10 Best Body Building Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookAs interest in fitness and bodybuilding continues to grow, many individuals are seeking efficient and convenient ways to learn and develop their skills in this field. With the advent of online learning, there is now an abundance of courses available for those looking to improve their knowledge and skills in bodybuilding. These courses cover a range of topics such as strength training, nutrition, and techniques for building muscle mass. In this article, we will provide an overview of some of the top bodybuilding courses available online, highlighting their features and benefits, to assist individuals in choosing the best course to suit their needs.

Here’s a look at the Best Body Building Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Body Building Courses and Certifications Online

1. Yoga for Weightlifting, Powerlifting & Body Building by Kassandra Reinhardt (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The “Yoga for Weightlifting, Powerlifting & Body Building” course is designed for weightlifters and athletes who want to improve their posture, reduce aches and pains, and increase flexibility. The course includes eight classes, two beginner and intermediate vinyasa flow classes, an energizing morning yoga class, a relaxing evening yoga class, a yin yoga flexibility class, and a post-workout practice. The course is suitable for all levels, and each video lesson is downloadable. Five free bonuses are included, and there is a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

The course addresses muscle soreness in key areas of the body where weightlifters typically experience discomfort, such as the chest, shoulders, hips, hamstrings, quads, and calves. The course helps to stretch and strengthen these muscle areas, improve posture, and increase flexibility. The course also helps to relax the body and reduce stress and anxiety.

The course includes two beginner and intermediate vinyasa flow classes that help to open up tight areas of the body, a morning yoga class to energize the body, and an evening yoga class to calm the body down. The course also includes a yin yoga flexibility class that targets deep connective tissue to increase flexibility, as well as a post-workout practice to prevent muscle soreness.

The course is suitable for all levels, and each video lesson is downloadable. Five free bonuses are included, such as an extra yoga for weightlifters video, an extra yoga for tight hips class, an extra pre-workout warmup class, and an extra post-workout stretch cooldown class. Additionally, an illustrated eBook of 100 yoga poses is included.

The course comes with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. It is important to consult with a physician before beginning any exercise program, and participants agree to assume all risks of injury and release Yoga with Kassandra from any claims or causes of action.

2. BodyWeight: Chest & Abs/Core Workout by Jordan Dunning (Udemy)

Course Title: BodyWeight: Chest & Abs/Core Workout

This course focuses on bodyweight exercises for the chest and abs/core, with the goal of helping individuals achieve their desired physique. The course is led by instructor Jordan Dunning, who demonstrates proper form and provides step-by-step instructions for each exercise.

The course begins with an introduction and includes two main sections: standard push-ups and diamond push-ups. Each section includes stretching and warm-up exercises, followed by a demonstration of the specific exercise with proper form.

The emphasis is on achieving each exercise with proper form to maximize its effectiveness and avoid injury. Students can expect to learn the proper technique for each exercise and gain a better understanding of how to develop their chest and abs/core muscles through bodyweight exercises.

3. Bodybuilding For Beginners by Michael Karam (Udemy)

Course Title: Bodybuilding For Beginners

This course is designed to provide beginners with the basics of bodybuilding. Students will learn everything they need to know to build their first beginner bodybuilding program. The course is suitable for those who have not trained before and are looking to begin their journey into bodybuilding.

The course is divided into several sections including an introduction to bodybuilding, exercises, sets, reps, frequency and rest time between sets. Each section provides detailed information on the topic and prepares students for the next section.

The introduction section covers the basics of bodybuilding, including what it is, the benefits, and the different types of bodybuilding. Students will also learn about the equipment required for bodybuilding and how to properly use it.

The exercises section covers the different types of exercises involved in bodybuilding, including compound exercises and isolation exercises. Students will learn how to perform each exercise correctly and safely, and will also learn about the different muscle groups involved in each exercise.

The sets and reps section covers the basics of sets and reps, including what they are and how to determine the appropriate number for each exercise. Students will also learn about the different types of sets and reps, such as pyramid sets and drop sets.

The frequency section covers how often students should train each muscle group in order to see results. Students will learn about the different factors that affect frequency, such as age, gender, and fitness level.

The rest time between sets section covers the importance of rest time between sets and how it affects performance and muscle growth. Students will learn about the optimal rest time for each exercise and how to customize their rest time based on their fitness level.

Finally, the course provides an example of a beginner bodybuilding program. This program is designed to put everything students have learned into practice and help them build their own training program.

Overall, this course is a comprehensive introduction to bodybuilding for beginners.

4. HIIT and Bodyweight exercises with a US Marine by Nathanael Elmore (Udemy)

This course, titled “HIIT and Bodyweight exercises with a US Marine”, features Nathanael Elmore as the course instructor. The course is designed to teach participants over 100 bodyweight exercises, as well as high intensity interval training (HIIT) and a 30 day workout plan. The course aims to provide individuals with a convenient and effective method of exercise that can be done without requiring a gym membership or extensive equipment. The course is broken down into different sections, including lower body exercises, upper body pushing exercises, core exercises, upper body pulling exercises, high intensity interval training, and a 3 month daily workout plan.

