10 Best Drop Servicing Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookThe trend of Drop Servicing has gained immense popularity in recent years, and aspiring entrepreneurs are eager to explore the opportunities it offers. To meet this growing demand, several online platforms offer courses aimed at providing in-depth knowledge and training in Drop Servicing. These courses are designed to equip learners with the necessary skills and tools to start and run a successful Drop Servicing business. In this article, we will discuss some of the best online courses for Drop Servicing and highlight their key features to help potential learners make an informed decision.

Here’s a look at the Best Drop Servicing Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Drop Servicing Courses and Certifications Online

1. Passive Income 6 figures Drop Servicing Home Online Business by Zeeshan Hussain (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The course titled “Passive Income 6 figures Drop Servicing Home Online Business Course” is offered by instructor Zeeshan Hussain on Udemy. The course teaches students how to start a drop servicing online business or home business for generating passive income up to six figures per month. The course covers various aspects of the business, from creating a website to attracting clients and making profits.

The passive income drop servicing online business or home business involves creating a website and showcasing various services to potential clients. The website owner forwards the client’s order to a freelancer on a freelancing website and earns a profit by charging a higher price than the freelancer’s fee. The course teaches students how to create a drop servicing website and attract clients to generate passive income.

The course covers powerful strategies for getting clients for free on the drop servicing website. The instructor shares affiliate marketing strategies to attract clients to the website. The course is aimed at providing students with the skills to start a passive income drop servicing online business or home business, which can later be transformed into a full-time drop servicing agency to generate a lifetime passive income.

Passive income is essential for financial stability in old age, and drop servicing is the easiest way to generate passive income. The course emphasizes the importance of passive income and recommends drop servicing as the best online business or home business for generating passive income. The course includes a free preview lecture that demonstrates how easy, interesting, and profitable drop servicing can be.

The instructor, Zeeshan Hussain, acknowledges that the opinions discussed in the course are his own, and he does not guarantee or promise success or income to anyone. The course content includes Drop Servicing with WordPress and A to Z learning of Drop Servicing.

2. Drop Servicing Simplified – How to land your first client by Michael Gathu (Udemy)

The “Drop Servicing Simplified” course is designed for individuals who want to start a business career with higher profit margins than drop shipping. The course provides an introduction to the process of drop servicing and explains why and how to get started as a drop servicing agent. It is an ideal course for those who are ready to take their entrepreneurship to the next level through drop servicing.

The course focuses on helping learners build a strategy and plan for their drop servicing business. By the end of the course, learners will have gained knowledge on various aspects of drop servicing, including how to choose a profitable niche, the similarities and differences between drop servicing and drop shipping, how to choose the right freelancer, how to get the first paying client, how to manage workload and communicate effectively with clients.

The course is divided into multiple sections, including a prologue, introduction, and various chapters. Chapter 2 focuses on selecting the right services to sell, choosing the right freelancer to work with, and preparing the landing pages on a website. The course also teaches learners how to find clients for their businesses and manage their orders effectively to keep clients coming back and get referrals.

Overall, the course uses a proven process to help individuals get started in drop servicing and become successful business owners.

3. Everything you need to know about Drop servicing by Jermereia Washington (Udemy)

Course Title: Everything you need to know about Drop servicing

Course Instructors: Jermereia Washington

Course Short Description: Learn how to make passive income with Drop servicing

Course Long Description:

Drop servicing is a business model where entrepreneurs sell services without having to carry any skills. In this model, an independent business owner purchases services from another at a low price, and then sells those services on their company website or other channels for a higher price. For instance, a graphic design company can offer a branding package for $3,000 by hiring a freelancer who charges $2,000 for the same service. This means the company can earn a profit of $1,000 without doing any work.

This business model can help entrepreneurs grow their customer base quickly and create a sustainable income. Additionally, it is a good way to make money without investing much capital. To find the right drop servicing niche, ask yourself questions such as which ideas you are knowledgeable and passionate about, which ideas are high in demand, and which ideas can bring the highest profit margins.

The course is divided into different sections such as introduction, business name, and registering. By taking this course, entrepreneurs can learn everything they need to know about drop servicing, including how to identify the right niche, how to select the right vendors, and how to promote their services to potential customers. With the right strategy and execution, drop servicing can be an excellent source of passive income for entrepreneurs.

