10 Best Cold Email Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookIn today’s digital age, cold emailing has become a popular way for businesses to reach out to potential clients and customers. Crafting a well-written cold email can greatly increase the chances of receiving a positive response, but it can be a difficult skill to master. Fortunately, there are a multitude of online courses available that aim to teach individuals the best practices and strategies for creating effective cold emails. This article will explore some of the top online courses for learning this skill, providing insight into their content and unique features.

Here’s a look at the Best Cold Email Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Cold Email Courses and Certifications Online

1. Email Marketing: Cold Email Marketing Writing, Lead Gen 2022 by Dekker Fraser, MBA (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Email Marketing: Cold Email Marketing Writing, Lead Gen 2022 course is aimed at individuals working in sales, business development, marketing, and entrepreneurship. The course will cover topics such as high-performing cold email writing, open rates and click-through rates, copywriting frameworks, email list generation techniques, automating email sequences, and email marketing for sales and business development.

Instructor Dekker Fraser, MBA, has over 12 years of experience in email marketing, having worked with a range of companies from small startups to Fortune 100 firms. He is also an author of numerous marketing books and has taught college-level marketing courses. Fraser will share his methods for effective cold emails, including case studies and examples.

The course will cover various topics such as Writing Cold Emails (with Examples), Your Cold Email List, Cold Email Deliverability, Cold Emailing: Start at the Bottom of the Funnel?, Lead Generation Offers, and B2B Copywriting for Lead Generation & Demand Generation.

Individuals will learn how to achieve open rates over 50%, change people’s minds using key email copywriting words, write effective and persuasive cold emails, as well as automate email sequences and test results. The course will also cover B2B copywriting frameworks and techniques for generating a great cold email list.

The Email Marketing: Cold Email Marketing Writing, Lead Gen 2022 course is aimed at individuals who want to master the art of cold email marketing and generate more sales meetings using effective cold emails.

2. Lead Generation Machine: Cold Email B2B Sales Master Course by Patrick Dang (Udemy)

The Lead Generation Machine: Cold Email B2B Sales Master Course, taught by Patrick Dang, aims to help salespeople, consultants, entrepreneurs, and startups schedule meetings with potential clients via cold emailing. The course will cover the proven method of cold emailing, which is said to be one of the most effective ways to establish business relationships with other companies. The course will also teach students how to create a lead generation machine, find potential clients, identify the right decision maker, and write professional emails.

Most people struggle to get responses from their cold emails, which is why this course presents an opportunity for those who want to improve their cold emailing skills. The Lead Generation Cold Email Machine, which will be taught step by step, guarantees a meeting with anyone. The course will also cover how to work remotely and be productive while working from home.

The course will cover various topics, such as creating a lead generation machine, finding potential clients, identifying the right decision maker, finding anyone’s email address, identifying the client’s pain points, writing like a professional copywriter, following up with potential clients, handling objections, and turning emails into real meetings. Students will also receive bonus cold email scripts and templates for various situations.

The course instructor personally tested all the bulletproof email strategies with small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies in different industries. These strategies will work for students regardless of their profession, and if they do not generate more leads after the program, they will receive a full refund within 30 days.

The course is divided into sections, including Introduction and Setting Yourself Up for Success, Setting Up Your Lead Generation Machine, Finding Companies to Email, Finding the Right Stakeholder to Email, Finding Anyone’s Email Address, How to Write Better Emails by Thinking Like a Copywriter, Critical Email Guidelines to Follow, Common Cold Email Mistakes, Cold Email Scripts and Templates, Objection Handling and How to Turn Emails Into Meetings, and Remote Sales Training.

3. Small Business Lead Generation & Cold Email | B2B & B2C by Evan Kimbrell, Zach Valenti (Udemy)

This course, titled “Small Business Lead Generation & Cold Email | B2B & B2C,” is taught by instructors Evan Kimbrell and Zach Valenti. The course aims to teach students how to create lead generation through cold email for startups, business development, networking, small businesses, and more. The course covers everything from identifying a target audience, building a hit list, effective copywriting, and follow-up techniques, to the best software to use and how to automate processes. The course also includes 118 lectures, over 6 hours of instruction, 3 hours of behind-the-scenes practice lectures, 3 successful case studies, tips and tricks from experts, and a live campaign run from beginning to end.

The course emphasizes that when used properly, cold email is an effective way to access anyone in the world, from the average shopper to a Fortune 500 CEO. It can be used to find investors, clients, or even just to meet someone interesting. The course focuses equally on B2B and B2C sales, with techniques and customizations for both scenarios.

Instructors Evan Kimbrell and Zach Valenti both have extensive experience with cold email techniques. Evan Kimbrell used these techniques to grow his business, Sprintkick, to a multimillion dollar run rate within the first year of starting the digital agency. Zach Valenti has used cold email to run a podcast, sell mental health awareness hardware to universities, and find clients for his videography consulting business.

The course is divided into sections covering topics such as finding the right person, how to find the right email address, subject lines, and reply cadence and overall strategy. It also includes case studies and interviews with cold email experts. The course is appropriate for anyone with an email account who wants to learn how to reach out to people and capture their attention instantly.

