10 Best Kickboxing Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookKickboxing, a popular and dynamic martial art, is widely recognized for its ability to promote physical fitness, discipline, and self-defense skills. In recent years, the rise of online learning platforms has provided individuals with the convenience and accessibility to learn kickboxing from the comfort of their own homes. With a plethora of options available, determining the best kickboxing courses online can be a daunting task. This article aims to provide an objective and informative overview of some of the most popular online kickboxing courses currently available.

Here’s a look at the Best Kickboxing Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Kickboxing Courses and Certifications Online

1. Boxing For Fitness: Boxing, Kickboxing & Self Defense Basics by Joey Zanca (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The “Boxing For Fitness: Boxing, Kickboxing & Self Defense Basics” course is designed to teach the basic techniques of boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and self defense. The course promises to provide strategies and techniques that will help improve one’s fighting skills and self defense abilities. Joe Zanca, the main instructor of the course, has been practicing martial arts and boxing since he was a child and is experienced in MMA fighting.

The course is structured to cover the basic stance, handwork, punches, kicks, and defensive techniques. The goal is to equip students with skills that can be used as a fitness routine and as basic self defense. The course is divided into various sections, including course introduction, basics and fighting fundamentals, basic punches, basic kicks, defending against the other person’s punches, putting it all together: fighting, natural ways to improve performance, and conclusion.

The course promises to provide a great workout and improve one’s fighting skills. Every Udemy course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, allowing students to try out the course risk-free. Therefore, if the student is not satisfied with the course, they can simply request a refund.


The course titled “DÖVÜŞ SPORLARI EĞİTİM, ANTRENMAN +600 KALORİ YAK(EKİPMANSIZ)” is an online fitness-martial art program that does not require any equipment or gym membership. The program is suitable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels who are interested in learning self-defense techniques and burning fat through MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing techniques and body weight exercises.

The program was developed by Barbaros Özeller, who has over 30 years of experience in martial arts and fitness. The program is a non-contact (temassız) fitness-martial art program that can be done using only one’s own body weight and martial art techniques.

The program is unique in that it does not require any equipment or partner and can be done at home. It not only helps individuals achieve their fitness goals but also teaches them self-defense techniques. The program is more effective than regular fitness programs and can help individuals relieve daily stress.

Individuals who have never practiced martial arts can also do the program as the difficulty level of the movements increases gradually, and the program includes detailed instructions on how to do the movements.

The program includes six different training sessions, and each session takes about 40 minutes, excluding warm-up and cool-down time. The program also includes a total-body stretching session, and there is a “How to Do” session that teaches individuals all the movements in detail.

The only equipment required for the program is one’s own body weight. Individuals can do the program from the age of 7 to 70, provided they have no health conditions that prohibit them from exercising.

The program recommends doing 3-6 training sessions per week, depending on one’s fitness level. There are monthly training plans available for members to follow.

The program includes a “BONUS” section that provides additional information and resources to help individuals achieve their fitness goals.


The KICKBOX, MUAY THAI & SELF DEFENSE TRAINING WITH PUNCHING BAG course is designed to teach individuals the best of kickboxing, Muay Thai, boxing, martial arts, and self-defense techniques while also aiding in weight loss and fitness. Sensei Barbaros, a master of 6 martial systems and a professional Kickboxing Personal Trainer, is the course instructor. The course is available online, allowing individuals to learn and practice martial arts from the comfort of their homes or gyms.

The course covers different techniques, including Kickboxing, Muay Thai, boxing, and some self-defense techniques. The course has specific workout videos that show three different levels, namely beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners. There are a total of 12 unique lessons, and individuals can choose their workout calendar based on their fitness level.

The course is structured into five content sections, namely BEFORE YOU START, STRETCHING BASICS, WORKOUT CALENDAR (3 DIFFERENT LEVEL), ALL TRAINING LESSONS, and BONUS. The BONUS section includes additional materials that are relevant to the course.

Sensei Barbaros has developed a heavy bag system that individuals can use to learn and practice martial arts at their convenience. He is available to answer questions and provide support to individuals taking the course. Those interested in learning more about Sensei Barbaros can search for him online, where they will find information in his native language and videos that showcase his skills and competence.

4. The Front Kick Master-course by Dayel Sitiwajana (Udemy)

The Front Kick Master-course is a comprehensive course which aims to teach learners how to perform the Thai Front Kick with precision and technique, just like the legendary Samart Payakaroon. The course covers a wide range of topics including different variations of the front kick attack, footwork, defense, sparring drills and much more.

