10 Best Dapp Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookDecentralized applications (Dapps) have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they offer a secure and transparent alternative to traditional web-based applications. With the rise of blockchain technology, there has been a surge in demand for skilled Dapp developers who possess the necessary knowledge and expertise to design and deploy these decentralized applications. Consequently, the search for the best Dapp courses online has become a priority for individuals seeking to acquire these skills and stay ahead of the competition. In this article, we will explore some of the top Dapp courses available online, highlighting their features and benefits.

Here’s a look at the Best Dapp Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Dapp Courses and Certifications Online

1. Blockchain Web Development on Ethereum by Tomas Mikula (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Blockchain Web Development on Ethereum course, taught by Tomas Mikula, offers comprehensive instruction in creating decentralized web applications powered by Ethereum blockchain. With over 39,000 students from 136 countries, this course teaches fundamental aspects of connecting blockchain applications to websites, as well as interaction with them.

Blockchain technology has been associated primarily with cryptocurrencies and token crowd sales, but its potential can also be applied to web development. This cutting-edge technology is becoming increasingly popular in the web development industry, and individuals are curious about its real-world use cases and profitability.

The course is divided into three key sections: frontend application, smart contract and blockchain, and middleware. The frontend application is developed in Angular and is completely separate from the blockchain. The smart contract and blockchain section covers the basics of developing, deploying (locally), and interacting with smart contracts. The middleware serves as the essential “glue” between the frontend and smart contract.

The course offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and is available on Udemy. Enroll today to learn the skills needed to develop your own blockchain web app.

2. Complete DApp – Solidity & React – Blockchain Development by Clarian North, Media Training Worldwide Digital (Udemy)

The Complete DApp – Solidity & React – Blockchain Development Course, taught by Clarian North of Media Training Worldwide, is a comprehensive program designed to equip learners with the best skills for modern DApp development in 2022. The course covers everything from the fundamentals of building smart contracts to producing a final project. It provides regular course updates and teaches learners the most in-demand technologies in the industry, including tools and technologies used by NFT markets such as OpenSea and tech companies such as Facebook and Google.

Upon completing the course, learners will have the ability to build their own smart contracts and have a fundamental understanding of how they are deployed and work off of applications built together from scratch. The course is mentored and led by a seasoned professional with years of experience in engineering and production. Additionally, the course is designed to give learners employable skills and knowledge with smart contracts integrated into the front end.

The course covers various technologies and tools needed for DApp development, such as Solidity, Ethereum Blockchain, Bootstrap, Web3js, Truffle, Mocha, Chai, Javascript, React, Async Await, Node, Github, React Lifecycles, Front End UI & UX, NPM, Ganache, MetaMask, JSX, Transfer/TransferFrom, Approval & Authorization Events, Security, Ethereum Blockchain Network and Deployment, and Smart Contract Interactions. Learners will be able to code along, step by step through the videos and exercises, and complete various projects, including building their own ERC20 Token and a decentralized banking system with Yield Farming Staking & Rewards from scratch.

The course offers a hands-on learning experience, and learners will learn translatable and employable skills, such as Solidity & Smart Contracts, Structuring Out A Professional Project from the Ground Up, Mocha and Truffle Tests, React, Javascript, & Bootstrap, Web3 & MetaMask, and Building A Full Complete Local Dev Env.

3. Blockchain dApp Development (Ethereum, Solidity & Web3.js) by JP COURSES, Swapnil Kole (Udemy)

The Blockchain dApp Development course teaches how to integrate Solidity Smart Contract based decentralized applications with Web3.js on Ethereum Blockchain. The course covers the use of Web3.js to build the frontend of DApps that will interact with Ethereum smart contracts.

Web3.js is a collection of libraries that allows programmers to interact with on-chain components by facilitating a connection to Ethereum nodes. It provides a JavaScript binding for Ethereum’s JSON RPC interface, making it directly usable in web technology. Web3.js can be used to connect to the Ethereum network via any Ethereum node that allows access via HTTP. One common way of integrating a web browser application with Ethereum is to use the Metamask browser extension in combination with Web3.js.

The curriculum covers full-stack dapplication development, more about Web3, main functionality of Web3 and Ganache, simple practical use of Web3, getting started with Truffle Project, Truffle react box deployment, how Ganache works, getting started with App.js file, get & set methods used, sending ethers, setup the App.js for the first function, App.js for the second type and window function, testing of direct ether send and sending to contract and withdrawing it, diving into events, logging events at the same time of deploy, filtering past events, and Web3 utils.

The course content and sections include an introduction, WEB3.js, Truffle & Ganache, coding our Web3.js frontend for our dApp, and diving into events.

