10 Best Codeigniter Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookCodeIgniter is a popular web application development framework that is widely used to build dynamic and robust websites. To become proficient in CodeIgniter, one can opt for online courses that provide in-depth knowledge of the framework’s architecture and its various components. With numerous online courses available on the internet, it can be challenging to determine which ones offer the best learning experience. This article provides an overview of some of the best CodeIgniter courses available online, which can help learners gain the necessary skills to develop professional-grade web applications.

Here’s a look at the Best Codeigniter Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Codeigniter Courses and Certifications Online

1. CodeIgniter Course: The Complete Guide (Step by Step) by Fatah Gabrial (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The CodeIgniter Course: The Complete Guide (Step by Step) is a comprehensive training program that aims to teach learners how to build dynamic web applications using the popular PHP framework CodeIgniter. The course covers everything from the basics to advanced-level concepts, making it suitable for beginners and experienced programmers alike.

The course instructor, Fatah Gabrial, provides in-depth instruction on developing fully functional CRUD App. The course covers topics such as MVC framework, basic concepts, configuration, working with databases, libraries, error handling, form validation, session management, common functions, page redirection, application profiling, and adding JS and CSS.

One of the main highlights of this course is the opportunity to build a fully functional web application from scratch. Specifically, learners will create an EMS Web App (Employee Management System) and learn how to host their web app on a free web server for testing purposes.

The course is divided into several sections, including CodeIgniter Basics, CodeIgniter Fundamentals, Setting up CodeIgniter Project, Creating a Login & Registration Page, Database Structure and Management, Dashboard with CodeIgniter, Creating Jobs Sections, Creating Employees Section, Hosting your CodeIgniter Web App, and Conclusion.

Overall, this CodeIgniter course provides a comprehensive and step-by-step approach to building web applications using the CodeIgniter framework.

2. CodeIgniter 4: Create Web Applications using PHP and MySQL by Jacek Pająk (Udemy)

The CodeIgniter 4: Create Web Applications using PHP and MySQL course introduces learners to CodeIgniter 4, a web application framework that enables easy and fast web application development. The course instructor, Jacek Pająk, who is a PHP developer, aims to equip learners with the necessary skills to proficiently use the framework.

The course teaches learners how to create an example store using CodeIgniter 4 by demonstrating each process step by step. The course is designed into easily digestible chapters that help learners to become proficient with the framework as quickly as possible.

The course begins with setting up the work environment, creating a new CodeIgniter project, and installing PHP dependencies. Learners then move on to creating their first “Hello World” using a CodeIgniter controller, followed by discussions on using templates, connecting to databases, modeling data, creating forms, and validating data. The course also covers user authentication, using events and mailer components, and deployment.

The course is suitable for web application developers and individuals who want to become proficient in using CodeIgniter and PHP. The CodeIgniter 4: Create Web Applications using PHP and MySQL course is a comprehensive course that provides learners with the necessary skills to use the framework effectively.

3. The Complete PHP CodeIgniter Course: Beginner To Advanced by Joe Parys, Shahzaib Kamal, Joe Parys Support (Udemy)

The Complete PHP CodeIgniter Course: Beginner To Advanced is an open-source rapid development course that aims to teach students how to use CodeIgniter, the most famous MVC framework based on PHP. The course is instructed by Joe Parys and Shahzaib Kamal, and offers lifetime access to the students who enrol.

The course covers all aspects of CodeIgniter, including its security features, speed, and ease of use. It also highlights the benefits of Model, View, and Controller (MVC), a technique that enables coders to write less and achieve more by calling function names.

The course’s main goal is to help students master CodeIgniter, and it strives to achieve this by providing lifelong access to updated course materials that are added by the instructors at no extra cost. The course comes with a personal guarantee of satisfaction from the instructors, and Udemy offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

While the course does not guarantee students’ success, it provides them with the right mindset, understanding, and application of the teachings necessary to use and master CodeIgniter. The course also requires students to work hard and be accountable for their actions, as the instructors are not responsible for them.

The course’s price is not permanent, and students are encouraged to take action and enrol in the course. The course covers several sections, including Introduction & Course Benefits, CodeIgniter MVC, Database and CRUD in CodeIgniter, Login Panel, and Course Summary & Conclusion.

Overall, the Complete PHP CodeIgniter Course: Beginner To Advanced offers students an opportunity to learn and master CodeIgniter, an essential skill for developers.

4. PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter Tutorial for Beginners Project by Edwin Diaz, Coding Faculty Solutions (Udemy)

This course titled “PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter Tutorial for Beginners Project” is instructed by Edwin Diaz of Coding Faculty Solutions. It is designed to teach users how to use the most popular PHP MVC framework, CodeIgniter, to create secure and efficient web applications.

The course description emphasizes the importance of using a framework to speed up the development process and improve accuracy. It also highlights the benefits of having knowledge of frameworks, including the potential for high-paying jobs in the development field.

The instructor shares his personal experience of missing out on a job opportunity due to not having CodeIgniter skills, despite being proficient in PHP. This motivated him to create the course to provide learners with the skills necessary to work with CodeIgniter and excel in their careers.

CodeIgniter is chosen as the framework for this course due to its popularity in the job market and demand for freelance projects. The course content includes sections on CodeIgniter basics, CRUD operations, login and registration applications, and more. Additional lectures are also included to extend the scope of the projects beyond the basics.

5. PHP CodeIgniter – Learn CodeIgniter by Jesse Boyer (Udemy)

This course titled “PHP CodeIgniter – Learn CodeIgniter” allows learners to build a complete application using the CodeIgniter Framework. The course is instructed by Jesse Boyer and is designed for intermediate PHP programmers who possess some intermediary skills in JavaScript.

The course focuses on the MVC pattern and takes learners step-by-step through everything they need to know about CodeIgniter. The course covers a personalized dashboard for any user who registers and logs in. It also includes AJAX publishing for all of the Todo Lists and Note’s. The course teaches learners how to organize a custom Template and Event structure using jQuery and finally, the course concludes with the polishing of the dashboard with Twitter Bootstrap.

There are 10 sections in this course including Setting Up, Creating The First Sections, Creating our first Model, Logging a User In, Registering Users, Refactoring to an API and Getting JavaScript Buck-Wild, Advancing our Javascript Structure, Creating a Reusable CRUD model, Creating Notes, and Appearance: Twitter Bootstrap.

Upon completion of this course, learners will have an understanding of how to expand upon the features shown in the course.

6. Build Complete School Management System Using PHP Framework by Olawuyi Segun Orisunola (Udemy)

This course, titled “Build Complete School Management System Using PHP Framework,” is taught by Olawuyi Segun Orisunola. The course aims to teach students how to use CodeIgniter in order to build a complete school system. The course is designed to be clear and concise, with a no-fluff approach to the topic. The course covers the CodeIgniter framework in detail, starting with an introduction and installation, and then moving on to building a school system from scratch.

The course is designed for those who are ready to learn CodeIgniter, and who want to become proficient in building dynamic websites. CodeIgniter is a simple open-source framework that makes coding tasks easier by providing a faster way to set up a PHP website from the ground-up. This tool ensures that developers can design websites that are light, fast, and dynamic. The course will teach students everything they need to know about CodeIgniter, with real-world projects and a clear approach to the topic.

The course includes over 70 hours of HD 1080p video content, covering everything a student needs to succeed as a CodeIgniter developer. The course also includes challenges and solutions, as well as fast and helpful support if needed. By the end of the course, students will have not only learned the CodeIgniter framework, but they will actually be able to start building their own projects from scratch.

The course is broken down into eight main sections, covering topics such as admin panel, teacher panel, student panel, parent panel, accountant panel, human resources panel, librarian panel, and hostel manager panel. Each section covers a variety of topics, including managing user accounts, managing classes and subjects, managing exams and grades, sending exam marks via SMS, managing students’ attendance, managing accounting, income, and expenses, managing school events, and more.

7. CodeIgniter 4: Build a Complete Web Application from Scratch by Dave Hollingworth (Udemy)

This course titled “CodeIgniter 4: Build a Complete Web Application from Scratch” is designed to teach developers how to build fully-featured web applications using the CodeIgniter 4 PHP MVC framework. CodeIgniter 4 is known for its modern, fast, and lightweight features, as well as its simplicity in installation and use. The framework has a rich set of libraries for common tasks, which minimizes the amount of code developers need to write. The course covers various topics such as installation and configuration, CRUD operations, user administration, file uploads, AJAX requests, internationalization, and deployment.

The course is suitable for PHP developers with no previous experience of a framework who want to develop feature-rich web applications quickly and easily. The course covers the basics of the CodeIgniter framework, its organization, and working efficiently with it. The course also includes building a full web application from scratch, with each concept explained in detail at every stage. Throughout the course, the instructor provides reusable code that can be used in all future projects. All the source code developed in the lectures is available for download, and the course adheres to industry standards and best practices.