The course emphasizes the importance of taking care of oneself and prioritizing personal health and well-being. Bodyweight training is presented as a simple and effective alternative to traditional gym workouts, allowing individuals to exercise without worrying about membership fees or equipment availability. The course also highlights the benefits of high intensity interval training in terms of fat burning and endurance, as well as its efficiency and time-saving nature.

The course content is presented through a series of easy-to-understand video tutorials and resources that help individuals understand the muscles they are using during each exercise. The 3 month daily workout plan allows individuals to incorporate the exercises they have learned into their daily routine, providing a structured and achievable approach to building a fitness regimen.

Overall, the course offers a comprehensive and accessible method of exercise that can be done anytime, anywhere, without requiring a gym membership or expensive equipment. The course encourages individuals to prioritize their personal well-being and provides the tools and resources to do so effectively.

5. Bodybuilding the Complete Guide by Thomas Rohmer (Udemy)

The “Bodybuilding the Complete Guide” course, taught by Thomas Rohmer, promises to provide all the necessary information to build an ideal physique, including mindset, sleep, training, nutrition, and supplements. The course highlights the need for a complete program that covers these four key areas – training, nutrition, sleep, and mindset – to achieve success in bodybuilding. Most bodybuilding plans concentrate only on training and nutrition, which, according to Rohmer, can lead to failure for most people.

Rohmer understands the challenges faced by people in achieving their health and fitness goals. Having a Kinesiology degree from University of North Texas, experience as a personal trainer, and 13 self-published health and fitness books, Rohmer has crafted his advice and programs to address potential problems in advance and solve them. He aims to inspire learners to take action and achieve their health goals.

This course is meant for those eager to learn the essential information required for bodybuilding success, execute it, and get results. The course promises to provide effective information that helps maintain success in bodybuilding for good. It covers topics such as increasing motivation, preventing keto flu, optimizing sleep, tracking calories and macros, and videos demonstrating exercises personally performed by Rohmer.

The course is backed by Udemy’s 30-day money-back guarantee, and enrollment is encouraged to achieve bodybuilding success.

6. Complete Muscle Building work out For Beginners! by Aqib Lateef (Udemy)

The “Complete Muscle Building Exercises For Beginners” course is aimed at individuals looking to improve their physique and gain confidence. The course covers various aspects of muscle building, including the secret to muscle growth, diet plans, and practical guidelines on bodybuilding. The course instructor, Aqib Lateef, is a fitness trainer and life coach motivator who has designed the program to be simple yet effective for beginners.

The course addresses common concerns individuals may have about their body image and fitness levels, such as feeling depressed, embarrassed, or hopeless due to an unfit body. The course promises to make the process of muscle building easy for beginners, removing guesswork and providing step-by-step instructions for multi-phase training programs and nutrition plans. The course emphasizes the numerous benefits of exercise, including improved health, fitness, and confidence.

The course covers proper muscle building and lifting techniques, special tips for growing muscle faster and easier, step-by-step instruction on muscle building exercises, increased muscular strength, and improved fitness through exercise. The course also includes a section on making a personal diet plan and practical exercises and workouts. The course highlights the benefits of physical activity, including improved mental energy, concentration, and focus, and overall health of mind and body.

The course instructor, Aqib Lateef, is a fitness trainer and life coach motivator who aims to help individuals reach their weight and fitness goals. The course content includes an introduction, what to eat before a workout, and specific workout routines for each day of the week targeting different muscle groups, such as shoulder, chest, back, triceps, biceps, forearms, and legs.

7. The Science of Size – Training for Hypertrophy and Strength by Thomas Gillette NASM, CSCS (Udemy)

The course titled “The Science of Size – Training for Hypertrophy and Strength” is instructed by Thomas Gillette, who is a NASM and CSCS certified trainer. The course focuses on the science behind hypertrophy training and programming for gains. The goal of the course is to help individuals understand muscle fiber recruitment, mechanical loading, and programming for hypertrophy training.

The course aims to debunk the myth that hypertrophy training is only for those who want to look like bodybuilders. The course highlights the benefits of hypertrophy training for people of all ages. The course encourages individuals to have organized and progressive workout plans, which will provide them security and confidence in their trainer’s abilities. This will lead to clients making progress and resigning training agreements.

The programming and exercise selection in the course follow the overload principle, specificity principle, and F.I.T.T. principle. This helps individuals stay organized and focused when creating goals and programming to get the best results. The course uses science-backed information and lists many resources at the end of the article. Infographics are also used to provide a great blend of visual and written material. The course provides several workout plans that can be customized to anyone.