4. Build An NFT Marketplace From Scratch – Blockchain DApp by Clarian North, Media Training Worldwide Digital, TJ Walker (Udemy)

The Build An NFT Marketplace From Scratch – Blockchain DApp Course is offered by Clarian North and Media Training Worldwide Digital, with TJ Walker as a course instructor. The course focuses on full-stack DApp development and provides a hands-on experience for learners. The course covers the use of modern tools and languages, such as Solidity, Javascript, Nextjs, IPFS, Hardhat, OpenZeppelin, Ethers, and Tailwind. One of the main objectives of the course is to help learners build an NFT Marketplace for minting, buying, and selling NFTs live with IPFS data hosting. The NFT Marketplace is built onto Polygon as a layer 2 Ethereum Solution.

The course offers a comprehensive learning experience for learners interested in DApp development. The course covers the entire process, from testing to successful deployments and upgrades, giving learners a full picture of DApp development. The course is ideal for learners who want to learn about Smart Contracts in the context of building a complete DApplication, including NextJs and Ethers. The course also covers powerful DApp development tools such as Hardhat and Infura, which are useful for connecting blockchain to the front end. The course is perfect for learners who prefer to learn by building along with a project, as the course offers a complete NFT Marketplace DApp building experience.

The course covers a range of topics, including setting up the DApp development environment, creating a Nextjs app, compiling and deploying Smart Contracts to Blockchain with Hardhat functionality, implementing NFT smart contracts for DApps using the ERC721 OpenZeppelin Contracts, maintaining DApp state with functional programming, IPFS data hosting with Infura Blockchain Suite Project Management, implementing an NFT Minting form on the front end, iterating and filtering through hash tables with Javascript and Solidity, modern card design and UI with Tailwind and CSS, hooking up a web3 provider to the Polygon and Ethereum network, and running full unit testing with Chai.

5. Blockchain Development: Convert An App To A Dapp (2022) by Masnad Nehith (Udemy)

The course titled “Blockchain Development: Convert an App to a Dapp (2022)” is instructed by Masnad Nehith. This course aims to teach learners how to create a decentralized blockchain application using Ethereum and Solidity from a centralized MERN app. The course description highlights the increasing demand for blockchain developers and the lack of resources available to learn Solidity and convert standard apps to decentralized ones. The course covers various topics such as Ethereum, Solidity, Web3.JS, Metamask, Node.Js, Npm, Async/Await, MYSQL, Express, React JS, GIT, GITHUB, Rest API Design, AXIOS, Postman, CDN, Remix, and debugging.

The course materials are ideal for learners who are seeking new job opportunities. The course requires basic knowledge of Javascript, HTML, and CSS. The instructor advises Mac users to familiarize themselves with the terminal, while Windows users should look up commands they are not familiar with. The instructor assures learners that they can expect assistance in resolving any issues they encounter.

The course’s goal is to prepare learners to become blockchain developers and convert regular centralized applications to decentralized ones. The course is structured into different sections, such as setting up, backend web 2.0 application, frontend web 2.0 application, hello decentralized app, Ethereum smart contract with Solidity, backend web 3.0 decentralized application, and interactive smart contract. The course has been updated in 2022, with the exception of the UI view of the websites shown in the course, which will not affect the course content.

Overall, this course provides learners with hands-on experience in creating both centralized and decentralized apps using blockchain technology.

6. Solidity & Ethereum in React (Next JS): The Complete Guide by Eincode by Filip Jerga, Filip Jerga (Udemy)

The Solidity & Ethereum in React (Next JS) course, instructed by Eincode by Filip Jerga and Filip Jerga, is a comprehensive guide for aspiring blockchain developers. The course covers the basics of Ethereum blockchain, smart contracts, and dApps, with a focus on developing practical applications using React and Next JS frameworks. The course includes the creation of two real-world applications, covering topics such as smart contract creation, integration with React, and blockchain integration with Next JS. The course is well explained and documented, and covers topics such as memory, storage, mappings, and unit tests.

The course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts from a developer’s perspective.

App Setup
The course covers the setup of the development environment, including the installation of necessary tools and libraries.

Ethereum Essentials
The course covers the basics of Ethereum blockchain, its underlying technology, and how it differs from Bitcoin. It also explains how the blockchain works and how it powers applications.

Private blockchain & Truffle
The course covers the use of private blockchain and Truffle development environment for smart contract creation.

Transaction Details
The course explains how transactions work on the Ethereum network and how they are stored on the blockchain.

Access Smart Contract
The course covers how to access smart contracts on the Ethereum network and how to interact with them.

About Bytecode
The course explains what bytecode is and how it is used in smart contract creation.

Smart Contracts Functions
The course covers the creation of smart contract functions, including their parameters and return values.

The course explains the memory structure of Solidity and how it is used in smart contract development.

The course covers the storage structure of Solidity and how it is used in smart contract development.

The course explains what mappings are and how they are used in smart contract development.

