10 Best Fibonacci Trading Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookFibonacci trading is a popular technical analysis approach used by traders to identify potential entry and exit points in financial markets. As such, many online courses have been developed to provide traders with the necessary knowledge and skills to apply Fibonacci principles effectively. These courses aim to teach traders how to analyze price movements using Fibonacci retracements, extensions, and projections. In this article, we will explore some of the best online courses available for traders looking to learn Fibonacci trading.

Here’s a look at the Best Fibonacci Trading Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Fibonacci Trading Courses and Certifications Online

1. Fibonacci Trading Retracement Ninja: Complete DIY Trading by Saad T. Hameed (STH) • 0.33+ Million Enrollments Worldwide (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Fibonacci Trading Retracement Ninja course is a complete DIY trading course instructed by Saad T. Hameed with over 0.33 million enrollments worldwide. The course focuses on highly profitable Fibonacci trading retracement strategy that works on Forex Trading and Stock Trading with a focus on risk management. The course offers quizzes and homework exercises, 1-on-1 instructor support, and lifetime access.

The course has received positive reviews from students who found it to be a refresher course that enhanced their knowledge on the Fibonacci method to forecast the direction of their trading on particular stock options. The instructor, Saad T. Hameed, is a top-notch Fibonacci trading instructor with 71 knowledge programs and 20,520+ minutes of content with 112,000+ satisfied students enrolled.

Fibonacci Trading Retracement is the most talked-about tool in trading among most popular technical day trading or long term trading tools in the world. It is a form of technical analysis based on the idea that the market is cyclical in nature. The course covers the 9 diagonal lines that make up the tool and discusses multiple opportunities, such as how to day trade stocks, Forex, and long term strategy movement. The course also covers charts to show students how to enter and exit trades.

The course is suitable for everyone, including student day traders, expert long traders, and learners of the stock market. The course offers a 100% refund within 30 days if students are not satisfied. The course covers basic concepts of Fibonacci trading retracement in an easy-to-understand way and explains how to enter and exit a Fibonacci trade, how to avoid traps in Fibonacci trading, and how to use complicated tools to trade with confidence.

Overall, the Fibonacci Trading Retracement Ninja course is a comprehensive course that covers all aspects of Fibonacci trading retracement in a clear and concise manner.

2. Fibonacci Trading Masterclass – Fibonacci Retracement (2021) by Daksh Murkute (Udemy)

Fibonacci Trading Masterclass – Fibonacci Retracement Course is an advanced course that focuses on mastering the Fibonacci retracement tool in trading. The course is taught by Daksh Murkute, a professional investor and trader who has been in the industry for 9 years and has helped over 20,000 people transform their financial fate. The course is designed to provide real knowledge, real history, real testing, and real practical results to students.

The course covers topics such as the real history of Fibonacci, the exact way the market moves, the real mechanism of the Fibonacci sequence, when Fibonacci works and when it doesn’t on charts, the ultimate Fibonacci trading strategy, and proper entry and exit plans. Additionally, the course includes a trade management plan and risk management plan for the Fibonacci trading strategy.

The course is suitable for traders who want to take their trading to the next level by mastering the Fibonacci retracement tool. The course is also suitable for beginners who want to learn how to enter and exit trades properly and manage risk in trading.

Overall, Fibonacci Trading Masterclass – Fibonacci Retracement Course is a complete Fibonacci trading course that will not only help students master the Fibonacci retracement tool but also become profitable traders with the strategy provided.

3. Fibonacci Technical Analysis Skill for Forex & Stock Trading by Jyoti Bansal (NCFM,NISM Certified Technical Analyst & Investment Adviser ), Jyoti Bansal Analysis (Udemy)

This course entitled “Fibonacci Technical Analysis Skill for Forex & Stock Trading” is instructed by Jyoti Bansal, a NCFM, NISM certified technical analyst and investment adviser. The course aims to teach participants the art of making money in the stock market using Fibonacci technical analysis strategies. Participants will learn about Fibonacci retracements, projections, convergence, clusters, and more. It is important to note that completion of a technical analysis masterclass course is a requirement before studying this course.