4. HYDRA mailz – The Targeted Cold Email Marketing Weapon by Paul Tilley (Udemy)

The HYDRA mailz course is a cold email marketing strategy taught by Paul Tilley. The method is ethical and targets individuals who are interested in the business’s niche. It is a no-cost, newbie-friendly, easy automated way to gather 10k newly targeted leads each day for free. The course is broken down into five steps: gathering emails, developing an irresistible offer, using a mass sending tool, implementing an auto follow-up sequence, and repeating the process.

HYDRA mailz teaches students how to use cold email marketing to increase sales, signups, and leads. The course explains how to turn collected email addresses into real email subscribers and clients. Students will learn how to set-up a cold email outreach system to send almost unlimited bulk emails. Cold email marketing is a great digital marketing strategy for lead generation and getting more customers. The course teaches how to gather highly targeted, niche-specific emails and validate them for free.

Email validation is a key part of email marketing best practices. It is challenging to maintain a healthy reputation and a good relationship with Internet Service Providers and Email Service Providers. Plus, it is tough to make it to the inbox and earn a high deliverability rate. HYDRA mailz teaches how to maintain a good relationship with these providers.

Cold email marketing is a super email marketing weapon to grow businesses. The course is divided into sections such as gathering emails, developing an irresistible offer, using a mass sending tool, implementing an auto follow-up sequence, and repeating the process. The course is structured to teach students how to build their own system and send thousands of emails for almost no cost.

5. Close Deals In Your Pyjamas: The B2B Cold Email Masterclass by Nick Saraev, Soma Marton (Udemy)

The “Close Deals In Your Pyjamas: The B2B Cold Email Masterclass” is a course designed to help individuals write effective cold emails, close deals on autopilot, and learn cutting-edge copywriting techniques to grow their wealth. The course is created and taught by Nick Saraev and Soma Marton.

The course starts with a long description which emphasizes how most people are missing out on an unprecedented opportunity. The instructors highlight the advantages of being free from a conventional 9-5, nagging bosses, and corporate deadlines. They explain how this course will teach a straightforward B2B cold email strategy that can help individuals achieve these advantages.

The instructors provide an overview of the market trend in cold emailing. Previously, cold emailing was considered dead due to oversaturation in the market. This led to fewer people using cold email as their primary strategy to acquire customers. However, the instructors highlight that this created a market gap that left an opportunity for those who continued to use cold emailing. By following the strategies taught in this course, individuals can increase their sales and commissions significantly.

The course consists of four hours of videos that cover the core basics of cold email strategy. The course covers topics such as how to write effective email copy, the best cold email software, lead sourcing, setting up multi-step drip campaigns, tracking and analyzing, creating customer-focused emails, and automating cold email responses. The course also highlights how to maintain reputation so decision-makers receive emails, tracking pixel usage, and conducting split tests.

The instructors emphasize that the strategies taught in the course are low cost, scalable, and automatable. The course can help individuals become top salespeople, grow their businesses, and make money while they sleep. The course also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee within the first thirty days.

6. How to Cold Email: The Complete Guide! by Brendon Lemon (Udemy)

Course Title: How to Cold Email: The Complete Guide!

This course is designed to teach students how to connect, sell, and set meetings with high-value people through cold email outreach. The course is taught by Brendon Lemon, who has generated millions in new business opportunities through good cold email outreach.

The course will cover the tactics, formulas, and strategies to win by using cold email outreach. Students will learn guerrilla tactics for connecting over email that only the top 1% of cold connectors use. They will also learn how to budge replies out of some of the most-targeted high-value people.

The course covers topics such as the best formula for writing emails that get replies, the three subject lines that will always get opened, ten templates to start setting meetings, 20 outside-the-box guerrilla tactics, and how to reach out and get responses over non-email platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others.

Students will also learn the one thing that truly successful cold emailers do that everyone else trips up over, the three mindsets that will lead them to connect with amazing people, and the three bits of value they can always offer even people who seem like they have it all.

The course is designed to help students connect with high-value people over email, get on their calendars, and get them to buy from them. It will grow their network and their business.

The course is broken down into sections, including an introduction, foundational thoughts, organization, writing cold emails, “outside the box” tactics, useful tools, alternative forms of outreach, and wrap-up.

If students take the course and take action on the lessons in it, they will be blowing away their goals. If for any reason that doesn’t happen, they will get a full and immediate refund, no questions asked.

7. Cold Emailing – How To Turn Every Response Into Business by Peter O’Donoghue (Udemy)

The Cold Emailing – How to Turn Every Response Into Business course is designed to provide a step-by-step system to help individuals turn every response from an outbound prospecting cold email into a first call. The course is ideal for those who have started cold emailing to create new business opportunities but are struggling to deal with responses that are not as positive as expected. The course offers a repeatable process to deal with every response from a cold email to turn it into a first telephone call.

