10 Best Mainframe Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookMainframe technology has been in use for decades and continues to play a significant role in various industries. The demand for professionals with expertise in Mainframe is on the rise. Many individuals are looking for online courses that can provide them with the knowledge and skills required to excel in this field. The market is flooded with several online courses that claim to offer the best Mainframe training. In this article, we will explore some of the top Mainframe courses available online and their features to help you make an informed decision regarding which course is the best fit for you.

Here’s a look at the Best Mainframe Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Mainframe Courses and Certifications Online

1. The Mainframe Development Course : JCL by Naveen Kumar A (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Mainframe Development Course: JCL Course is designed to teach students how to code JCL programs in a mainframe system quickly. Job Control Language (JCL) is a scripting language used on IBM mainframe operating systems to instruct the system on how to run a batch job or start a subsystem. The purpose of JCL is to specify which programs to run, which files or devices to use for input or output, and when to skip a step. JCL parameters can also provide accounting information for job resource tracking and machine selection.

This course is ideal for those who want to learn how to code but don’t know where to start. By learning JCL, students can acquire a valuable skill that can lead to better job opportunities and a brighter future. The course provides a solid foundation in JCL coding through a comprehensive tutorial. Enrolling in the course is the first step to becoming a Mainframe development master.

To take this course, students need an internet connection, an up-to-date web browser, and either a mainframe system with z/OS or mainframe terminal access and tn3270 emulator (which can be rented for training purposes). Upon completion of the course, students will gain lifetime access to all course videos, learn the basics of programming, and become proficient in JCL coding. The course provides a platform for further development.

The course is divided into four sections: Introduction, JCL Theory, Let’s Learn How to Code in JCL, and Conclusion. In the Introduction section, students are introduced to the course and its objectives. In JCL Theory, students learn the basics of JCL and how it works. In Let’s Learn How to Code in JCL, students receive hands-on instruction in JCL coding. The Conclusion section provides a summary of what students have learned and how they can continue their learning journey.

2. Mainframe DB2 Developer Training By Anil Polsani by Anil Polsani (Udemy)

The Mainframe DB2 Developer Training course by Anil Polsani is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Mainframe DB2 database. The course covers various topics such as Pre-compilation, Package Plan, Cursor, SQL query through COBOL programs, and SQL query with Main program and Sub-Programs. The course also includes topics like Bulk Update Process, Handling of SQLCODEs -803 -811 -305 -904, DB2 Restart Logic, Load and Unload Concepts, SQL Select query, Joins, and Views.

The course comprises theory and practical sessions with detailed explanations. Interested candidates can watch demo videos on the Anil Polsani Youtube channel. The course is only on COBOL-DB2, and more videos will be added in the next month. The Mainframe software required for practicing the training programs explained in the course can be obtained by contacting Anil Polsani.

Anil Polsani offers live training sessions which can be joined in groups or on a one-to-one basis. Interested candidates can contact Anil Polsani for more details on the training course.

3. The Mainframe Development Course : CICS by Naveen Kumar A (Udemy)

Course Title: The Mainframe Development Course: CICS

Course Instructors: Naveen Kumar A

Course Short Description: This course aims to teach the basics of CICS in mainframe systems more efficiently.

Course Long Description: The Mainframe Development Course: CICS primarily focuses on the fundamentals of coding in CICS. CICS, short for Customer Information Control Systems, was developed by IBM in 1968. It enables users to develop and execute online applications in an MVS environment, making it the most commonly used server for internet applications. This beginner-level course aims to provide a thorough understanding of the basics of CICS, which is one of the most important languages in mainframe development. A sound understanding of CICS programming will assist learners in becoming proficient in mainframe development.

4. The Mainframe Development Course : IMS-DB by Naveen Kumar A (Udemy)

Course Title: The Mainframe Development Course: IMS-DB

Course Instructors: Naveen Kumar A

Course Short Description: This course teaches the fundamental theoretical concepts of IMS DB in mainframe systems.

