10 Best Mailchimp Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookMailchimp is a widely used email marketing platform that enables businesses to create, send, and track email campaigns. As the popularity of Mailchimp continues to grow, so does the demand for online courses that teach users how to effectively use the platform. In this article, we will explore some of the best Mailchimp courses available online, highlighting their features and benefits to help you choose the right course for your needs.

Here’s a look at the Best Mailchimp Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Mailchimp Courses and Certifications Online

1. The Complete Mailchimp Email Marketing Course by COURSE ENVY (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Complete Mailchimp Email Marketing Course, taught by Course Envy, aims to help learners use Mailchimp, grow email subscriber lists, and build effective email marketing campaigns. The course is designed to teach the principles and strategies that have been successfully used to build email marketing campaigns for over 500 businesses.

The course offers lifetime access to lectures and allows learners to ask the instructor questions and receive thoughtful responses. Learners will be able to master the Mailchimp platform and learn the email marketing strategies that are implemented for clients daily. The course covers optimization of email content, building email lists, and evaluating key metrics to make the most of email marketing.

The curriculum of the course covers email marketing on Mailchimp from beginner level to advanced. Learners will be able to build squeeze pages and opt-in forms to grow their email lists and create hyper-segmented email capture lists. They will be able to design and build professional email campaigns that drive conversions and analyze data to improve future emails.

Joining this course will enable learners to take their brand, product or service to the next level with the power of email marketing. The course content is divided into four sections, namely Introduction, Email Marketing – Mailchimp, Email Marketing – Analytics, and Resources, Updates, FAQs & Bonus Material.

2. How to Use MailChimp Email Marketing Software – Hands on! by Charlie Craine (Udemy)

The course titled “How to Use MailChimp Email Marketing Software – Hands on!” is designed to provide beginners with a comprehensive understanding of the email marketing software, MailChimp. The course instructors, Charlie Craine, will guide the learners step-by-step throughout the course. By the end of the course, the learners will be able to send out their email campaigns like a pro.

This course is an excellent opportunity for individuals who are new to email marketing, as it provides a thorough understanding of one of the best platforms, MailChimp, which can be used for free. The learners can market their businesses, clients, or students by using this powerful email marketing platform. Upon completing the course, the learners will be able to create professional-looking email campaigns just like other digital marketing experts.

The instructor, Charlie Craine, is available to answer questions, provide advice, and update the students with bonus materials along the way. The course is up-to-date as of 04/13/2016. The course content and sections consist of the following:
1. Welcome to How to Use MailChimp Email Marketing Software!
2. Getting Started
3. Setting up MailChimp
4. Setup and Manage Your MailChimp Email List
5. How to Create Email Forms
6. Design Emails with MailChimp Campaign Builder
7. Tracking Your Email Results.

3. Introduction to Mailchimp for Email Marketing by Ricky Wahowa (Udemy)

Introduction to Mailchimp for Email Marketing is a course designed to help beginners get started with Mailchimp. Led by instructor Ricky Wahowa, the course offers a Mailchimp tutorial that covers the basics of using this email marketing platform.

The course caters to those who have no prior experience with Mailchimp. It helps users navigate the platform and learn its various features, allowing them to effectively manage their email marketing tasks.

Additionally, the course is also suitable for individuals who have some familiarity with Mailchimp but require a quick video tutorial. Specific areas covered in this course include adding and working with lists, segmenting and grouping lists, adding groups to signup forms, sharing forms online, and sending campaigns to contacts.

Other sections of the course cover topics such as creating automations and landing pages. Participants are encouraged to ask questions using the Q&A section of the course.

The course is broken down into sections that cover the course introduction, updates for the year 2020, an overview of the Mailchimp platform, how to work with lists and list settings, Mailchimp segments and groups, campaigns and automations, working with landing pages, and automations for landing pages. A bonus section is also included.

