10 Best Mobile App Design Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookMobile app design has become an increasingly important skill in today’s digital landscape. With the rise of mobile devices and the growing demand for intuitive and user-friendly apps, there is a need for professionals who can create engaging and functional designs. Fortunately, there are a variety of online courses available to individuals looking to learn this skill or improve their existing expertise. In this article, we will explore some of the best mobile app design courses available online, providing an overview of their content, structure, and potential benefits for learners.

Here’s a look at the Best Mobile App Design Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Mobile App Design Courses and Certifications Online

1. Complete Web & Mobile Designer in 2022: UI/UX, Figma, +more by Andrei Neagoie, Daniel Schifano, Zero To Mastery (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Complete Web & Mobile Designer in 2022: UI/UX, Figma, +more course is designed to teach individuals the latest best practices in web and mobile design, including user interface and user experience design (UI/UX) as well as HTML and CSS. The course is taught by industry experts who have worked for top companies in Silicon Valley and Toronto, and has a live online community of over 600,000+ students. The curriculum is hands-on, providing a full workflow from start to finish, and includes 100+ assets and premium design templates that students can keep and use for future projects.

The course covers topics such as web and mobile design principles, sketching, inspiration, user flows, sitemaps, wireframes, prototyping, feedback, spacing and grids, typography, color, forms and UI elements, imagery and iconography, accessibility, design patterns, mobile design, visual style and exploration, motion and microinteractions, design systems, execution, and more. It also teaches students how to take a Figma design and convert it to a live website using HTML and CSS.

This course is designed for complete beginners looking to become a designer and freelance, designers looking to charge more for their work, and developers looking to improve their design skills. The course is taught by Andrei Neagoie, an instructor of the highest rated development courses on Udemy, and Daniel Schifano, a design leader in tech with extensive experience in helping startups build and iterate on their products.

The instructors promise a comprehensive and well-explained course that teaches real-life skills that are current and won’t waste a student’s valuable time. The course is structured to start with the foundation and develop the roots of the tree, allowing for exponential learning. The course includes a bonus section on how the internet works, the history of the web, HTML 5, CSS 3, and building a startup landing page with Bootstrap templates and CSS Grid + CSS layout.

2. The Complete App Design Course – UX, UI and Design Thinking by App Brewery Co. (Udemy)

The Complete App Design Course – UX, UI and Design Thinking, offered by App Brewery Co., is a course aimed at individuals interested in designing mobile apps. The course is designed to cater to both experienced designers and beginners with no prior design experience. The course content covers key UI and UX concepts that are necessary for creating good-looking and easy-to-use apps that are loved by users.

The course consists of various sections, including an introduction, color theory, typography, UI design for mobile, UX design for mobile, designing for iOS and Android, and a guide to the mobile design workflow. The curriculum has a practical component that will take students through the workflow of a professional app designer, from user flow diagrams to wireframing to mockups and prototypes.

Upon completion of the course, students will have the skills and knowledge necessary to create beautiful and lovable apps that leave users satisfied. The App Design Course is a great resource for designers and individuals interested in creating mobile apps that stand out in the crowded app store, which currently boasts over 2 million apps.

3. Sketch from A to Z (2022): Become an app designer by Joseph Angelo Todaro (Udemy)

Sketch from A to Z (2022): Become an app designer is a comprehensive course that teaches individuals how to use Sketch to design mobile applications. The course covers a range of topics, from mastering essential principles and tools to discovering design techniques that enhance creative potential. Learners will also learn how to implement UI best practices to ensure quality and usability.

Sketch is a popular tool used by Google, Apple, and Facebook designers to create stunning mobile application UIs. This is because Sketch is fast, intuitive, and produces high-quality final products. The tool allows users to compose UI components and design patterns that scale effortlessly as projects grow more complex. Additionally, Sketch provides the ability to reuse styles and elements throughout a design, saving time and effort.

The course consists of 55 lectures and 4.5 hours of content, covering everything from layers, shapes, and styling to text editing and exporting finished projects. Periodic quizzes are included to review key concepts and ensure that learners are mastering the content. The course also includes an interactive design project where learners will build a sample UI for an iPhone music player app with the help of the instructor.

Upon completion of the course, individuals will be able to design high-quality mobile application UI using Sketch and will be better prepared to meet the demands of their clients and developers. The course is suitable for both beginners and veteran designers with experience using Photoshop and Illustrator.

4. Mobile App Design in Photoshop From Scratch: Design Uber App by Infinite Education (Udemy)

This course titled “Mobile App Design in Photoshop From Scratch: Design Uber App” is offered by Infinite Education. The course aims to teach students UI/UX design using Adobe Photoshop CC. The course starts with the basics and progresses towards designing the Uber app from scratch.

The course targets those who want to learn mobile app design and create an additional source of income through freelancing. This course will provide a comprehensive understanding of Photoshop CC for UI/UX Design from scratch. It will include lessons on layer, layer style, vector shape, gradient, guide, smart guide, artboard, pen tool, and more.