4. How to Start a Successful Drop Servicing Business by Invert Media, Bryan Guerra (Udemy)

The “How to Start a Successful Drop Servicing Business” course by Invert Media and Bryan Guerra aims to teach students how to make easy money from home by connecting service providers with businesses and entrepreneurs. This business model is known as “profiting off the difference in price from one service provider to another.” It is easy to implement for beginners, requires zero money and risk, and is 100% profit. The course contains sections on the basics of drop servicing, strategies to implement, important information for service-based businesses, tips to grow your business, and how to get clients through various means. All you need is a computer, internet access, and a desire to learn how.

5. Drop Servicing 2021 MasterClass by Boris Pib (Udemy)

Course Title: Drop Servicing 2021 MasterClass

Course Instructors: Boris Pib

Course Short Description: Your First Home Online Business Course

Long Description: The Drop Servicing 2021 MasterClass is designed to introduce learners to a new online business model in 2020 called drop servicing. The course covers all the basic concepts of drop servicing, including how to start as an absolute beginner with no prior knowledge. Additionally, learners will be taught how to create their own website using software that will be provided, and how to implement Google Ads in this model. Upon completion of the course, learners will have acquired expert knowledge on Drop Servicing.

Course Content and Sections:

The course comprises three sections. The first section is the Business Model, which covers the basics of drop servicing, including the concept of drop servicing, how it works, and its advantages over other online business models.

The second section is Creating Your Website, which teaches learners how to create their own websites using software provided in the course. This section covers website design and development, as well as how to optimize the website for drop servicing.

The third section is Digital Marketing and Positioning on the Market, which covers digital marketing strategies and how to position the website for maximum visibility and profitability. This section includes topics such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and content marketing.

Overall, the Drop Servicing 2021 MasterClass is an excellent course for anyone interested in starting an online business from home. It provides comprehensive content and practical skills that learners can apply to their own drop servicing businesses.

6. كيف تؤسس مشروع الدروب سيرفيسنج by Mounis Firwana (Udemy)

The course titled “How to establish a Drop Servicing Business” is instructed by Mounis Firwana. The course is designed to teach professionals how to launch their own online business using the Drop Servicing Model. This business model is a low-risk investment with high-profit margins, depending on the niche or field chosen. Profit margins are expected to be higher than 200%.

Drop Servicing is an online business activity that offers services on your website. When a client places an order, you send the details to a freelancer on a microservice platform such as Fiverr, Upwork, or Arabic platforms like Mstqil. The freelancer executes the work and sends it back to you, then you send it to your client. The Drop Servicing website collects a large fee from the client, pays a small fee to the freelancer, and the remaining amount is your profit.

The Drop Servicing business is an easy online business that requires only a specific page displaying services. Once you receive an order, a freelancer executes it on your behalf, and you earn a high-profit margin as a mediator between the client and the freelancer.

The course covers the complete strategy for acquiring clients for free through building an affiliate system on a WordPress website. Students will learn how to create a beautiful professional website that responds quickly on mobile devices using WordPress. The course also includes building the Drop Servicing website from start to end, explaining how customers request services, how to handle these requests, receive payments, and how affiliates register to the Drop Servicing website.

The course is divided into four sections: the first section is a necessary introduction, the second section explains how to design the Drop Servicing website on WordPress, the third section is about the affiliate system, and the course concludes in the fourth section.

7. Drop Servicing- Step by Step Set Up Course by Boniface Ndirangu (Udemy)

Course Title: Drop Servicing – Step by Step Set Up Course

Course Instructors: Boniface Ndirangu

Course Short Description: The Ultimate Step by Step Blueprint to Profitability

Course Long Description: Dropservicing is a new opportunity that has greatly presented itself in the eCommerce industry in 2020. This course aims to equip students with all the necessary starter tools for setting up and growing their own drop service business.

The course is designed to take students from beginner to expert level experience in setting up a profitable drop servicing business. The instructors outline three main methods, one of which requires no start-up investment, unlike in other courses where there is only a single and subscription-based method.

