10 Best Iphone Filmmaking Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookWith the increasing popularity of mobile filmmaking, there has been a surge in demand for online courses catering to the needs of aspiring iPhone filmmakers. These courses aim to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to create professional-grade videos using their iPhones. However, with a plethora of options available, it can be challenging to identify the best courses that offer comprehensive training and value for money. In this article, we will explore some of the top iPhone filmmaking courses available online and evaluate their features, strengths, and weaknesses to help you make an informed decision.

Here’s a look at the Best Iphone Filmmaking Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Iphone Filmmaking Courses and Certifications Online

1. Video Editing on iPhone & Android! Edit Smartphone Videos! by Robb Montgomery (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Video Editing on iPhone & Android course is designed to teach beginners professional smartphone video editing skills. The course is instructed by Robb Montgomery, an internationally-recognized filmmaker, and contains more than four hours of detailed instruction, class projects, and downloadable assets. It covers the latest apps and techniques for editing video on both Android and Apple devices.

The course is organized into three sections. The first section focuses on teaching proper editing techniques with iMovie, and includes sample clips to help students start learning the video production process right away. The second section builds on this by teaching different video editing techniques using a free video editing app that works on both Android and Apple devices. The third section focuses on the craft of filmmaking, and students will learn how to make and assemble interesting shots to tell visual stories.

This comprehensive course contains 85 informative lectures, 5 hours of video instruction, and 10 video story projects. The video exercises, case studies, and behind-the-scenes tutorials will build students’ video storytelling skills from scratch. After completing this course, students will be able to produce mobile video documentaries and features, explore cinematic mobile journalism, and compose the storytelling fundamentals for filming a great scene.

The course has been designed to answer common questions, such as which phone is best for mobile filmmaking, what are the pros and cons of mobile video editing, and what are the best apps for cinematography. The course has been updated for 2022 with all the latest features and includes humble older-model iPhones and Samsung smartphones.

The course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and students who complete the course will better understand how to produce, shoot, and edit video on their iPhone or Android. The course content is organized into several sections, including how to get started with smartphone video production, iMovie essentials, video editing with VN Video editor, mobile filmmaking, case studies, and more.

2. Video Making Secrets with your iPhone and iPad by John Scotland (Udemy)

The Video Making Secrets with your iPhone and iPad course, taught by John Scotland, focuses on providing a step-by-step guide to creating high-quality video content using tools that are readily available. The course is suitable for brand-conscious entrepreneurs, freelancers, bloggers, PR professionals, and students who want to create video content for their website and social media platforms. It covers topics such as planning and outlining your video, simple tips to save time and achieve fast results, accessories and apps needed to enhance video quality, and editing with Apple’s free software.

The course emphasizes the importance of online video and how it can boost sales, increase SEO ranking, and create a positive impression of the brand. The curriculum is designed to make it easy for busy professionals to implement the strategies without feeling overwhelmed or lost. The iPad and iPhone are the primary tools used in the course, making it accessible to everyone. Practical exercises are included to reinforce learning, and lifetime access and free updates are provided.

The course is highly recommended for anyone working in online content provision, from bloggers to PR professionals. It provides a complete playbook for success in video content creation, including a practical step-by-step blueprint to help produce high-quality short videos for website and social media platforms. In conclusion, the Video Making Secrets with your iPhone and iPad course is an excellent investment for anyone who wants to take their brand to new audiences worldwide.

3. iPhone Filmmaking | iPhone Video Production & Video Editing by Michael Harrison (Udemy)

The iPhone Filmmaking course is designed to teach individuals how to capture and edit professional videos using only their iPhone. This course is suitable for anyone who wants to delve into the world of iPhone videography. The comprehensive course is divided into four easy-to-follow sections, including the course introduction, video shooting and settings, editing, and conclusion.

Participants will learn the art of taking great videos using their iPhone and editing them directly on their device, ideal for when they are on-the-go. The course covers topics such as video resolutions, frame rates, and different video types like Normal, Slo-Motion, and Time Lapse. Participants will also learn how to use iMove on their iPhone and Mac.

The latest chapter in filmmaking is smartphone and iPhone videography. This course uses the latest software and iPhone models to ensure that participants are at the forefront of this exciting avenue of videography, keeping them ahead of the competition. The course is fun, easy, and short, while still providing a complete overview of how to shoot and edit pro films with just an iPhone.

In addition to video lectures, participants have the opportunity to share their work in the student union/community, providing interaction with the lecturer and other course participants. The course provides support and encouragement to help participants continue to improve their skills even after completing the course.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to create professional-looking videos, no longer bemused by those “Shot on an iPhone” commercials. These new skills can be used for professional work, social media, or for personal use. This course is the only one needed to learn how to capture and edit great videos using an iPhone.