The Fibonacci tool is considered one of the most powerful tools for predicting future price movement in the Forex and Stock Market. This is because it is not only a tool, but also a secret leading indicator. However, because it is an advanced tool, participants need to undergo this course to gain a deep knowledge about this indicator.

The course is specifically tailored for those who want to trade like a pro and become expert in using Fibonacci technical analysis strategies. It is not for everyone, and interested participants are advised to complete the technical analysis masterclass course before enrolling in this course.

The course offers lifetime access to video lectures, screen capture live tutorials, and cheat sheets. Participants will learn how to enter and exit trades based on Fibonacci analysis, as well as how to use Fibonacci on XABCD patterns (harmonic patterns).

The legal disclaimer states that the authors or any party related to this course will not be responsible for any kind of loss to anyone in any way due to this course.

Overall, this course is recommended for those who want to sit back and relax while avoiding computer screens and TVs all the time, use their time and knowledge in the most efficient way and still get more profit, and learn the essence of trading that people even after spending years don’t know. Interested participants can try the course today by clicking the “take this course” or “start free preview” button on the website.

4. Fibonacci A-Z+ Forex Trading Strategy with Fibonacci Cluster by Marko Cvjeticanin (Udemy)

The Fibonacci A-Z+ Forex Trading Strategy with Fibonacci Cluster Course is designed to teach students about the powerful tool of Fibonacci for predicting price movement on the Forex and Stock Market. The course covers topics such as Fibonacci numbers, ratios, retracement and extension levels, support and resistance levels, clusters, additional tools, and combining Fibonacci with other tools. The course is divided into several parts, with the first part introducing students to Fibonacci in various aspects of life. The following parts focus on beginners in Fibonacci trading, advanced concepts, useful tips, and a Forex Trading Strategy with Fibonacci Clusters. The course includes live trading examples, demonstrating how to analyze currency pairs, set up trades, manage risk, and interpret results. The course also includes a bonus section exclusively for students attending the course.

5. Technical Analysis: Fibonacci Trading Masterclass (2022) by Wealthy Education (Udemy)

The Technical Analysis: Fibonacci Trading Masterclass (2022) course, created by Wealthy Education, is designed to teach traders, investors, and stock market enthusiasts proven Fibonacci trading strategies for stock trading, forex trading, cryptocurrency, and options trading. The course aims to help individuals take advantage of advanced Fibonacci tools to consistently beat the market and reduce risks on trades. The course covers topics such as Fibonacci retracements and extensions, risk management strategies, trend following indicators, and profitable chart patterns and candlesticks. The course can be applied to trading securities in any freely traded markets worldwide.

The course covers a comprehensive curriculum that includes all proven Fibonacci trading strategies for day trading and swing trading. The course also teaches students how to master Fibonacci trading tools, understand Fibonacci retracements and levels, advanced risk management strategies, profitable technical indicators, support and resistance levels, and how to trade profitable chart patterns and candlesticks.

The course provides lifetime access to students and includes frequent updates with up-to-date learning resources. Students can also receive dedicated support from course instructors and learning communities anytime they need it. The course comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, allowing students to learn new skills risk-free.

The course provides an opportunity for students to level up their trading skills and become proficient in Fibonacci trading strategies. By enrolling in the course, individuals can transform their online trading experience and start making a good living trading online, and never worry about money again. The course is structured in six sections, including Course Introduction, How to Use Fibonacci Tools, Profitable Technical Indicators for Fibonacci Trading, Profitable Chart Patterns for Fibonacci Trading, Profitable Candlestick Patterns for Fibonacci Trading, and Conclusion. The Bonus Section provides students with the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge with Chart Pattern Trading Fundamentals for Beginners, Candlestick Trading Fundamentals for Beginners, and three free training sessions for passionate investors.

