10 Best Calisthenics Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookCalisthenics is a form of exercise that uses body weight to build strength, flexibility, and endurance. With the increasing popularity of this form of training, many individuals are turning to online courses as a way to learn and improve their calisthenics skills. In this article, we will explore some of the best options available for calisthenics courses online, and provide valuable information to help individuals make an informed decision when choosing the course that is best suited to their needs.

Here’s a look at the Best Calisthenics Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Calisthenics Courses and Certifications Online

1. Home Workouts For You Now (All Levels) by Jeremy Belter (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The course “Home Workouts For You Now (All Levels)” is taught by Jeremy Belter and offers a collection of over 50 body weight fitness exercises. These exercises range from beginner to advanced, with the goal of helping individuals become a “Body By Belter” through practice, time, and discipline. The course emphasizes the use of one’s own body as equipment, making it accessible to a variety of individuals, including stay-at-home moms, busy professionals, and travelers.

The course content includes an introduction and background section, body weight demonstrations, body weight circuits, and a bonus section from other programs. The course can be used as a stand-alone workout or in addition to other types of training.

The course’s accessibility and flexibility make it a viable option for individuals who may not have access to traditional gym equipment or who may be short on time. With the ability to complete workouts in as little as five minutes and the option to use an office or hotel room as a workout space, the course offers no excuse for individuals not to exercise.

2. Calisthenics: Full Body Weight Training Home Workout, NO GYM by Joey Zanca (Udemy)

The Calisthenics: Full Body Weight Training Home Workout, NO GYM course on Udemy is an online fitness program that focuses on body weight training. The course instructors are Joey Zanca. The course provides participants with a variety of exercises and routines that can be performed at home, work, or any other convenient location. The long description of the course emphasizes how the exercises and routines can help individuals develop and maintain a fit looking body.

The course lectures are designed to provide a full body workout to participants every day. Depending on individual preferences, participants can make the workouts an aerobic or muscle-building exercise. The course can be taken as a substitute for a gym class. By following the exercises and routines, participants can avoid the cost of gym fees and enjoy lifelong benefits.

The exercises and routines taught in the course provide a natural way for individuals to work out and strengthen their body. The course content includes an introduction to the course workout plan, a stretching routine before working out, leg training exercises and workout, exercises to work out the abs, back and core training for balance and strength, exercises to strengthen arms and chest, pull-ups, making things more advanced, natural ways to improve performance, and a conclusion of the calisthenics workout routine course.

The course emphasizes the benefits of calisthenics which include developing a muscular and fit body, saving thousands of dollars in gym fees, and having a lifelong exercise routine. The course is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. Fitness ninja masterclass(Flips, Martial arts, Calisthenics) by Sio Vaspa (Udemy)

The “Fitness Ninja Masterclass” course on Udemy offers over 25 different movements focused on elite fitness, including exercises related to Taekwondo, MMA, Martial arts, Gymnastics, Dance, Sports, Parkour, health and fitness, personal trainer and kungfu. In addition to learning several different Urban arts in one course, students will have access to live tutorials to help them achieve their desired moves. The instructor, Sio Vaspa, has over fifteen years of experience as a professional Martial artist, Breakdancer, Calisthenic artist, and Gymnast.

The course offers various drills, tips, and guidance to help students develop skill, agility, quickness, power, strength, and flexibility. The movements are based on different forms of martial arts, flips, breakdance, and calisthenics. Students will learn skills such as handstand, forward roll, dive roll, back handspring, back tuck/flip, front handspring, round-off, aerial, Webster, Gainer Flash, muscle-up, front knee giant, back hip circle, 180 grab, hook kick, tornado kick, 360 kick, 540 kick, 720 kick, butterfly kick, swipe, kip-up, bronco, macaco, knee spring up, and leg flicks.

This course is ideal for those who are interested in alternative ways to stay fit while developing a new skill. The course is designed for people of all skill levels, with breakdowns that are achievable by most individuals. By combining different movements offered by the course, students can create their own unique routines and advance their skills. The course promotes a balanced physique for both the upper and lower body, making it perfect for those looking to become athletes, dancers, martial artists, and elite sports athletes.

The “Fitness Ninja Masterclass” course provides students with a unique opportunity to develop skills related to urban arts and elite fitness in one course.