The course includes detailed modules on how to kick effectively by covering the push, stun, and jabbing attacks of the Front Kick, and how to use the knee against incoming kicks. The course also covers footwork techniques such as how to move forward, backwards, and cover a lot of ground while kicking. Additionally, learners will learn how to front kick against an aggressive puncher and mix their hands and feet simultaneously.

The course also includes tricky techniques to slide through any opening and kick so fast that it knocks the opponent off their feet. Targeting effectively, sparring drills and how to use the heavy bag, pad work for developing timing are also included in the course.

The course emphasizes the importance of learning the Front Kick as it is the most underrated weapon in Muay Thai. The Front Kick can dissipate any aggressive attack within seconds and legendary Thai Boxers have mastered the art of the teep to such an extent that they have completely dominated and ended fights with the use of the Front Kick.

The course is designed to provide a complete overview of both the theory and practical aspects of the front kick, making it highly efficient. The course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn the Front Kick, from beginners to experienced Muay Thai fighters.

In conclusion, the Front Kick Master-course is a comprehensive and detailed course that teaches learners everything they need to know about the Front Kick. It is broken down into easy-to-understand modules that cover both theory and practical aspects, making it suitable for anyone who wants to learn this essential technique.

5. Karma dövüş sporları teknikleri (kickboks, Muay Thai, Boks) by Barbaros Özeller (Udemy)

The course titled “Karma dövüş sporları teknikleri” is focused on teaching techniques used in various combat sports such as kickboxing, Muay Thai, and boxing. The instructor for the course is Barbaros Özeller. The course includes 12 different training sessions with sandbags and aims to help individuals burn fat while learning fighting techniques.

The course offers a comprehensive training and learning system for individuals who are new to combat sports. The techniques taught in the course range from beginner to advanced levels, and the program is designed to help participants achieve a professional fighter’s fit appearance. The program is beginner-friendly, and no prior experience is necessary. The instructor has planned the program step-by-step, and participants can reach out to the instructor if they have any questions.

Individuals who have prior experience in combat sports and find it difficult to train alone can also take the course and train with the instructor. The course includes 12 training sessions that are designed to be challenging and mimic a professional boxing match. The training sessions cover all the techniques and combinations required for the different levels of combat sports, including warming up, cooling down, and flexibility training.

The course also includes training with sandbags, which has several benefits such as improving aerobic conditioning, developing core muscles, improving coordination, increasing explosive power, increasing endurance, strengthening upper and lower body muscles, building strong bones and joints, and improving combat technique and self-defense skills. The sandbag training also helps participants achieve a fit body, agility, and high energy levels while reducing stress.

The course content includes 12 different training sessions covering basic and advanced levels of boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. The program also includes a training schedule, extra information, and surprise bonus lessons.

6. Thai Kickboxing Training Program: Best Kickboxing Techniques by Lee Mainprize (Udemy)

The Thai Kickboxing Training Program is a course that teaches students how to master Muay Thai and transform every limb on their body into lightning-fast deadly weapons. The course is instructed by Lee Mainprize, a former fighter and martial arts expert who has been featured in Men’s Health as their martial arts expert. The course claims to accelerate the learning curve, allowing students to learn more in one hour than they could in six months of training at most martial arts schools.

The course covers a lethal combination of martial arts training, including advanced moves from a variety of styles and techniques for defending against specific attacks from all styles. Lee Mainprize teaches students the best of the best and how to put it all together to become a total warrior. From learning the right way to throw basic punches to defending oneself if ever caught on the ground in a fight, this course can take students to the next level regardless of their fitness level or prior martial arts training.

The course aims to teach students to be street-smart, combining the most powerful attacks from Muay Thai and Kickboxing to provide a serious advantage in any situation. It includes devastating Muay Thai combinations, mastering the fundamentals in a few hours, throwing a blind punch, transforming every limb on the body into a lightning-fast deadly weapon, lethal knee and elbow combinations, and stringing together merciless combinations. The course also covers how to pull off devastating side kicks, roundhouse kicks, knee strikes, and more.

The course claims that students can start learning everything they need to know to gain a serious advantage immediately. The course includes a variety of sections, such as combinations and fundamental techniques, which should be learned first for beginners. By the end of the course, students should be explosive strikers in martial arts.

7. Strike Pro Masterclass by Sio Vaspa (Udemy)

The Strike Pro Masterclass Course is designed for individuals interested in learning the art of striking professionally. The course is instructed by Sio Vaspa and covers a range of topics including boxing, MMA, martial arts, self-defense, close combat, taekwondo, aikido, karate, krav maga, judo, fitness ninjutsu, and more.

