10 Best Horsemanship Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookOnline horsemanship courses have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering equestrians of all levels the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge from the comfort of their own homes. These courses cover a wide range of topics, including horse care, riding techniques, training methods, and more. With so many options available, it can be difficult to identify the best horsemanship courses online. In this article, we will explore some of the key factors to consider when evaluating online horsemanship courses, and highlight some of the top options currently available.

Here’s a look at the Best Horsemanship Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Horsemanship Courses and Certifications Online

1. Equine Partnered Bodywork – Introduction by Nancy Horne (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Equine Partnered Bodywork – Introduction course is an opportunity to learn about a light touch technique that can be done with horses. The course instructors, led by Nancy Horne, will guide participants in practicing mindfulness and presence, allowing them to perceive their horse’s consent to partner. By applying a light touch to the horse’s neck, practitioners will recognize different levels of response and learn how to release physical, mental, and emotional tensions through processing.

Observations of horses have confirmed that discomfort can be given a voice, and when allowed to be released, the horse’s body will self-correct. The course will teach participants the importance of fully connecting with the horse’s heart and spirit and offering support in a non-judgmental manner. However, it is essential to check in regularly to prevent acute or chronic problems from occurring.

Participants in equine activities assume the risks and legal responsibility for any injury, loss, or damage to person or property resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities. The skeletal image used in videos and the design of added circles and acupoints used in the course are from 3D Horse Anatomy software from Biosphera3D and Adobe apps such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premier Pro, among others.

The course content is divided into sections that cover essential topics such as the evaluation process, the value of time spent, the location of a meridian on a horse, and the benefits for horse and human. The course will also feature a preview of energy work, testimonials, and a summary of the course content.

2. Introduction to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy by Wendy L (Udemy)

The course “Introduction to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy” is designed to provide an overview of equine therapy and its application to mental health. The course will be taught by Wendy L, who is experienced in the field of equine therapy.
Equine assisted psychotherapy has been used for many centuries to treat various psychological challenges and illnesses, and is considered an adjunct therapy by many mental health and human service professionals. The course is suitable for individuals who are interested in learning more about equine therapy, as well as practitioners looking to expand their knowledge and referral options.
The course consists of two sections: “Welcome and Course Overview” and “Equine Assisted Psychotherapy”. The content of the course will provide an insight into the history of equine therapy and how it has evolved over time.
Overall, the course is intended to provide a comprehensive understanding of equine therapy and its benefits as an alternative therapy option.

3. Speak the Horse Language: Master Your Horsemanship Energy by Krystal Kelly (Udemy)

The Speak the Horse Language: Master Your Horsemanship Energy Course is designed to teach individuals how to communicate with horses using energy body language. The course is instructed by Krystal Kelly, an International FEI II Showjumping and Dressage Coach, who has worked internationally in over 20+ countries with thousands of students and horses around the globe. The course is suitable for horse riding enthusiasts and equine pet trainers.

The course is divided into four sections: Introduction, Theory, Practical, and Conclusion. In the Theory section, learners are taught the theory behind horse’s “energy.” In the Practical section, learners are taught practical exercises to practice with their horses, have riding lessons on how to carry over their communication skills in the saddle, play games with their horses to get them engaged and more confident, master their body language and energy, build confidence, have fun with their horses, and earn their trust.

Learners will also be taught how to do groundwork exercises, master leading and lunging to a more advanced level, and work with young or spooky horses confidently. Additionally, learners will learn horse training and the difference between “riding” and “sitting,” breathing exercises to help train the trainer, awareness and mindfulness with horses, and psychotherapy.

Upon completion of the course, learners will be able to communicate fluently with all walks of horses, bond with horses on an energetic and subconscious level, hear them whisper, feel their movements and body through them, know their emotions, their spirit and their voice, and earn their trust and loyalty even when they are new and unfamiliar to them.

Enrollment in this course is open to anyone interested in learning the art of communicating in their horse’s language.