4. Calisthenics Masterclass for Intermediate Level by Kristjan Heinmets, Arash Sohrabie (Udemy)

This course, titled “Calisthenics Masterclass for Intermediate Level,” is taught by Kristjan Heinmets and Arash Sohrabie. The course enables individuals to learn unique and effective bodyweight exercises to improve their strength, flexibility, mobility, motor skills, and overall bodyweight skills. The course is designed to cater to anyone interested in calisthenics, bodyweight workouts, or functional fitness to boost their functional strength and overall bodyweight skills. The course focuses on teaching skills such as the Handstand, the Dragon Flag, Pistol Squat, and many others.

The course is segmented into five sections, namely Introduction, Balancing, Isolations/Strength, Dynamics/Plyometrics, and Conclusion. The Introduction section serves as an overview of the course and what it entails. The Balancing section is designed to help individuals improve their balance through exercises. The Isolations/Strength section is focused on teaching individuals how to isolate specific muscle groups and build strength. The Dynamics/Plyometrics section aims to enhance explosive power, strength, and agility through exercises. The Conclusion section serves as a wrap-up for the course.

The instructors, Kristjan Heinmets and Arash Sohrabie, are renowned in the field of calisthenics. Kristjan Heinmets is the president of the Dutch Calisthenics Federation and has been practicing calisthenics for over a decade. Arash Sohrabie is a strength and conditioning coach and has been working in the field for over a decade. With their expertise, the course aims to deliver a comprehensive curriculum to help individuals master superhuman moves from home.

5. Calisthenics 101: Supreme Bodyweight Training & Fitness by Ricky Warren (Udemy)

Calisthenics 101: Supreme Bodyweight Training & Fitness is a course instructed by Ricky Warren. The course comprises 101 videos, aimed at helping individuals master their body and develop supreme strength in elements ranging from human flags to handstands. The knowledge imparted in this course is crucial to gaining control in all forms of movement, and is typically only passed on to professional athletes training for things like gymnastics.

Calisthenics is a form of strength and power training that uses only compound bodyweight exercises. The technique helps the body to coordinate its strength and balance through the core and into the limbs, and teaches individuals to develop clean and ‘Strict Form’. The techniques learnt can be mixed with each other into routines, or weight can be added to the movement once strict form has been achieved to keep overloading the body. This form of training is incredibly useful for those who use their bodies for performance, for example in sports, martial arts, dance and yoga.

The course content is divided into several sections, including Beginner’s Push ups, Intermediate Push ups, Advanced Push ups, Planks, Dips, Handstand, Beginner’s Pull ups, Intermediate Pull ups, Advanced Pull ups, Muscle ups, Front Lever, Back Lever, Human Flag, Planche, and Ab holds and strengthening. Individuals can work through each section to achieve the desired level of strength and skill.

6. Gym Rings for Beginners: Workout in Nature by Hamza Ahmed (Udemy)

The Gym Rings for Beginners: Workout in Nature course, led by Hamza Ahmed, aims to help beginners take their training outdoors by teaching them how to safely and effectively use gymnastic rings. The course offers an alternative to traditional gym workouts and focuses on building strength and progressing to more challenging movements with the use of rings. Hamza, with his 6 years of resistance training experience, offers safety and training optimization techniques to guide participants through their first weeks of training.

The course covers a range of topics, including purchasing gym rings online, safety training techniques, gym ring set up, main movements and progression exercises suitable for beginners, and rest and recovery information. This comprehensive approach ensures that participants receive a thorough understanding of how to safely and effectively use gym rings.

The Gym Rings for Beginners: Workout in Nature course is perfect for those who want to take their training outdoors and are excited to learn cool movements to impress themselves and others. By following Hamza’s guidance, participants can expect to pack on muscle, strength, and athleticism in just a few weeks of training.

The course is divided into three sections: an introduction, exercises, and wrapping up. Interested individuals can easily access the course by scrolling up and purchasing it. Overall, the Gym Rings for Beginners: Workout in Nature course is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their fitness and take their training outdoors.

7. Handstand – Foundational course for learning! by Philip Sigfridsson (Udemy)

The “Master the Handstand” course is designed to teach individuals of all skill levels how to do a handstand. Instructors will provide students with the necessary tools to build a solid, healthy and fun handstand practice. The course is broken down into several sections, including wrist health, strength basics, conscious falling, preparatory exercises, basic stretching, the principles of the handstand, and building balance.

For those who may be new to handstanding and have fear of being upside down, the course provides essential tools to overcome the fear of falling. The course includes an introduction, a yoga-inspired warm up, and three sections dedicated to mastering the handstand. The goal of the course is to help students find the passion for being upside down and to master the art of a handstand through consistent practice.

