course.

The prerequisites for this course include no NiFi knowledge, basic programming skills, basic database knowledge, and big data entry-level knowledge. The course is divided into five sections, which include Introduction, Why We need Apache NiFi, Apache NiFi Installation, Apache NiFi Hands-On: Basics, Apache NiFi Hands-On: In-Depth, Advance Concepts, Logging in NiFi, Custom Processor, and Thank You.

8. Apache NiFi – Zero to Hero (Fundamentos) by Anselmo Borges (Udemy)

The Apache NiFi – Zero to Hero (Fundamentos) course is designed to teach the basics of Apache NiFi in just 6 hours. It covers the theory behind the technology, its history, and practical installations of NiFi in various environments, including Linux/MacOS, Docker, and Windows. The course also covers the main tools of the NiFi UI, including processors, connectors, and templates, as well as data visualization, scheduling, and external libraries.

The course explains what the NiFi Registry is and how to install it on various platforms, including Linux/MacOS, Docker, Cloudera Manager, and Windows. It also covers how to create a repository in the NiFi Registry, configure version control, and link the repository to GitHub.

The course includes two projects: one for collecting Twitter data and sending it to Elasticsearch and another for collecting national data on COVID-19, transforming it into JSON, and displaying it on a map with geolocation in Kibana. The course provides over 6 hours of video content, supporting materials, and instructor support via the platform.

The course is divided into several sections, including Introduction, Installation and Configuration, Configuration Structure and Architecture, NiFi Functions, Version Control with NiFi Registry, COVID-19 Project, and Final Considerations.

9. Aprenda Apache NiFi do Zero (em 2h) by Eduardo Santana (Udemy)

The course titled “Aprenda Apache NiFi do Zero (em 2h)” is an Udemy course instructed by Eduardo Santana. The course aims to teach the development of ETL and data integration using an open-source tool, Apache NiFi. The course is designed to be 90% practical content, with step-by-step instructions provided for the best learning experience. The course covers topics such as creating data loading flows, developing data ingestion processes, working with JSON and SQL records, executing SQL through flows, and developing automated/programmed integration processes.

The course starts with an introduction and an overview of Apache NiFi and its architecture. It also covers how to prepare an environment for developing work flows, integrating data, and developing code-free SQL flows. The instructed course focuses on providing practical learning experiences for students.

The course consists of five sections, which include an introduction, presentation of Apache NiFi, preparing the work environment, first steps with Apache NiFi, and practical exercises. The course provides an overview of the best tool in the market for ETL, which is an open-source tool that is easy to use.

Overall, this course aims to help students learn how to use Apache NiFi for ETL and data integration purposes. The course provides practical content, step-by-step instructions, and hands-on exercises to ensure that students can learn and apply the concepts quickly and efficiently.

10. A to Z of Apache Nifi-Beginner to Admin-Master the Data Flow by Faculty Tube (Udemy)

This course, titled “A to Z of Apache Nifi-Beginner to Admin-Master the Data Flow,” aims to provide students with the necessary skills to effectively manage and handle large amounts of data in a systematic manner using the Apache Nifi Framework. The framework, built on a java engine, enables the creation of data pipelines and integration with popular enterprise systems and 3rd party tools using functional programming and drag and drop tools. The course is developed by a highly experienced data analyst who has worked with top organizations like Oracle, DBS bank, AIRBNB, and Microsoft.

The course is approximately 2 and a half hours long and covers both core theoretical concepts and hands-on practical examples. The practical component comprises over 90% of the course, and students will learn how to create data flow files quickly and easily. The course covers concepts like installing and configuring Apache Nifi, designing the first flow with examples, processing different file types such as CSV, JSON, and text files, and installation, security, customization, and scalability of Apache Nifi. Other topics include data provenance, integration with relational databases, data flow monitoring, and creating custom processors, among others.

The course is structured with introduction modules, followed by sections such as install and configure Apache Nifi, understanding terminologies, integration, data flow monitoring, data provenance, creating databases, creating custom processors, pooling data, and core concepts like reporting, load balancing, ETL, and integration with Apache Kafka. Upon completing the course, students will be proficient in Apache Nifi and be able to use it to manage large amounts of data effectively.

Overall, this course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of Apache Nifi and its functionalities, enabling them to handle and manage large data sets in a systematic and efficient manner.