4. Learn iMovie for iOS (iPhone/iPad) Today! by Steve Burnich (Udemy)

The course “Learn iMovie for iOS (iPhone/iPad) Today!” is designed to teach beginners to advanced users how to edit videos using iMovie for iOS. The lessons are professionally produced, concise, and straight to the point. The course instructor, Steve Burnich, aims to be the students’ guide in editing videos on their iPhone or iPad like a master.

The course aims to help users deal with the overwhelming number of pictures and videos they have collected with their smartphones and digital cameras. With iMovie for iOS, students can start editing and create amazing movies to share with their audience. The lessons will begin with a brief overview of the application, followed by importing media such as videos, pictures, and audio, and then moving on to editing. Along the way, students will create a short movie that incorporates videos, images, text, music, sound effects, and voice over.

The course is divided into sections such as welcome, getting started, editing, working with audio, stylization, sharing your projects, themes & trailers, and conclusion. This format allows students to quickly learn the basics and swiftly move on to more advanced topics. The goal is to transform students from an iMovie for iOS novice to an iMovie for iOS Master.

To enroll in the course, students may visit the website. The instructor, Steve Burnich, looks forward to seeing the students in the course.

5. LumaFusion & FilmicPro – Mobile video editing essentials by Robb Montgomery (Udemy)

The LumaFusion & FilmicPro – Mobile video editing essentials course is designed to teach users how to master iPhone filmmaking with the help of two pro apps – LumaFusion and FilmicPro. The course is suitable for beginners, and the instructor will guide users step by step so they can start shooting and editing videos right away.

The course covers essential topics such as Camera Settings, Gear Setups, Editing Clips, LOG Mode, and LUTs. Users will also learn about Anamorphic Filmmaking, Stabilization techniques, and Setups for Shotmaking. The LumaFusion Essentials section covers topics such as Importing Media, Adjusting Playback Speed, and Frame Rates, Managing Audio Plugins, and Effects, and Adjusting Color and Effects.

The course also features a tutorial on how ProRes works for iPhone 13 Pro models and why users might like the look of that video format. The instructor is an experienced filmmaker who has used these apps to produce several short films that have won top prizes at international film festivals. He takes all the video editing and LumaFusion knowledge and distills it into easy-to-follow steps that users can practice with right away.

The course includes three hours of in-depth, real-world filming tutorials for Filmic Pro camera and LumaFusion Video editing apps. The instructor will guide users on how to use the multiple cameras of an iPhone Pro Max to capture high-quality shots using pro apps Filmic Pro and edit them with the Luma Fusion video editor.

The course has received positive reviews from users who found it helpful in mastering iPhone filmmaking. The instructor’s library of courses features projects and exercises that users can use to build upon the foundations established in this course. Overall, this course is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn how to make professional mobile videos using their smartphone.

6. Make iPhone Video Like a Pro by Uri Soglowek (Udemy)

The course “Make iPhone Video Like a Pro” is designed to help individuals create professional-quality videos using only an iPhone. The course instructor, Uri Soglowek, has over 13 years of experience in shooting and editing videos and will provide a step-by-step guide to editing videos shot on an iPhone. The course will cover video shooting basics techniques, how to get aesthetic shoots, what tools the pros use to make an engaging video, editing your videos including trimming, adding sound, adding voice-over, transitions, importing videos and photos, animating pictures, capturing slow-motion video, importing and editing slow-motion video, and much more.

The course is suitable for individuals who want to make professional videos using their iPhone without the need for additional expensive video editing software. The course is also ideal for those who have hundreds of video files on their iPhone and want to make a movie out of them. Additionally, the course is perfect for individuals who have tried making a movie before and found it too complicated or the video boring.

In the course, Uri Soglowek will guide learners through the secrets of making high-quality videos using an iPhone. He will show students all the editing tips and tricks he uses in his job every day, and all the secrets the pros like Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, and Michael Bay use to trigger viewers’ emotions. The course will help learners create an aesthetic-looking video and master the formula for triggering viewers’ emotions.

The course is divided into several sections, including Basic Composition, The Art of Video Storytelling, Edit Videos Using iMovie, and Using The Trailer Mode. Each section covers specific topics and provides learners with hands-on experience. The course will provide learners with everything they need to know to create beautiful videos using only their iPhone.

To take the course, individuals can click on the “take this course” button and start making amazing videos. The course is designed to help individuals create professional-looking videos using only their iPhone.

7. Edit 10 Social Video Projects – Video Editing Social Videos by Robb Montgomery (Udemy)

This course, titled “Edit 10 Social Video Projects – Video Editing Social Videos,” is instructed by Robb Montgomery, a top iPhone Video Editing Instructor. The course consists of 10 easy-to-follow video projects, designed to teach students the art of video editing with their iPhone. The course is not overwhelming for beginners, and offers gear and app recommendations that are very helpful for those looking to expand their perspective on what can be done with a smartphone. The course will teach students proven visual storytelling fundamentals by making 10 visually-led video story projects, and by the end of the course, they will be able to create compelling interactive visual stories using their phone.