4. Introduction to Mailchimp: Design Beautiful Branded Emails by Ilya Lobanov (Udemy)

The course “Introduction to Mailchimp: Design Beautiful Branded Emails” teaches how to design and construct email templates using Mailchimp. The course aims to help entrepreneurs and business owners create emails that reflect their brand identity and increase brand recognition. Email marketing is an essential part of any digital media strategy, and it is crucial to engage customers by sending branded emails that represent the company’s values.

The course instructor, Ilya Lobanov, created this class to demonstrate that building email templates does not require expensive software or a team of designers and marketing professionals. The course is a practical step-by-step guide that anyone can follow, regardless of their level of experience in design or email marketing. The course focuses on building email templates directly in Mailchimp, starting with planning email goals and creating wireframes.

The course is designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who have a brand to work with and components that make up their Brand Style Guide. The course provides a step-by-step guide to applying the Brand Style Guide to practical elements, such as email templates. The course encourages sharing and commenting on the thought process and decision making along the way.

The course is divided into three sections: Introduction, Preparation, and Design Email Templates. The Introduction section provides an overview of the course and its objectives, while the Preparation section covers the necessary steps to prepare for building email templates. The Design Email Templates section focuses on the practical aspects of creating email templates using Mailchimp.

Overall, the course aims to help entrepreneurs and business owners build beautiful, on-brand email templates that engage customers and increase brand recognition.

5. Mailchimp tutorial : Step by step in depth by Ricky Wahowa (Udemy)

The Mailchimp Tutorial Course, taught by instructor Ricky Wahowa, is a step-by-step program designed to teach users about email marketing using Mailchimp. The course is regularly updated, with the latest video additions available in the updates section of the curriculum.

The instructor is an active Mailchimp user who stays up-to-date with changes to the platform and incorporates new information into the course. The course covers everything from the basics of creating email lists to advanced topics such as automation. The program is well-structured, and users are encouraged to watch the videos in the order presented, though they may also jump to specific sections based on their interests.

The course includes sections on working with Mailchimp lists, list segments and groups, campaigns, automation, and more. The instructor also covers topics such as custom CSS for Mailchimp subscribe forms and embedding Mailchimp forms into websites. The program includes a 30-day money-back guarantee through Udemy and encourages users to leave feedback after completing the course.

6. Email Marketing: How To Master MailChimp In 3 Hours by Nick Walsh (Udemy)

This is a technical course on mastering email marketing with MailChimp, taught by Nick Walsh. The course covers topics such as growing an email list, automation secrets, Facebook Ad set up, and email campaigns. The course is designed for beginners and advanced learners, with new content added every month. The course offers lifetime access to lectures and a Q&A section where students can ask questions and receive feedback from the instructor. The course teaches students how to optimize their email content, evaluate key metrics from data provided by MailChimp, and create hyper-segmented email capture lists for more effective, targeted email marketing. Students will also learn how to A/B split test emails and analyze data to improve email campaigns. MailChimp’s e-commerce integrations, marketing automation, and flexible design features are also covered in the course.

The course is designed for businesses and individuals who want to create an email marketing system to gather leads and turn them into customers. The course is a hands-on experience that walks learners through each step required to send out an email to their email list. The course offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and is updated with new features and benefits as they are rolled out. The course is taught with real campaigns and email content used in November 2017.

The course covers MailChimp’s automation features, which allow businesses to reach the right people with the right content at the right time. MailChimp’s automation features help eliminate repetitive tasks and allow businesses to focus on other parts of their business. The course also covers MailChimp’s integration with popular apps and services like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Shopify.

The course covers how to connect a store with one of MailChimp’s e-commerce integrations, create targeted email or ad campaigns, automate helpful product follow-ups, and send back-in-stock messaging.

7. MailChimp for Ecommerce Email Marketing Master Class by Jeremy Robinson (Udemy)

The MailChimp for Ecommerce Email Marketing Master Class teaches students how to use Mailchimp to drive traffic and sales to their e-commerce site. The course covers key principles for designing effective e-commerce emails and provides step-by-step instruction on building the most common email types. Students will also learn techniques for building their list, including little-known tricks that can multiply e-commerce opt-in rates and subscribers. In addition, the course covers creating automation sequences that can market products while students sleep.