4. 101 ACTUAL HORSE TRAINING and RIDING: THE START by Jane Frizzell (Udemy)

Course 101 ACTUAL HORSE TRAINING and RIDING: THE START is designed for riders and horse lovers who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of horse training and riding. The course aims to summarize centuries of horse training instructions and teach the necessary elements of a fruitful training program. Participants will receive a distilled overview of all gymnastic horse training, a syllabus of the Riding Lessons Course, and a bibliography to verify any item in training and riding with certainty.

The course will provide participants with a basic but solid understanding of the mechanical aim and required trained elements in a forward, through-going horse. This understanding will enable participants to identify and avoid counterfeit training and stupid riding that are rampant. Moreover, participants will learn to find answers to subsequent training questions from a firm and reliable knowledge foundation. By the end of the course, participants will be able to recognize a ‘made’ or ‘finished’ horse, identify a correct trainer and rider, and become one themselves.

Course content includes an introduction to the course, syllabus of horse training, the law of associations of sensations, bibliography of horse training, and an overview of four events in riding: carry go, stop/slow, turn, and carry-on. Participants will learn that all riding boils down to these four events and that carry + go equals forward. The course will also provide a re-cap of what has been done so far and insights into riding from the mounting-block. Participants will receive a bonus preview of caveats.

In summary, Course 101 ACTUAL HORSE TRAINING and RIDING: THE START is an excellent choice for riders and horse lovers who want to learn the necessary elements of a fruitful training program, recognize a ‘made’ or ‘finished’ horse, and become a correct trainer and rider themselves. The course offers valuable insights, a syllabus of horse training, and a bibliography to verify any item in training and riding with certainty.

5. Emotional Horsemanship by Lockie Phillips (Udemy)

The Emotional Horsemanship course is designed to help horse owners improve their horse’s behavior by understanding the horse’s emotions and using Emotional Intelligence techniques to train them. The course covers an introduction to Emotional Intelligence and exercises for horse and owner to harness emotion safely. The Mother & Foal Bonding technique is a critical training concept in Emotional Horsemanship that uses horse body language to train horses with low pressure and little reinforcement. The course prepares students for future courses in Emotional Horsemanship Groundwork and Riding. Transcriptions of all lectures are available for non-native English speakers. The course is divided into four sections: Introduction, Principals of Emotional Horsemanship, Self Awareness Practices, and Mother & Foal Bonding.

6. Be a Horse Riding Coach – How to Teach Others Horsemanship by Krystal Kelly, Rita Mihalaki (Udemy)

The “Be a Horse Riding Coach – How to Teach Others Horsemanship” course is designed for individuals who are interested in becoming a horse riding instructor and teaching beginner riding lessons. The course is taught by Krystal Kelly and Rita Mihalaki. The course aims to provide learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to teach beginner riding lessons and become a successful instructor.

The course begins by introducing the learners to the basics of teaching absolute beginners their first riding lesson. Learners will also be taught the curriculum for the second until the tenth riding lesson. The course covers various aspects of horse riding, including selecting the perfect lesson horse, fun exercises for beginner students to build their confidence, lunge lessons, safety rules and tips, and much more.

In addition, learners will be taught how to choose the correct riding equipment for being an instructor and what sort of riding environment is required. The course also provides an introduction to Dressage and Jumping exercises for beginner riders.

By enrolling in this course, learners will gain the necessary skills to become a beginner riding instructor and start teaching their horsemanship skills to others right away. The course is divided into three sections: Introduction, Lessons, and Conclusion.

7. Essential Horsemanship Skills: How to Handle and Ride Horses by Alexandra Mannerings (Udemy)

The Essential Horsemanship Skills course is designed for beginning riders who want to learn the basics of horseback riding and horse handling. The course is taught mostly in the English style and covers fundamentals that apply to all riding.

The course focuses on teaching students how to safely catch and move around a horse, get a horse ready to ride, work at the walk, trot, and canter, and take care of the horse once riding is done. Students will also learn how to tie a quick release knot to safely secure a horse on a lead rope.

The course is divided into seven sections: Introduction, Handling Your Horse, Getting Ready to Ride, The Basics of Riding at a Walk, Riding at the Trot, Riding at the Canter, and Putting Your Horse Away.