Students will master visual story planning and writing to pictures, and step-by-step tutorials for creating interactive images with web links, audio and more. The course will also teach students the best apps for making and editing shareable and snackable multimedia content, as well as best practices for sharing their stories on social platforms. Students will learn how to animate photos, film and edit video, and craft incredible multimedia packages that can be easily shared. Each story project in this easy-to-follow course builds on the previous lesson, and by the end of the course, students will be mobile multimedia masters.

The course features 2.5 hours of highly professional video lesson content, and is assigned to university students at many top schools. This course is beneficial for journalists, writers, interns, NGOs, communications officers, freelancers, journalism faculty, content marketers, PR pros, and media trainers. The course can be taken with a smartphone, and students will earn a certificate upon completion. The instructor, a journalism professor, has experience taking reporters through the steps of making mobile multimedia stories.

8. How to Make Films With an iPhone: For Beginners by Dave Cornthwaite (Udemy)

The course titled “How to Make Films With an iPhone: For Beginners” aims to equip learners with the skills necessary to create films and edit them on an iPhone. The course instructor, Dave Cornthwaite, has extensive experience in filming events, documentaries, and adventures using an iPhone. The course comprises real-life examples, interactive live-demonstrations of editing on a phone, and covers topics such as framing basic shots, understanding camera settings, and editing using the iMovie app on the iPhone. By the end of the course, learners will have filmed and edited their own movie and will have gained the confidence to hone their filmmaking skills further.

The course content is divided into six sections. The first section, “Getting Started,” introduces learners to the course and outlines its objectives. The second section, “Introducing Camera & iMovie,” covers the basics of using an iPhone camera and the iMovie app. The following section, “Filming & Editing,” teaches learners how to record videos and edit them using iMovie. The fourth section, “Audio,” covers capturing sound and adding it to edited videos. The fifth section, “Stability & Motion,” teaches learners to stabilize their phones while filming and explore different angles and movements. Finally, the course concludes with a “Summary” that recaps the key concepts covered in the course.

Overall, this course offers a comprehensive introduction to iPhone filmmaking, enabling learners to capture their adventures and turn them into polished films using only their phones. The course is ideal for beginners and offers practical skills and techniques that learners can apply to their future filmmaking endeavors.

9. iPhone Photography & iPhone Videography: Beginners Guide by David Quintanilla (Udemy)

The iPhone Photography & iPhone Videography: Beginners Guide course is designed to teach essential skills for taking high-quality photos and videos using a smartphone. The course instructor, David Quintanilla, aims to help students capture great videos and photos in any situation to share with their friends and family. The course is optimized for desktop and smartphone viewing, making it easy to follow along on the go.

The photography section of the course covers topics such as ideal iPhone settings for shooting photos, techniques for shooting steady photos, and how to make DIY tripods. The course also includes opportunities to share photos with the class. The filmmaking section covers topics such as ideal settings for shooting videos, frame rates, slow motion, and lighting, and tips for creating great footage. Early tips include putting the phone in airplane mode, turning up the brightness, always shooting video vertically, and holding onto shots longer than expected.

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their photography skills, take better photos and videos to share on social media, or learn photography and video from scratch before investing in a professional kit. The course covers composition, lighting, and optimizing settings for photos and videos. The course content includes an iPhone videography introduction, composition, shooting techniques for capturing steady footage, an iPhone photography introduction, and a conclusion.

10. Killer 1min iPhone Video Storytelling Editing – iMovie App by Yukiko Sato, John Scotland (Udemy)

The Killer 1min iPhone Video Storytelling Editing – iMovie App Course, instructed by Yukiko Sato and John Scotland, offers a three-day program on how to create a one-minute storytelling video entirely with an iPhone or iPad, and how to promote it through social media. The course is based on the idea that storytelling video creates better results and provides more information in a shorter amount of time. Story videos are a great way to tell personal stories or showcase the story behind a business or product. Customers feel more attracted and connected to businesses through story videos, as they allow for the use of voice and body language.

The course focuses on using an iPhone or iPad to create a story video, as these devices are flexible to shoot in small spaces and offer different angles. iPhone video quality is now HD 1080p, which is the same as TV broadcast video format. Additionally, iPhone videos make better connections with viewers and customers, especially with the recent trend of social media. Videos created by video cameras are often thought of as commercial videos, whereas social media-friendly videos are a must-have.

The course consists of six sections, namely Story Video Outline, Plan Shooting, Filming Tips for iPhone/iPad, Filming/Shooting Video with iPhone/iPad, Video Editing with iMovie App, and Promoting Your Video. By the end of the course, students will have created their own one-minute storytelling video and learned how to promote it through social media. The course aims to equip students with the necessary skills to create compelling and engaging story videos that can help businesses connect with their customers.