8. Ultimate Handstand Tutorial by Ben Lowrey by Ben Lowrey (Udemy)

The Ultimate Handstand Tutorial by Ben Lowrey is a 60-minute course aimed at Yoga, Pole, Gymnastic, and Fitness enthusiasts. The course comprises over 30 segments that teach different handstand exercises. The tutorial is highly edited with many examples and camera angles, and voice-over explanations that play simultaneously with demonstrated moves.

The course is designed to challenge and guide students from the beginning of their journey to becoming confident handbalancers and inversion specialists. Students can refer back to the tutorial as some of the moves may take years to master. There is a dedicated segment for wall exercises suitable for beginners, which also includes strength exercises and drills for developing shoulder stability.

Ben Lowrey has drawn upon elements from various disciplines, including formal circus handbalancing, gymnastics, capoeira, and yoga, to produce a unique tutorial. It is suitable for people in the Yoga world to progress their inversions and arm balances on the mat. The course encourages them to explore other movement skills from other disciplines such as gymnastics and capoeira.

The course includes various arm-balance variations, such as forearm stand, headstand, tripod headstand, and crow variations, including one-leg crow, side-crow, and other fun arm-balance variations. The tutorial emphasizes flow, playfulness, experimentation, and intuition. Students are encouraged to listen to their bodies and move in ways that feel right to them to prevent injury and keep enjoyment central to the tutorial.

Ben Lowrey’s unique approach resembles several disciplines but is a unique combination of them all. He is based in Bristol, United Kingdom, and teaches handstand classes and workshops around the country. Although a range of inversions are offered, this is primarily a handstand tutorial. The course content is divided into sections such as “Getting started.

9. Roll power workout by Sio Vaspa (Udemy)

Course Title: Roll Power Workout

The Roll Power Workout is a course designed for individuals who are interested in weight loss, HIIT, fitness, calisthenics, exercise, abs, home workout, fitness, weight loss, push ups, and personal training. The course instructor, Sio Vaspa, is an experienced professional with 15 years of expertise in martial arts, gymnastics, and breakdance.

The course aims to teach individuals how to train professionally using functional workouts incorporating advanced HIIT and roll exercises. This workout is a perfect blend of unconventional movements that will help individuals to become extremely strong, with powerful abdominal strength.

The Roll Power Workout is an exciting and elite workout that teaches individuals how to progress with explosive movements in the upper and lower body. This workout will help individuals to build muscle, become more athletic and powerful.

The Roll Power Workout is an athletic workout that targets all muscle groups in the body through a range of HIIT-based bodyweight exercises. Individuals will learn how to do all the exercises with good form to avoid injury. This course includes plenty of technical tips, conditioning, and strengthening to help individuals learn how to exercise properly and safely.

The course is divided into an introduction section and further sections on functional workout and advanced HIIT and roll exercises. Individuals will have access to technical tips, conditioning, and strengthening exercises that will help them to become stronger and more athletic. Overall, the Roll Power Workout is an excellent course that will help individuals to achieve their fitness goals in a safe and effective way.

10. Calisthenics and Cross fit Beginners to Advance movement by Sio Vaspa (Udemy)

The Calisthenics and Cross fit Beginners to Advance movement Course is designed to provide attendees with an opportunity to learn about calisthenics, weight loss, HIIT, fitness, exercise, abs, home workout, fitness, muscle gain, push ups, Crossfit, HIT, and more. The course features Sio Vaspa as the instructor and is suitable for people with varying levels of fitness expertise.

The course is divided into three sections: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advance. Attendees will learn how to progress with explosive movements both upper body and lower body with calisthenics, as well as range of HIIT based bodyweight exercises targeting all the muscle groups in the body. Technical tips, conditioning, and strengthening will be included to ensure that attendees learn how to exercise properly and safely.

One of the biggest benefits of calisthenics training is that you can do it anywhere. The course provides an opportunity to work out anywhere, anytime, for free. Attendees will learn how to execute a powerful body weight workout such as lunges, spider, snow-boarding, Burpees, mountain climbers, climber jacks, shoulder taps, squat kicks and much more. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to form their own circuit tailor-made to benefit themselves.

The course also includes a Beginners to Advance Body weight and Calisthenics masterclass workout! Attendees will learn the signature move of Bruce Lee, “Dragon Flag,” and how to target all muscle groups. All the videos have live footage material to ensure that attendees learn the exercises with a good form. This workout will provide attendees with gains and make them extremely athletic and powerful.