Course Long Description: The Mainframe Development Course: IMS-DB is tailored specifically to teach students the basics of IBM Information Management System Database (IMS DB). IMS DB is a hierarchal database and information management system that has extensive transaction capabilities. This database was created by IBM in collaboration with Rockwell and Caterpillar in 1966 for the Apollo program. It was initially used to inventory the bill of materials for the Saturn V moon rocket and Apollo space vehicle. IMS DB is one of the oldest databases that is still in use today.

This course focuses on the fundamental theoretical concepts of IMS DB and is designed for beginners, not experts in the field.

5. Mainframe REXX for Absolute Beginners – Live Demo by Muhammad Das (Udemy)

Course Title: Mainframe REXX for Absolute Beginners – Live Demo

Course Instructors: Muhammad Das

Course Short Description: Be Ready to Build Mainframe Automation

Course Long Description:

This course focuses on teaching Rexx, a procedural programming language that is designed for easy manipulation of symbolic objects such as words and numbers. The language is easy to use by both experts and casual users. Rexx is known for its ability to issue commands to its host environment and to call programs and functions written in other languages. However, it is also designed to be independent of its supporting system software, provided that the commands are kept to a minimum.

Rexx has the potential to be used as a macro language for various applications. Currently, almost every application in the Unix world has a different macro language, making it difficult for users to navigate. Since Rexx is essentially a character manipulation language, it can provide a consistent and easy-to-use interface across all applications. IBM’s mainframe operating system, CMS, is an example of such a system, and it was the birthplace of Rexx.

The course content is divided into various sections, including an introduction to Rexx programming. Through this course, participants will learn how to build automation on the mainframe using Rexx.

6. Mainframe – CICS – Beginner to Expert by Vijay Kumar (Udemy)

This course, titled “Mainframe – CICS – Beginner to Expert,” is aimed at individuals of all levels, including students and professionals looking to refresh or upgrade their skills on the mainframe. The course instructor, Vijay Kumar, aims to provide a practical-oriented teaching approach that is easy to follow. The course covers a range of different topics related to Mainframe and CICS, including an introduction to Mainframe, CICS features, architecture, and much more.

The course is structured in a way that makes it easy to follow and practical, with real-time examples being used throughout the classes. The instructor is also available to address any queries and provide guidance throughout the course. The topics being covered include map, mapset, symbolic map, physical map, transaction, task, multitask, multithread, and more. The course also covers various programs used in CICS, such as data entry programs, menu-based programs, and file maintenance programs.

Other topics covered in the course include exception handling, logging into CICS, cursor positioning techniques, and file handling. The course combines both theory and practical-based classes to ensure that students have a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. The course aims to teach Mainframe in a very simple way so that students can learn quickly and easily. The course content is divided into specific sections, making it easier to navigate and follow.

Overall, this course provides a comprehensive understanding of Mainframe and CICS and covers all the essential topics required to become proficient in this area. The course is practical-oriented, with real-time examples, making it easy to follow and understand. Students of all levels can benefit from this course, and the instructor is available to provide guidance and support throughout the course.

7. The Mainframe Development Course : VSAM by Naveen Kumar A (Udemy)

The Mainframe Development Course: VSAM is a beginner-level course that aims to teach students the basics of coding in VSAM. VSAM, which stands for virtual storage access method, is an important language in mainframe development. The course is designed to provide students with a good foundation in VSAM programming, which can help them become successful mainframe developers.

The course is taught by Naveen Kumar A and consists of four sections: Introduction, Theoretical part of VSAM, Programming part of VSAM, and Conclusion. The Introduction section provides an overview of what students can expect to learn in the course. The Theoretical part of VSAM covers the fundamentals of VSAM, while the Programming part of VSAM teaches students how to write code in VSAM. The Conclusion section wraps up the course, giving students a chance to reflect on what they’ve learned.

To enroll in the course, students do not need to have any prior experience in VSAM coding. However, the course is not designed for experts in VSAM coding. Instead, it is intended for those who are just starting out in their journey to become mainframe developers. By the end of the course, students should have a solid understanding of the basics of coding in VSAM and be well on their way to mastering this important language.