Students will learn about best practices in service arbitrage, as well as the similarities and differences between drop servicing and dropshipping. They will also evaluate how the drop servicing business model works, what opportunities are available, and, finally, how to get started building their own profitable agency.

The course content is divided into the following sections:

Introduction: What is Dropservicing or Service Arbitrage?

Concepts about Setting Up a Drop Servicing Agency

Method 1- KARTRA: Building Your Drop Servicing Store Front or Sales Funnel

Method 2- WordPress: Building a Store Front/ Landing Page/ Sales Funnel

Researching Freelancers and Marketing Strategy for Your Agency

There are already 89 students enrolled in the course, and interested individuals are encouraged to join and position themselves for exponential growth in the near future.

The instructors provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring that students can feel confident in their investment in the course.

8. High Passive income drop servicing business by Benani Adam (Udemy)

The High Passive Income Drop Servicing Business Course, instructed by Benani Adam, focuses on the new trend of drop servicing. The course provides step-by-step guidance on how to start a drop servicing business. In addition to teaching, the course includes more than 10 high-converting templates and instruction on how to obtain free paid ads. The course aims to take students from start-up to pro using methods and techniques employed by professional marketers.

The course creators draw upon more than 3 years of experience to provide students with everything they need to start a successful business. The course emphasizes empowerment through templates, methods, strategies, and techniques. This master class prepares students to successfully start a business from scratch.

Course content includes an introduction to the drop servicing high ticket masterclass, instructions on finding businesses and obtaining free ads, guidance on discovering high ticket niches, and instructions on hosting a website for free and using funnels and bonuses to enhance business skills.

Students who enroll in the course will receive bonuses, and are encouraged to take advantage of the new trend of drop servicing.

9. Learn Easy Drop Servicing From Home Online Business 101 by Kilita Conley (Udemy)

The “Learn Easy Drop Servicing From Home Online Business 101” course teaches the strategy of drop servicing for those interested in managing a team to deliver services to clients without executing the details themselves. This business model acts as a liaison between the clients and the freelancers or agency partners who perform the work. Various services can be drop serviced, including video creation, business card design, content creation, graphic design, and resume writing, among others. With hard work and strategic planning, one can achieve massive opportunities for profit through drop servicing.

Home-based online businesses offer unparalleled scalability, freedom, low overheads, high margins, and access to a global market. Drop servicing is prevalent in everyday life, from hiring pest control services to outsourcing graphic design work. The course teaches what drop servicing is, how it works, and how to get started. Additionally, participants will learn how to create a landing page for their drop servicing online business.

The course content includes learning drop servicing step by step and drop servicing with WordPress. By completing the course, individuals can achieve the freedom and lifestyle they desire.

10. Real case-dopshipping and drop servicing sucess strategy by Ecom Course (Udemy)

The Real Case-Dropshipping and Drop Servicing Success Strategy course is a 2-in-1 course that teaches students how to dropship products or services. The course is taught by Ecom Course instructors. The course is designed to help students overcome the common difficulties that drop shippers face, such as no margin, no competitiveness, and no traffic. The course covers the 3V formula, which includes niches with high profit margins, niches in online marketplaces that are vacant, and niches with viral spread organic traffic.

The course also covers drop servicing, which is a business model in which a person or company sells services to clients and hires less expensive freelancers or agencies to complete the work. The drop servicing person or company acts as a contact for its clients while its freelancer or agency partners do the work behind the scenes. The course covers the pros and cons of drop shipping and drop servicing, including the high competition and ads fees associated with drop shipping and the quality control issues and effort required to get customers associated with drop servicing.

The course also provides ways to find drop servicing niches, including using freelance platforms like Fiverr and searching on Facebook using keywords related to services on freelance sites. The course covers the seven principles for niche choosing, which includes conducting market research, identifying your target audience, choosing a profitable niche, identifying your unique selling proposition, analyzing competition, selecting profitable products, and testing and validating your niche.

The course is designed to help students build their confidence and courage in drop shipping and drop servicing. The instructors are experienced in the field and use their knowledge to teach students how to overcome common difficulties and find success in their chosen niches. Overall, the Real Case-Dropshipping and Drop Servicing Success Strategy course is a comprehensive guide for those interested in drop shipping and drop servicing.