10 Best Decluttering Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookWhen it comes to decluttering your home and organizing your belongings, online courses can be a valuable resource for learning new techniques and strategies. With a multitude of options available, it can be overwhelming to determine which courses are truly the “best” in terms of content, format, and overall value. In this article, we will explore some of the top-rated decluttering courses available online, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses to help you make an informed decision about which course may be right for you.

Here’s a look at the Best Decluttering Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Decluttering Courses and Certifications Online

1. Decluttering – Complete Organizing Home, Office, Life Course by TJ Walker (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The course titled “Decluttering – Complete Organizing Home, Office, Life Course” is offered by instructor TJ Walker. The course aims to provide techniques for decluttering and organizing one’s life, home, office, and computer. The course description emphasizes the need to take control of one’s surroundings and to live a clutter-free life. The instructor highlights the unique system of creating SelfieSpeak audio Programming (SSP) to help students achieve this goal.

The course content is divided into several sections that cover various aspects of decluttering, including decluttering one’s brain, home improvement, yard, car, and miscellaneous areas of life that may need decluttering. The course includes a section on mastering the technical details of SSP programming.

Students have provided positive feedback on the course, commending the instructor’s straightforward teaching style, practical tips, and thorough coverage of decluttering topics. The course has helped students develop a minimalist lifestyle, reduce stress caused by clutter, and improve their overall quality of life.

The course is suitable for anyone seeking more information on decluttering, design thinking, innovation, creativity, problem-solving, graphic design, and creative writing. It is also ideal for those who want to build their knowledge in the areas of writing and innovation. The course is available for enrollment and promises to be the beginning of lifelong clutter-free living.

2. Decluttering: Quickly Organize & Declutter Your Home by Tatiana Ambrose (Udemy)

The course “Decluttering: Quickly Organize & Declutter Your Home” by Tatiana Ambrose focuses on decluttering and organizing bedrooms and kitchens. The course promises to provide daily steps to decluttering that can be completed in five days, making the process less daunting. The course includes lectures and downloadable PDF checklists to assist students in maximizing their space and organizing their belongings effectively.

The course has received favorable reviews from students who found the steps provided to be helpful and easy to follow. The benefits of decluttering include reducing stress and anxiety, gaining confidence in organizing, and saving time by knowing where everything is located. By donating the items not in use, students can also help others in need.

The course promises to inspire students to declutter and reorganize their homes. Students will be able to find lost items, create more space in their rooms and kitchens, and follow along with the decluttering process quickly. The course also includes additional bonuses like downloadable PDF worksheets, an extra lecture on decluttering and organizing creative spaces/craft rooms, and before and after decluttering photos of Tatiana’s bedroom.

In conclusion, if you’re struggling with decluttering and organizing your home, this course may be a useful resource. The step-by-step instructions and bonus materials can make the process easier and less overwhelming. Enrolling in the course can help in decluttering your home and reducing stress associated with clutter.

3. Judie’s Story: An Intimate Decluttering & Organizing Journey by KW Professional Organizers (Udemy)

KW Professional Organizers offers a course titled Judie’s Story: An Intimate Decluttering & Organizing Journey Course. The course features two professional organizers guiding Judie through her personal decluttering and organizing journey. The course is presented in the form of an 8-part mini-series, which students have described as “inspiring, real, and motivating.” The course is not an instructional course and does not include exercises or slides. It is priced as free.

The course provides an intimate account of Judie’s personal decluttering and organizing journey. Judie is a brave person who allowed KW Professional Organizers to record all the sessions of the mini-series. She aspires to inspire others and empower them to take action and reach out for help when needed. KW Professional Organizers believe that by sharing Judie’s story, many others will feel motivated to get started and seek help when they feel stuck. The mini-series offers beautiful moments captured with love and intention toward helping students create a home where they feel great.

The longest review posted by Judie on Google reviews gives a detailed account of the process. Judie was ready for change and sought help from KW Professional Organizers. They helped her achieve what she always dreamed of, which was to have space to move around, feel excited about her home, and have peace and comfort. KW Professional Organizers went through every little box, space, and furniture piece with Judie to help her decide what to keep, donate, purge, reuse, repurpose, or get rid of. Judie felt comfortable making decisions with their guidance, compassion, and empathy. The mini-series includes an introduction, Judie’s story in eight parts, next steps, and bonus episodes.