8. Mainframe CICS Developer Training By Anil Polsani by Anil Polsani (Udemy)

This training course on Mainframe CICS is designed to provide comprehensive understanding of the required concepts. The course begins with designing the BMS Map and learning how to code a COBOL-CICS program to communicate with the CICS screen. The focus then moves towards data communication. The concepts are covered both in theory and practicals. The course covers various topics such as COBOL–JCL–DB2–CICS with a little bit of VSAM.

The course content includes an introduction to online and CICS, screen communication concepts, coding COBOL-CICS program, DB2, VSAM, QUEUE, CICS error handling, response code, and handle condition. The course spans over a total of 55 sessions, daily 1 hour, Mon – Sat, approximately 2 months. In addition to theoretical knowledge, practicals will be covered, and participants will have access to Mainframe for practice. The required notes and practice programs will be shared, and the sessions will be recorded and shared after class.

Free interview sessions will be provided on COBOL-JCL-DB2-Real time tools. Offline project work support will be given if required. The course instructor, Anil Polsani, also provides online training and work support if needed. Interested participants can access more PPT’s of Mainframe Module Knowledge from his website linked below. The course is suitable for those who wish to gain proficiency in Mainframe CICS and acquire practical knowledge in COBOL–JCL–DB2–CICS.

Overall, the training course covers all essential concepts of Mainframe CICS, and participants can expect to gain a deep understanding of the fundamentals of COBOL–JCL–DB2–CICS. The course is designed to provide a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical exposure, and the course material is comprehensive and carefully curated. Providing offline project work support and free interview sessions further adds value to the course.

9. Mainframe DFSORT/SYNCSORT by LTS Tech Solutions (Udemy)

This Mainframe DFSORT/SYNCSORT course offered by LTS Tech Solutions is designed to provide participants with the basic knowledge of SORT utility and its usage for file and data processing. The course covers all the highly used SORT keywords, providing full details and examples for each one. Participants will also learn about frequently required data processing requirements, along with their examples.

Having knowledge of SORT utility can reduce the time and effort required for various data manipulation tasks such as sorting, filtering, manipulation, formatting, and reformatting. With the fully developed SORT utility, a number of file and data requirements can be achieved using a few lines of SORT statement instead of writing long COBOL code. By the end of this course, participants will have the confidence to use SORT utility and perform different data handling actions efficiently.

The course content is divided into several sections, including Overview of SORT Utility, SORT Basics, SORT Syntax, SORT Keywords, SORT FIELDS Keyword, MERGE FIELDS Keyword, Skipping Records (SKIPREC/STOPAFT), INCLUDE Keyword, OMIT Keyword, INREC – BUILD/FIELDS, INREC – OVERLAY, INREC – FINDREP, INREC – IFTHEN, OUTREC – BUILD/FIELDS, OUTREC – OVERLAY, OUTREC – FINDREP, OUTREC – IFTHEN, JOIN KEYS, Arithmetic Operations using SORT, HEADER/TRAILER Keyword, Report creation using SORT, Transforming Data, VB/FB file conversion, and VB File handling.

The prerequisites for this course include a basic understanding of Mainframes and JCL. Participants with this knowledge will be able to grasp the course content quickly and effectively. The course is an excellent way to enhance technical skills and improve job performance.

10. Mainframe Modernization – Best Kept Secrets and Approach by Ramanathan Perinkolam Krishnamurthi (Udemy)

Course Title: Mainframe Modernization – Best Kept Secrets and Approach

Course Instructors: Ramanathan Perinkolam Krishnamurthi

Course Short Description: An Approach towards Modernizing Enterprise Mainframes

Course Long Description:

Many Enterprises are struggling with the challenges of modernizing their mainframes. However, with the latest modern mainframes, there are a plethora of options available to optimize and modernize enterprise workloads. The Mainframe Modernization course provides a detailed approach on various options and best kept secrets to modernize an Enterprise Mainframe.

This course is not intended for beginners but for Mainframe Programmers or Architects looking for various options to modernize their Mainframe. The options provided in this course are both short and long term solutions. Mainframe modernization is a journey that requires rigorous understanding and adoption.

Upon completion of this course, participants will have a thorough understanding and approach towards modernizing Enterprise workloads in Mainframe.