The course is broken down into six sections: an introduction to MailChimp for Ecommerce, designing e-commerce emails in MailChimp, organizing subscribers in MailChimp, sending and optimizing e-commerce emails in MailChimp, creating opt-in offers to grow your list, and using automation to create email marketing sequences. The course also includes bonus material.

8. Learn MailChimp from the Ground Up by Sage Lewis (Udemy)

The “Learn MailChimp from the Ground Up” course is led by instructor Sage Lewis and offers a comprehensive understanding of the MailChimp email marketing platform. The course short description highlights the innovation, ease of use, and free offer for the first 2000 subscribers. The course long description emphasizes the importance of email marketing in successful online marketing strategies and MailChimp’s continual innovation.

The course covers major MailChimp components such as setup and structure, designing responsive newsletters, and engaging with audiences. Each section is broken up into small video tutorials for easy implementation. The course is designed to be accessible to those with basic technical knowledge, and emphasizes the time-saving benefits of the course.

The course is structured into sections including Introduction, Setup, List Management, Campaigns, Forms, Advanced Features, Conclusion, and Quizzes. Overall, the course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of MailChimp and how it can be used as a powerful marketing tool.

9. MailChimp Email Marketing for Beginners || GET CERTIFICATE by Learning Skills Academy (Udemy)

The MailChimp Email Marketing for Beginners course offered by Learning Skills Academy aims to teach students how to utilize MailChimp to create engaging contact lists, design and send emails, and interpret the results of their campaigns. The course is designed to be a comprehensive training on essential MailChimp features and is suitable for beginners. The instructor, Anwer Khan, has over five years of experience using MailChimp and considers it the easiest platform for email marketing.

MailChimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that caters to small businesses. The platform offers marketing technology, support, and content to millions of customers worldwide. It began as a newsletter service and grew rapidly to fit the needs of various users, from small business owners to large organizations. MailChimp allows users to create landing pages and websites, manage audiences, track insights, and automate marketing efforts all from one dashboard.

The course consists of six modules that cover different aspects of MailChimp. Module 1 teaches students how to design and send engaging emails, while Module 2 focuses on interpreting campaign results. Module 3 discusses ways to attract new customers using all available channels, and Module 4 covers how automation can save time and money. Module 5 explores using MailChimp features to engage in two-way conversations with audiences, building brand recognition, trust, and loyalty. Finally, Module 6 serves as a wrap-up and review of the course content.

Overall, this is a complete course for anyone wanting to learn how to use MailChimp for email marketing. The course covers essential MailChimp features and aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to create successful email campaigns.

10. MailChimp for Successful Email Marketing and List Building by James Morey (Udemy)

This is a course for successful email marketing and list building with MailChimp, taught by instructor James Morey. The course is designed to go beyond the basics of MailChimp and teach students tips and tricks not revealed in other courses. Email marketing is the most profitable way to market, and MailChimp is built to support lists with millions of subscribers.

By the end of the course, students will be able to use MailChimp Forever Free to its fullest extent, import data without making common mistakes, and create list segmentations for personalized emails. They will also learn how to increase open and click rates, send out campaigns that drive subscriber engagement, and study MailChimp Campaign Reports to refine their approach.

The course includes 4 new lectures and has over 500 enrolled students with 34 5-star ratings within the first week. It offers a 30-day 100% risk-free offer and is optimized for mobile viewing. Additional lectures will cover setting up a free MailChimp account, designing emails for engagement, and building a list from scratch.

Email marketing has proven to be successful, with an ROI estimated at $40.56 for every $1 invested. Over 3.2 billion email accounts exist, with 91% of users checking their email once a day. MailChimp is a popular platform, with over 8 million users sending 14 billion emails monthly.

Taking this course will provide students with material not found elsewhere, lessons that can be used at any level to build their skills, and strategies to increase subscriber interest and engagement. The course offers a preview of the lectures for free and has a 30-day risk-free offer.