6. Technical Analysis: The Complete Fibonacci Trading Course by Wealthy Education (Udemy)

The Technical Analysis: The Complete Fibonacci Trading Course is a comprehensive program designed to teach traders and investors how to apply Fibonacci trading strategies to their trades. The course is instructed by Wealthy Education and provides guidelines for day trading, swing trading, and financial trading.

Students will learn how to use proven Fibonacci trading techniques with powerful trend following indicators, candlesticks, and chart patterns to identify market trends and directions. They will also learn how to determine entry and exit points for their trades, detect trend reversals and pullbacks, and use Fibonacci golden ratios and key support and resistance levels. The strategies taught in the course can be applied to securities in any freely traded market, including stocks, options, forex, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and bonds.

The course covers a comprehensive range of topics, including building a strong foundation for Fibonacci trading, mastering Fibonacci and technical analysis basics, using support and resistance levels correctly, trading Fibonacci retracements and extensions, and trading exponential moving averages, moving average convergence divergence, and parabolic SAR. The course also covers profitable chart patterns such as double tops and bottoms, rectangle tops and bottoms, wedges and triangles, and head and shoulders. Additionally, students will learn to trade profitable candlestick patterns such as doji candlesticks, harami candlesticks, engulfing candlesticks, and hammer and hanging man candlesticks.

The course offers lifetime access to students, with frequent updates to learning resources. Students receive dedicated support from instructors and the learning community. The course also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Enrollment in the course provides traders and investors the opportunity to improve their Fibonacci trading skills and generate consistent income. The program is suitable for individuals who are interested in learning a new skill and guaranteeing a second income for the rest of their life.

The Complete Fibonacci Trading Course includes a bonus section that covers technical analysis fundamentals and value investing fundamentals. Students also receive three free training sessions for passionate investors.

7. Fibonacci Trading MasterClass by Kumar Gaurav Khullar (Udemy)

The Fibonacci Trading MasterClass teaches traders how to predict future market direction using key Fibonacci building blocks such as retracements, extensions, and projections. Unlike most lagging indicators that rely on past price action, the course emphasizes the importance of using Fibonacci to anticipate quality trade setups and identify market turning points. The course is suitable for traders who want to add Fibonacci to their trading tool set, stop guessing and risking their hard earned capital, and follow simple set rules and directions.

The course covers a range of topics, starting with an introduction to Fibonacci, followed by a discussion of who Fibonacci was and the Fibonacci sequence and Golden Ratio. There is an optional lecture on Fibonacci ratios in nature, and participants will learn how to derive Fibonacci ratios and identify swing highs and lows. The course then delves into Fibonacci retracements, including how to run retracement levels and whether or not price should touch these levels. The simplest form of Fibonacci trading is also discussed, as well as whether Fibonacci is the holy grail of trading.

Fibonacci extensions are then covered, with a focus on how they are calculated and reverse extensions. Participants will also learn about Fibonacci projections and the logic behind their levels. Projection examples are given using Lupin Stock, USD/CAD, and EUR/USD, and the limitations of projections are discussed. Different types of Fibonacci traders are also introduced, along with an explanation of Fibonacci convergence and how it works. Tips on how to run correct multiple Fibonacci retracements (Fibonacci clusters) are also provided, along with step-by-step examples of Fibonacci convergence in EUR/USD and SPY-ETF. Finally, the course covers Fibonacci convergence trading setup and Fibonacci-RSI trading setup, culminating in a bonus lecture that offers any of the instructor’s courses at a 90% discount.

8. Learn to Trade With Fibonacci Tools by TradeSmart University, Josh Hesse (Udemy)

The course titled “Learn to Trade With Fibonacci Tools” is offered by TradeSmart University, with Josh Hesse as the instructor. The short description of the course states that it aims to help traders target the exact price and date to place the most profitable trades. The long description states that the course is a comprehensive introduction to trading with Fibonacci tools found in charting software applications. The course aims to assist traders in better understanding where to get into a trade, where to get out of a trade, and how to avoid bad trades.