Upon completion of the course, developers will be able to use CodeIgniter to create fast, flexible web applications with all the features a modern web application requires. The course includes a verifiable certificate of completion and access to the instructor in the Q&A section for help with any course-related topic. The course is divided into several sections covering various topics such as introduction and project setup, CodeIgniter and MVC basics, database data, CRUD, user administration, account activation by email, user-initiated password reset, AJAX requests and JSON, internationalization, localization, and deployment.

Overall, this course offers essential skills required to develop applications quickly using CodeIgniter 4. The course is suitable for all PHP developers, and the content is designed for easy understanding.

8. Complete CodeIgniter 3 Series with Bootstrap 4 + Projects by Shakzee Arain (Udemy)

The Complete CodeIgniter 3 Series with Bootstrap 4 + Projects course is designed to teach students the basics of CodeIgniter and Bootstrap 4, and how to create web applications and websites using both technologies. The course covers fundamental concepts such as templates, helpers, libraries, and query builders. Additionally, students learn how to use the Model View Controller (MVC) approach, how to validate forms from the server-side, and how to implement security measures. The course also includes practical applications of CodeIgniter, such as sending and receiving data with AJAX, creating SEO-friendly URLs with Routes, and implementing a caching mechanism.

The course includes two projects: the first project involves creating a CRUD application with CodeIgniter, and the second project involves creating an E-commerce system with jQuery and AJAX using CodeIgniter. The second project covers modern concepts of creating models, controllers, views, and data modeling in CodeIgniter 4. Students will also learn how to download CodeIgniter and the different ways it’s available.

The course is divided into sections, starting with an introduction to CodeIgniter and Bootstrap 4. Students will then delve into topics such as MVC, helpers, libraries, and database reference with Query Builder. The course also covers the signup and login system in CodeIgniter, Bootstrap 4, and Advance CodeIgniter 3. The second project covers CRUD operation using AJAX with jQuery, and the final section of the course covers CodeIgniter 4, including its new features such as data seeding, pagination, services library, env files, and new folder structures.

Overall, the course is designed to provide quality education for students seeking to learn CodeIgniter and Bootstrap 4, and how to create web applications and websites using these technologies.

9. School Management System – Build With PHP CodeIgniter Part 2 by Olawuyi Segun Orisunola (Udemy)

The School Management System – Build with PHP CodeIgniter Part 2 course is a comprehensive tutorial on using the CodeIgniter framework to build a complete school system. The course is designed for developers who want to become server-side masters and is tailored to teach students everything they need to know about CodeIgniter with real-world projects. The course covers topics such as building a complete school website, internal messaging app, computer-based test, generating student ID cards with barcode, changing language dynamically, and integrating Stripe payment gateway.

The course has over 600 hours of HD 1080p video content, with clear and concise explanations and animations to breakdown CodeIgniter into simple and easy-to-learn videos. By the end of the course, students will gain practical hands-on experience and confidence to start coding their own websites by building a school system software worth $8000.

The course starts with an introduction into the CodeIgniter framework and moves on to installing the framework, becoming familiar with it, and building a school system. It covers topics such as using Ajax, jQuery effectively, creating secure login for Code, software design, and control structures. The course also teaches the concepts of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).

The course is carefully thought out and edited, with beautiful animations that explain all the difficult concepts, and provides fast and helpful support to answer student questions. The course content and sections are organized in a sequential order, with a bonus section for further learning.

The course instructors are Olawuyi Segun Orisunola, who have real-world in-person teaching experience, and the course is priced reasonably for the value it provides. Students can take the course at their own pace and save loads of money compared to attending a 3-week in-person programming boot camp.

10. Learn Codeigniter Step by Step :Beginners Guide by Franckk John (Udemy)

Course Title: Learn Codeigniter Step by Step: Beginners Guide

Course Instructors: Franckk John

Course Short Description: This course teaches Codeigniter, a well-known PHP framework, and focuses on both basic and advanced concepts used by developers to enhance PHP application development in a professional manner.

Course Long Description: The Learn Codeigniter Step by Step: Beginners Guide course teaches the most useful aspects of Codeigniter, including MVC and HMVC concepts, and techniques for writing reusable code to make PHP application development rapid and efficient.

The course contains a project section in which students can apply the knowledge gained throughout the course. This course is suitable for any student, whether a beginner or experienced developer, who wants to gain knowledge and improve their skills.

Course Content and Sections:

1. Introduction
2. Basic
3. Advance