The course covers the physiology behind muscle growth and how muscle fibers adapt and change characteristics. It also discusses muscle fiber recruitment and mechanical loading. The course provides steps to take when programming for oneself or clients. It talks about how to make plans specific to people and goals and the benefits of a progressive plan. The course programs several different workouts for hypertrophy, covering different methods of structuring a periodized plan. It also covers different workout splits and effective drop sets. The course talks about the benefits of training accessories such as bands and chains, and when to use them.

The course is a mix of video lectures with written material and example workout plans to reinforce the message. Downloadable and external resources are also provided.

8. How to activate your glutes with in depth exercise tutorials by Jaspar Vowden (Udemy)

Course Title: How to Activate Your Glutes with In-Depth Exercise Tutorials
Course Instructors: Jaspar Vowden

Short Description:
This course aims to help individuals increase muscle mass, improve posture, and overall exercise performance through the activation of the gluteal muscles.

Long Description:
The gluteal muscles play a crucial role in stabilizing our hips and knees, as well as improving our overall posture. Any movement involving standing, walking, running, sitting up, and climbing all require the use of these muscles. Unfortunately, the functions of this muscle group are often overlooked in exercise routines which can lead to injury and an inefficient body.

This course provides an in-depth understanding of the scientific functions of the glutes, their benefits, and step-by-step tutorials on how to activate them through exercise. It is designed to help individuals achieve their fitness goals while ensuring they are using their glutes in the most effective way.

The course is divided into four sections:

1. Introduction: This section provides an overview of the course and the importance of the gluteal muscles in overall health and fitness.

2. Glute Isolation Routine: This section focuses on exercises that isolate the gluteal muscles such as glute bridges, clamshells, and fire hydrants.

3. Compound Glute Routine: This section focuses on exercises that not only activate the glutes but also engage other muscle groups such as squats, deadlifts, and lunges.

4. Outro & Recap: This section summarizes the key points of the course and offers some final thoughts from the instructor.

By the end of this course, individuals will have a deeper understanding of the importance of the gluteal muscles and how to activate them through exercise.

9. Body Building with Body weight exercises by Barbaros Özeller (Udemy)

The course titled “Body Building with Body weight exercises” is designed to help individuals achieve their fitness goals without the need for a gym membership. The course instructor, Barbaros Özeller, emphasizes the importance of understanding the basics of muscle building and training properly. The course focuses on bodyweight exercises that can be performed with minimal equipment, such as pull-up and dip bars.

Training frequency and intensity are adjusted based on individual lifestyle factors, such as sleep patterns and stress levels. The course encourages the use of the progressive overload technique, which involves gradually increasing training intensity over time. This can be achieved through various methods, including increasing the number of repetitions, trying harder versions of exercises, and adding weight.

Nutrition and sleep are also emphasized as essential components for muscle regeneration and recovery. The course provides basic guidelines for daily calorie intake based on individual goals. The course content includes sections on push exercises, pull exercises, leg exercises, abdominal/core exercises, and beginner to advanced workout programs.

Overall, the “Body Building with Body weight exercises” course provides a comprehensive guide to achieving fitness goals with minimal equipment and a focus on proper training techniques, nutrition, and recovery.

10. Body building with the gymnastic rings by Barbaros Özeller (Udemy)

The course titled “Body building with the gymnastic rings” is instructed by Barbaros Özeller. The course aims to help individuals build an athletic body through bodyweight exercises using gymnastic rings. The instructor considers gymnastic rings as the most practical and effective gym equipment, which can be used anywhere as they are very portable and easy to set up. Furthermore, gymnastic rings are not stable, which causes more muscle activation, making them enjoyable to work with.

To build muscle, individuals need to train smart, eat healthy, and sleep well. The instructor has prepared a scientific, bodyweight program that can be adjusted according to different lifestyles. Training frequency and intensity may vary from person to person. Recovery time is directly related to an individual’s lifestyle and affects the frequency and intensity of training. Muscle development occurs in two stages – Stage 1 (damage to muscles) and Stage 2 (recovery). Resting, nutrition, and sleeping are essential during the recovery stage.

Progressive overload is the secret to muscle growth. Increasing training intensity step by step using various techniques such as increasing reps, trying harder versions of exercises, increasing sets, using time under tension technique, adding weights, and gymnastic rings workout can help increase intensity. Nutrition and sleep are crucial for muscle regeneration, and the instructor recommends 8 hours of quality sleep.

For fat loss or weight gain, the instructor advises decreasing or increasing daily calories step by step. The course does not specify what to eat, but general recommendations include consuming raw food, enough protein, enough vegetables, healthy fats and fiber, and taking enough minerals and vitamins. The course includes cardio workouts such as walking and kickboxing programs. The course content and sections include an introduction, legs, gymnastic rings pull exercises, gymnastic rings push exercises, shoulders (fly and push exercises), and 4-6 weeks programs from basic to advanced level.