The course is designed to help traders identify the framework within which the charts move. By identifying the framework, traders can make money, but if they get it wrong, they stand to lose money. Upon completion of the course, traders will be able to use Fibonacci retracement zones to better identify entries, pinpoint exits and avoid costly pullbacks, set stop placement based on framework instead of guessing, establish laser-focused support & resistance with confluence, and forecast timing using an ancient (2,000 year!) timing technique.

The course is best suited for traders with a basic technical analysis and risk management background. It aims to optimize traders’ analysis and improve both their Win-Loss ratio as well as their average ROI. The course is not designed for traders with an undisciplined trading plan, nor is it intended for traders looking for a magical indicator to expand the number of trades they are placing. The course expects that after taking Fibs In 4, the number of executed trades may actually decrease as a result of better analysis and stricter, more accurate entry requirements.

The course is well-suited for traders who want to execute only high-quality trades and effectively deploy their capital time after time. The course is divided into several sections, including establishing ranges & target zones, establishing laser-focused entries & exists, putting cash in your jeans with the trade matrix, and Fibonacci time forecasting & planning for success.

9. Successful Day Trading with Fibonacci by Provine Thomas (Udemy)

The “Successful Day Trading with Fibonacci” course is designed to teach individuals how to utilize profitable techniques on the thinkorswim platform and make day trading a successful home-based business. The course aims to tackle common frustrations in day trading such as feeling like the machine is taking trades in the opposite direction and taking traders’ money due to advanced algorithms. The course helps traders understand how to read charts, run with bulls, and trade high probability winning trades.

The course covers four main techniques that include identifying the direction of the stock being traded, where to enter, where to place stops, and when to exit a trade. The techniques aim to help traders take the fear out of trading and become successful in a short period of time. The course also offers several studies not provided in the thinkerorswim platform and teaches traders how to use them.

Additionally, the course provides individuals with the opportunity to backtest the techniques on the thinkorswim “Ondemand” platform. The course includes one section, “Make $800 a day Trading Fibonacci with Thinkorswim,” and is designed to be completed in several hours. Overall, the course offers a comprehensive approach to successful day trading using Fibonacci techniques and the thinkorswim platform.

10. Easy 5 Steps Fibonacci Trading System: Used By Banks (2020) by Thembelani Tim Shozi (Udemy)

The “Easy 5 Steps Fibonacci Trading System: Used By Banks (2020)” course is designed for individuals who wish to increase their income or explore new ventures, regardless of whether they are new or experienced traders. The course is focused on the highly profitable Fibonacci & Swing Trading/Technical Analysis System, which is a reliable forex strategy that is used by professional bank traders to trade forex successfully. Thembelani Tim Shozi, the head trader at “Educated Trader (edtrader),” is the course instructor.

According to Shozi, trading forex is more psychological than mechanical, and mastering how BANKS trade forex is key to success because they are the real market movers. Shozi specializes in deep market understanding and was trained by a former professional bank trader. During the training, participants will learn why popular forex strategies do not work and how retail traders are fooled by bank traders to lose in the game. They will also learn why banks have to manipulate the market, the only thing that BANK TRADERS are looking for whenever they take a trade, and how to see when it happens. In addition, they will learn the magic fibonacci number and how banks use it to speculate the market successfully, which can be done through the course’s easy 5 steps system.

To ensure that participants have all the necessities and skills to make their trading journey worthwhile, Shozi has attached specific materials to the course, including a successful traders plan- Excel spreadsheet, strategy results and backtested examples (data for 4.5 years), and a risk management short ebook. Additionally, Shozi has shared three free bonus ebooks that are aimed at enhancing participants’ trading skills.

The course content consists of an introduction, basic Fibonacci rules, the working Fibonacci kit, the easy 5 steps strategy, backtested examples and results, bonus risk management essentials, and a conclusion. The course aims to provide the best training possible under this sector, and participants’ experience is the instructors’ reality.