4. Real Organization: How to Declutter & Organize Any Space! by KW Professional Organizers (Udemy)

The Real Organization course, taught by KW Professional Organizers, aims to help individuals declutter and organize any space. The course is designed for beginners or those who struggle with implementation, and covers a step-by-step method for efficiently organizing spaces. Real life case studies, along with before and after photographs, are included to provide industry best practices for maximizing desirable results.

In addition to becoming more organized, the benefits of this course include developing productive habits that reinforce a new way of living, resulting in a more focused and relaxed person. The ability to be open-minded and change current behavior can have a positive ripple effect in all areas of life, including work, relationships, and overall mental health.

The course contains over 1.5 hours of content and includes best practices for starting any decluttering project. Real life case studies in a variety of settings are also provided, including a kitchen, garage, and office. By the end of the course, individuals will have valuable skills to confidently live a more organized lifestyle.

The course is available for anyone, regardless of experience level, who wishes to declutter their life and get organized. Additional content is also available. All client stories can be found on the KW Professional Organizers website.

5. Declutter paper and paperwork (clutter, de-clutter) by Rachel Papworth (Udemy)

The course “Declutter paper and paperwork” is taught by Rachel Papworth and aims to help individuals clear their paper clutter, find important documents, save time, and feel calmer. The course addresses the issue of individuals drowning in paper clutter and struggling to keep track of important documents due to piles of unopened mail, mixed in with other types of paperwork such as school work, magazines, and photographs.

The course promises to provide the necessary support to individuals who may be hesitant to tackle their paper clutter. The instructor will guide students through a complete paper declutter and help them create an effective filing system that will enable them to find any piece of paper they need quickly. The course also covers the Four-Tray Paper Processing System that makes processing any paperwork a simple task.

The course includes individual, short lectures that cover a range of topics such as photographs, school paperwork, kids’ artwork, receipts and bills, instruction manuals, newspapers and magazines, fliers and business cards, coupons, and notebooks. The instructor also provides tips on how to calm the panic individuals may feel when taking on the task of decluttering their paper.

By the end of the course, students will have the necessary skills to clear their paper clutter, find important documents quickly, and stay on top of their paperwork. Additionally, the course offers a free follow-up video course to help students maintain their newly organized space.

6. Organize your bedroom (de-clutter, decluttering) by Rachel Papworth (Udemy)

Course Title: Organize Your Bedroom (De-Clutter, Decluttering)

Course Instructors: Rachel Papworth

Course Short Description: This course aims to help individuals clear their bedroom clutter, find their belongings, sleep better, and feel happy.

Course Long Description: Bedroom clutter can be frustrating and overwhelming, leading to difficulty in finding things, discomfort, and stress. This course offers a step-by-step guide towards a clutter-free bedroom, providing individuals with the necessary skills to transform their bedroom into a space they are proud of.

The course offers insights into furniture and storage selection, footwear storage, jewelry organization, cosmetic and toiletry storage, and tips to maintain a clutter-free bedroom.

Participants can look forward to shedding bedroom clutter, preventing accidents, and improving their quality of sleep. The course offers a personalized approach to transforming a bedroom, based on individual preferences and needs.

The course comprises of five sections: Introduction, Get Ready to De-Clutter, Get Started, Get Organized, and What’s Next? Keeping Your Bedroom Clutter-Free.

Start the journey towards a clutter-free, calm, and restful bedroom with this course.

7. Get Organised:Sentimental Items (Declutter,Clutter-Clearing) by Rachel Papworth (Udemy)

The course “Get Organised: Sentimental Items (Declutter, Clutter-Clearing)” is designed to help individuals deal with sentimental clutter. The course instructor, Rachel Papworth, acknowledges that sentimental items hold value and are often associated with happy memories. However, having too many sentimental items can lead to clutter and make it difficult for individuals to find and appreciate their most cherished memorabilia.