Overall, the Essential Horsemanship Skills course is a clear and useful guide for beginning riders who want to learn the fundamentals of horseback riding and horse handling.

8. Learning Mindfulness with Horses by Aleka Duguay (Udemy)

Course Title: Learning Mindfulness with Horses

Course Instructors: Aleka Duguay

Course Short Description: This course offers an opportunity to learn mindfulness with the help of horses. Participants can work with their own horse or with horses that are provided.

Course Long Description: This course aims to teach participants how to be mindful using natural instincts of horses. The course is designed to provide practical skills that can be applied in daily life. This course is suitable for individuals who love animals and are looking to improve their mental health.

Course Content and Sections:

Introduction: This module introduces the course and provides an overview of what to expect.

Introduction to Mindfulness: This module explains what mindfulness is and how it can be beneficial in daily life.

How Mindfulness Relates to Horses: This module explores the link between mindfulness and horses.

Learning to be Mindful: This module teaches participants how to work with horses to develop mindfulness skills.

Wrap Up: This module summarizes the course and provides tips on how to continue practicing mindfulness.

Overall, this course provides a unique way of learning mindfulness by working with horses. The course is structured to provide practical skills that can be used in daily life. The content is well-organized, and the instructors are experienced in their field.

9. Horse Care and Riding 101 – A Beginners Guide by MJ Politis (Udemy)

The Horse Care and Riding 101 – A Beginners Guide course, instructed by MJ Politis, is designed to introduce individuals to horse ownership and provide a reminder to those who are experienced in the field. The course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn about taking care of horses, regardless of their prior experience. The course is divided into two parts: taking care of a horse’s body, mind, and spirit, and learning how to ride a horse effectively and safely.

The first part of the course is designed to teach students how to take care of horses either on their own property or at a boarding facility. The course covers the basic needs of a horse, including its physical and emotional well-being. The second part of the course focuses on educating a young, ‘unbroken’ horse to work with the rider in ways that benefit both parties. The course teaches students how to ride a horse effectively, enjoyably, and safely.

The objective of the course is to present the basics of horse care, horsemanship, horse training, and equine behavior to prospective, beginning, and intermediate riders, as well as experienced horse people who wish to learn new ways to ride and train their horses. The course is structured into three sections: Basics, Caring For & Working With Horses, and Introduction to Riding. Overall, the Horse Care and Riding 101 course is an excellent primer for anyone interested in horse ownership or wanting to improve their horsemanship skills.

10. BAREFOOT BASICS by Lockie Phillips (Udemy)

Barefoot Basics is a horse hoof learning experience that aims to provide horse owners with the necessary knowledge and skills to take charge of their horse’s barefoot hoofcare. The course is designed to be easily understandable and not employ scientific jargon that could be confusing to everyday horse owners. This approach is essential in empowering horse owners to participate in their horse’s barefoot hoofcare, and eventually become owner trimmers who know how to trim their own horse’s hooves.

The course teaches all aspects that contribute to the soundness and success of a horse’s hoof, including anatomy, diet and digestion, pathology, barefoot horse keeping, and lifestyles. These aspects are interconnected and must work together to improve a horse’s hoof health and soundness. The course uses theoretical lessons combined with visual aids and additional resources to arm horse owners with everything they need to succeed.

Barefoot Basics offers two types of trims to learn: the basic trim and refinement trim. The basic trim is the perfect maintenance trim that can supplement visits from your local Hoofcare provider. The Refinement Trim is designed to equip you with the technique, the eye and the ability to creatively problem solve potential hoof growth issues, and possibly take on your horse’s hoofcare completely.

After completing the course, participants are invited to join HOOF SCHOOL ONLINE, a Facebook community that serves as an Owner Trimmer Support and education group. It is the perfect companion to Barefoot Basics, where horse owners can learn exactly how to apply the techniques to their unique individual horse.

The course content and sections include an introduction, Barefoot Basics: Anatomy, Diet & Digestion, Pathology, Lifestyle, Basic Trim Trim Techniques, Refinement Trimming, and After Study Support.