The course teaches students how to form a fist, stance, guard, and footwork necessary for strike and up-fighting. Students can expect to learn how to do straight punches, jabs, cross, curve shots, body shots, hooks, close punches, uppercuts, and strike with kicks, knees, push kick, back kick, axe kick, round-house kick, and hook kick. Additionally, students will learn how to throw a combination of punches and kicks.

The course comprises live tutorials, technical tips, and guidance, ensuring the learning and execution of the learning and progression in training is paramount. It incorporates a special martial arts workout section which helps students develop the right rhythm and stance needed for up-fighting.

The course is divided into an introduction and various sections, and all videos have clear explanations to aid in the learning process. With over 15 years of experience as a professional Boxer and Kick-boxer, the instructor offers valuable insights and tips for mastering the art of striking.

8. Kyshenko’s KNOCKOUT Secrets by Kyshenko Artur (Udemy)

The Kyshenko’s KNOCKOUT Secrets course is taught by Artur Kyshenko, a renowned Ukrainian middleweight kickboxer who is the 2015 Kunlun Fight 80 kg Tournament World Champion and K-1 World MAX 2008 Finalist. He fights out of Kyshenko Gym and has won several championships, including the 2019 Arena Fight Middleweight Kickboxing Championship and the 2013 King of Kings -71 kg championship. The course is designed to help students become the best in their field.

The course consists of an introduction section that provides an overview of what students can expect to learn from the course. The course content is divided into several sections, and it covers various aspects of kickboxing, including techniques, strategies, and tips. The course is suitable for beginners and advanced learners alike, and it is designed to help students improve their skills and become better kickboxers.

The course is taught by Artur Kyshenko and includes his personal insights and experiences. Students will learn about his training methods, strategies, and techniques that have helped him become a successful kickboxer. The course is interactive and includes video tutorials, quizzes, and assignments to help students apply what they have learned. By the end of the course, students will have gained a deeper understanding of kickboxing and will have developed the skills and knowledge to become better kickboxers.

9. Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, MMA: Base techniques by Alex Mutel (Udemy)

The Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, MMA: Base Techniques course is an instructional video and cardio workout created by Course Instructors Alex Mutel. The course is designed to teach the basics of Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA in addition to providing cardio exercises. The instructional video and workout are safe for both men and women, but a consultation with a doctor is recommended before starting any exercise program.

Part 1 of the course includes 10 lessons of Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA techniques. The material is presented in a way that incorporates special effects and mental images for better understanding. Additionally, Part 1 includes a detailed explanation of the exercises from the instructional kickbox Muay Thai video training. The program consists of a total duration of 143 minutes and uses techniques such as punches, elbows, kicks, and knee-strikes.

Part 2 of the course is a cardio kickboxing workout that is ideal for weight loss and toning. The workout lasts 47 minutes and has a high intensity, resulting in a potential burn of 600 calories. The program consists of 61 exercises that utilize techniques from Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA. The muscle groups involved are the buttocks, chest, abs, back, arms, shoulders, legs, and quadriceps.

The course content is divided into five topics that include work with body weight, biomechanics, motility, types of movements and connections, and connection of the hands, legs, and torso. The workout is an excellent personal trainer that can help individuals achieve their ideal body shape. With a 47-minute daily training, results can be seen within the first 30 days of training.

10. KICK PERFECT by Barbaros Özeller (Udemy)

The KICK PERFECT course, instructed by Barbaros Özeller, is designed for those interested in combat sports who want to become kick masters. The course offers step-by-step training that covers basic to advanced techniques. It aims to provide learners with the technical knowledge and practice necessary to execute excellent kicks.

The course explains that weak kicking ability is often due to insufficient technical knowledge rather than a lack of talent. With proper instruction and practice, however, learners can throw powerful kicks. The course promises to provide learners with a great advantage in competitions or self-defense situations.

The course content includes five sections: SIDE KICK, ROUND KICK, BACK KICK, JUMPING KICK, and PUSH KICK VARIANTS. The techniques taught in the course are a synthesis of Barbaros Özeller’s 30 years of martial arts experience. The course emphasizes the importance of applying the techniques learned without skipping any steps and practicing regularly.

The course explains that learning to kick gives learners an unfair advantage due to the larger and stronger structure of leg muscles compared to arm muscles. When executed correctly, kicks are more powerful than punches. The course argues that if a martial artist’s kicks are weak, they will never be able to realize their full potential. The KICK PERFECT course is a unique resource for those interested in improving their kicking ability.