The course is not just hours of long-winded video content and hundreds of different scripts, templates, and external resources. The course is a proven process that has been developed over 10 years of cold calling and cold emailing projects. The course provides one process that can be used for every single response to a cold email to turn it into a first telephone call.

Feedback on the course has been positive, with individuals saying that it is the most effective course on outbound prospecting they have ever seen. The course is highly polished, easy to follow, easy to understand, and straightforward to apply.

It is important to note that the course may not be suitable for individuals who are not already cold emailing. The course does not provide templates or hacks and is not designed to cover the initial cold email process. The course is a systemized way of creating value to ‘sell’ every single response received from cold emails. The course consists of several sections, including a course overview, productize your first meeting or demo, the phone response system, email responses, and implementing the system.

8. Modern Deliverability for Cold Email by Jack Reamer, Jeremy Chatelaine (Udemy)

The Modern Deliverability for Cold Email course is designed to help salespeople consistently achieve over 60% open rates for cold emails. Cold emailing can be an effective way to generate leads for B2B sales, but the success of cold emailing largely depends on email deliverability. If emails end up in the spam folder, even a perfectly written email or a great list won’t generate any replies. Deliverability has always been important for cold emailing, but the rise of AI-powered spam filters has made it even more challenging to get emails to prospects’ inboxes.

The course instructors, Jack Reamer and Jeremy Chatelaine, have analyzed millions of cold emails and identified a new “checklist” that every cold e-mailer must follow to get their messages delivered today. The course covers topics from buying the right cold email domain to properly monitoring deliverability. Even those without a technical background can participate.

The course is divided into several sections, including an introduction, overview, Spam Filters 101, and a walkthrough of the setup for best deliverability. The course also covers topics such as sender reputation, email content, deliverability testing, and deliverability monitoring. The instructors encourage participants to ask questions throughout the course.

The course promises to provide valuable insights and tricks to help participants generate hundreds of qualified leads each month using cold email. The instructors have a wealth of experience in running automated cold email campaigns and are confident that their expertise will help participants get more replies and keep emails out of the spam folder.

9. Crafting perfect cold emails that gets responses by Sankalp Chhabra (Udemy)

The “Crafting Perfect Cold Emails” course, taught by Sankalp Chhabra, is designed to help individuals and businesses develop effective cold email strategies for lead generation. The course covers the challenges of finding new clients and offers a proven method for scheduling appointments with dream clients through cold emailing. Email is a dominant communication form in today’s business world, so the course helps salespeople, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and consultants write effective emails that generate responses. The course also covers writing compelling emails, building a lead generation machine, using email templates, and finding a great fit for a product or service.

The course is built for B2B salespeople, freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs who sell their product or service in phone or in-person meetings. It is ideal for those who want to connect with small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies and for people who want to generate meetings while working remotely from home. The course focuses on making individuals more influential, persuasive, and convincing to others.

The course is divided into four sections: Introduction, Overview of Cold Emails, 8 Tips to Crafting the Perfect Mail, and Additional Tips. In the first section, learners are introduced to the course and its objectives. The second section provides an overview of cold emails and their effectiveness in the business world. Section three covers the eight tips for crafting perfect emails, including how to write a compelling subject line, opening sentence, body, and closing. The final section provides additional tips for generating leads, finding email templates, and using them effectively.

Overall, the “Crafting Perfect Cold Emails” course is a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to develop a successful cold email strategy. It covers all aspects of creating effective emails, from writing compelling content to finding a great fit for a product or service. The course is designed for salespeople, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and consultants who want to generate leads and schedule appointments with dream clients.

10. Write Cold Emails & Follow-Up Email Sequences (B2B) by Alan Sharpe (Udemy)

The course titled “Write Cold Emails & Follow-Up Email Sequences (B2B)” is available with Alan Sharpe as the instructor. The course aims to teach learners how to write effective B2B emails that boost response and generate leads. The course is included in the 20-Hour Copywriting Masterclass on Udemy, and learners can take it as a standalone course or enjoy it alongside the other content.

The course emphasizes the importance of taking on assignments that pay the highest fees, such as business to business emails. Alan Sharpe charges $400 for writing a series of up to six emails for a company, which can typically be done in a morning. Learners can earn up to $100,000 a year by writing one email sequence a day at $400 a pop, five days a week for 50 weeks in a year.

The course is divided into four sections. Section one introduces learners to B2B emails, their unique challenges, and how they work as a marketing medium. Section two covers cold emails, the anatomy of an effective cold email, and how to write a cold email sequence. Section three covers warm emails, the anatomy of an effective warm email, and how to write a warm email sequence. Section four covers drip email marketing and its effectiveness at cultivating prospects who may not be ready to buy today but might be ready in the future.

The course is practical and designed for individuals who need to write B2B emails to generate leads, cultivate them, and nurture potential buyers. Alan Sharpe examines more than a dozen B2B emails to demonstrate what works and what doesn’t, and learners will learn tips, tricks, and best practices from a professional copywriter with over two decades of experience. The course includes a practice exercise, and learners can access the course description, frequently asked questions, free preview lessons, and student reviews before enrolling.