Sentimental items are also challenging to declutter due to the fear of missing them in the future. This fear can be paralyzing and keep individuals stuck in the past. The course aims to help individuals declutter gently and without regrets, while also honoring the past without being held back by it.

The course is structured into seven sections that cover vital topics such as understanding the psychological reasons behind our attachment to objects, the importance of decluttering, and learning a seven-step process for decluttering. The course also teaches individuals how to let go of sentimental items, find new homes for their belongings, make the most of the items they keep, and stay organized for the long-term.

By the end of the course, individuals will be able to release the sentimental items that no longer serve them and keep only the ones that bring joy and value to their lives. Furthermore, the course aims to help individuals step into the future they deserve by letting go of old, dead energy associated with their sentimental clutter.

8. Conquer Your Paper Clutter by Sarah Reynolds (Udemy)

The course “Conquer Your Paper Clutter” aims to help individuals declutter paper and establish an effective filing system to reduce stress and achieve their goals. It provides a step-by-step guide to recreating easy systems to stop paper build-up and incorporate long-term solutions to give every important document a home. The course emphasizes the importance of understanding why it’s difficult to get paper organized and how it can negatively affect an individual’s life.

The course content starts by explaining why it’s important for an individual’s well-being to declutter paper and establishes their overall goals. It then moves on to working on one’s mindset and how tackling big organizational projects can lead to other positive changes. The modules cover topics such as time management, different filing systems, and clearing the backlog of paper. The course concludes by emphasizing the different systems needed to maintain the organization of paper into the future.

The course includes 14 video lectures, 5 downloadable PDFs, and 5 exercises to keep participants motivated and on track. It is ideal for individuals who prefer to be shown what to do rather than reading. The course breaks down a complicated and overwhelming task into achievable steps and provides help, comfort and motivation to individuals during what can be a difficult task to get through.

The course content has been divided into different sections, including “Why You Should Be Here,” “Analyzing Your Current Situation,” “Why Do You Keep Paper?,” “Getting Prepared,” “Dealing with Current Paperwork,” “Clearing the Backlog,” “Maintaining It,” and “Need More Help?” These sections help participants get a clear overview of what they should expect from the course and how it can help them.

9. Organize your digital life (clutter, de-clutter, declutter) by Rachel Papworth (Udemy)

The course titled “Organize your digital life” is designed to help individuals manage their digital clutter, improve efficiency and productivity, and ensure safety and security of their data. The course is taught by Rachel Papworth and covers various topics such as finding and organizing data, managing email, organizing photos, minimizing distractions, and getting rid of old technology.

The course aims to address common problems faced by individuals such as running out of storage space, slow computer performance, and an overflowing email inbox. Students will also learn about the use of automated password managers, principles of data security, and how to manage their digital legacy.

The course is structured into different sections such as Introduction, Sort out your email, Organizing your data and keeping it that way, How to organize your photos, and more. In addition, the course offers a bonus section that covers additional topics to supplement the core material.

Overall, the course is designed to empower individuals to take control of their digital lives and achieve peace of mind, productivity, and security.

10. Paper Organization – Tame the Paper Clutter by KW Professional Organizers (Udemy)

The course titled “Paper Organization – Tame the Paper Clutter” is offered by KW Professional Organizers. The course aims to help individuals maintain paper systems, go paperless and keep paper organized. The course is designed to overcome the challenges of feeling overwhelmed, unsure of where to start, and uncertain if enough time is available to complete the paper-related tasks. The course covers several topics such as building a project plan, real-life case studies, and industry best practices.

The course aims to provide benefits such as increased confidence in finding and making decisions about paper, productive habits, and a positive impact on overall mental health. The course contains over 1.5 hours of content and is suitable for anyone regardless of experience level.

The course consists of several sections such as “Tame the Paper Clutter,” “Real Life Examples,” and “Next Steps.” Real-life case studies are presented in a variety of settings such as handling receipts, building a system for monthly maintenance, and a home office. By the end of the course, individuals will have valuable skills to gain control over their paper and ideas for going paperless.