7. Solana Blockchain Developer Bootcamp with Rust + JavaScript by Learn With Arjun (Udemy)

The Solana Blockchain Developer Bootcamp with Rust + JavaScript is an online course that aims to help students become experts in Solana blockchain development. Through the course, students will learn about Web3, DApps, NFTs, DeFi, and other cutting-edge technologies. The course is designed to be the best resource for learning about Solana, the blockchain, and how to build apps using these technologies.

The course covers various topics such as what Solana blockchain is, how it works, and why it’s superior to other blockchains. It also allows students to deep dive into Solana development using Rust, JavaScript, and the command line. Through full projects, students can solidify their skills in DeFi, NFTs, dapps, Web3, and more. By the end of the course, students will become proficient at creating their own decentralized applications from scratch.

Solana is a cryptocurrency that differentiates itself from Bitcoin and Ethereum by being faster, more cost-effective, and eco-friendly. It makes it easier for developers to create decentralized applications focused on transferring value from one party to another. The Solana blockchain even supports programs, which can replace banks, real estate agencies, ticket selling companies, accountants, and witch doctors.

The course content consists of eight sections that include a guide to understanding Solana and the blockchain, various projects such as Airdropping, Launching your own cryptocurrency, and more. Additionally, there are two bonus sections where students can learn how to read and write basic data on the Terra blockchain, as well as create a Terra Web3 game with a DeFi component. The course is suitable for those with beginner level programming experience who want to take advantage of the cutting-edge Solana blockchain while it’s still growing rapidly.

8. Blockchain Ninja : Develop Ethereum dapp with Angular by Dheeraj Pal (Udemy)

The Blockchain Ninja course offers an in-depth education in building Blockchain applications from scratch, without any prior knowledge of Blockchain required. The course instructor, Dheeraj Pal, is the founder and developer of an IoT and Blockchain company, with extensive knowledge in Blockchain Dapps. Upon completing the course, students will have the skills to create their own Blockchain applications and add a valuable asset to their resume.

The course is designed for beginners, but support is provided for those who may be struggling. The interactive tutorial focuses on coding an end-to-end Ethereum game with Solidity, Angular 5, and Web3. The tutorial provides hands-on experience in Blockchain Dapp coding, building real-time applications, applying decentralized Blockchain concepts in real-time applications, and deploying and interacting with Blockchain applications.

The course is divided into several sections: Introduction, Blockchain Intro: Ethereum basic guide, Tools & skills: Your personal arsenal for development, Starting Game Contract: Street Fighters, and Building the UI Using Angular. These sections provide step-by-step instructions and guidance to develop a complete Blockchain application.

9. Create Your First DApp on Ethereum – A Concise Tutorial by Dr. Mohammad Nauman, Codestars by Rob Percival (Udemy)

The course titled “Create Your First DApp on Ethereum – A Concise Tutorial” is instructed by Dr. Mohammad Nauman and Codestars by Rob Percival. The course aims to teach students how to run ‘Hello World’ and ‘Coin’ dApps, which are smart contracts on a blockchain, using Ethereum, Hardhat, and node.js.

The course acknowledges the complex nature of dApps and how easy it is to get lost in the many components, libraries, and tools available on the web. Even official documentations are insufficient in explaining how to integrate everything to create a working dApp. Existing courses on the topic try to explain everything in detail, causing more confusion. The course takes a simplified approach, assuming a blockchain to be a distributed data store that provides certain guarantees. Students will deploy two smart contracts locally and later on a global distributed testnet, which will take them through all the steps needed to deploy their own dApp with minimal effort.

This course is intended to be the first step in a student’s journey towards dApps. It is not a comprehensive guide to all smart contract tools or even an in-depth discussion about a particular tool. The course provides exceptional support, with all questions answered within 24 hours. Additionally, the course offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The course consists of several sections, including an Architecture Intro, Hello World dApp, Creating a Coin (Token), and True distribution: Global testnet. By the end of the course, students will be in a position to deploy their (and their clients’) dApps on the Ethereum mainnet.

10. Ethereum and Solidity: Build Dapp with VueJS by Borislav Borisov (Udemy)

The course titled “Ethereum and Solidity: Build Dapp with VueJS” is designed to teach participants how to build decentralized applications using VueJS and smart contracts written in Solidity. The course will cover various topics such as how to write basic smart contracts, testing contracts in remix – the Ethereum smart contract online editor, starting a dapp project from scratch, installing tailwindcss, and initiating utility first classes.

Moreover, the course will explain how to configure truffle, deploy contracts, and run a local blockchain using truffle. Participants will learn how to use VueJS state management (vuex) to manage their dapp’s state, write interactive frontends, and connect to their local blockchain using the web3js library.

The course will be divided into three sections, starting with an introduction followed by writing the smart contract and creating the decentralized application. By the end of the course, participants will be able to develop their decentralized applications using VueJS and smart contracts written in Solidity.