The mobile app development industry is rapidly growing. According to Statica, the mobile app revenue for this year was 88.3 billion dollars, and it’s predicted to reach 189 billion dollars in revenue by 2020. With the increasing demand for mobile app UI/UX design, there are hundreds of thousands of job opportunities in this field.

The course content and sections include “About The Instructor,” “Photoshop CC from Scratch: Create anything you can imagine,” “Uber App Design for Material Design By Photoshop CC,” “The Color and Typograpy,” and “How to Make $100000 as a UI/UX designer by Freelancing.” The course ends with a bonus lecture that explains how to become a complete UI/UX designer and earn $100000.

Interested students are encouraged to join the course to learn complete Photoshop CC for UI/UX design from scratch, design the Uber app, and learn how to earn money by freelancing.

5. Mobile App Design from scratch with Sketch 3 : UX and UI by Maxime Cormier, Adrien Dupuy (Udemy)

The Mobile App Design from scratch with Sketch 3: UX and UI course is a step-by-step guide for designing a mobile application. The course is taught by instructors Maxime Cormier and Adrien Dupuy, and is aimed at beginners who want to learn how to design user-friendly apps. The course teaches a complete design workflow, and students will learn how to turn their ideas into fully designed mobile apps using Sketch 3.

The course goes beyond just creating a visually appealing app and focuses on designing an app that works efficiently. The course covers UX research techniques, design best practices, and ways to build products efficiently. Students will also learn to outline their visual concepts and design an engaging app.

The demand for mobile app designers is constantly increasing, and this course provides students with the skills they need to design professional apps. With Sketch 3 and this course, students will learn how to create professional designs even if they have no previous experience. The course is aimed at anyone who wants to learn mobile app design and unleash their creativity.

The course is taught with an example, and each lesson represents a step in the design process that will be applied to the app being built. The course is efficiency-oriented and aims to teach students everything they need to know along the way. The course covers topics such as UX research, building a quick first version of the app, color and font selection, and designing an icon for the app.

By the end of the course, students will have a full proficiency in design software, understand design principles, and be able to build graphic illustrations and icons even if they have never drawn anything in their life. They will know how to choose the flow and navigation of the app, create a clear layout that will serve the content, create the identity of the app, and choose and use colors and fonts.

The course has six sections and requires students to download the course files and have a Mac.

6. The Complete Sketch 5 Course – Design Apps & Websites 2021 by Codestars by Rob Percival, Rob Percival, Andrew Eddy, The Design Academy, Margot Dukes (Udemy)

The Complete Sketch 5 Course – Design Apps & Websites 2021 is a course offered by Codestars by Rob Percival, Rob Percival, Andrew Eddy, The Design Academy, and Margot Dukes. This course aims to teach students how to master Sketch software and learn a modern approach to designing mobile apps, websites, and everything UI/UX. It uses Sketch 5 (version 51.2), course version 2018.1 – released August 23rd 2018, and featuring the latest features of Sketch 3 such as Libraries & Prototyping.

Sketch is a clean, intuitive, and popular package available for digital design, used by many individuals and companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, and Instagram. The course claims to take a matter of hours and days to learn and take mobile and web app designs to the next level. The course is suitable for individuals who want to get a job at an amazing company like Facebook, Google, Amazon, or Uber, have amazing startup ideas, want to learn a new and valuable skill, want to earn money as a freelancer, cannot go to an immersive 3-month boot camp, or are a developer and want to run all aspects of the product development lifecycle including frontend design.

The course instructor, Andrew Eddy, is a well-regarded UI/UX designer with over 10 years of professional experience. With over 13 hours of content across 110+ lectures, Andrew will take students from beginner to expert, teaching them everything they need to know to use Sketch in a professional setting. The first half of the course is a compendium of hundreds of the most important techniques, key shortcuts, tips, and tricks. The second half of the course is entirely practical and teaches students the skills they need to tackle their own projects and ideas.

7. The Complete Mobile App Design From Scratch: Design 15 Apps by Infinite Education (Udemy)

The “Complete Mobile App Design From Scratch: Design 15 Apps” course, offered by Infinite Education, teaches skills such as Photoshop, Sketch 4, After effects, Flinto, Principle, and more. The course aims to help individuals learn from scratch and potentially earn a six-figure income through freelancing. According to Adobe Systems Incorporated, UX design is currently a hot trend, with companies investing in positive website and mobile app experiences for their users. Adobe’s research shows that UX designers are in high demand, with the most important hiring factors being knowledge of UX tools, UX design experience, having a strong portfolio, and coding/programming experience. The majority of hiring managers are focused on mobile platforms, and 45% expect to hire UX designers for virtual reality projects in the next 3-5 years. The course offers 27 hours of video content and almost 50 projects, including designing popular apps such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Uber, Tinder, Periscope, AirBnB, Vine, and Groupon. The course covers wire-framing, mock-up, prototype, and app UI animation, utilizing tools such as Photoshop CC, Sketch 3 & 4, After effects CC, Flinto, Principle for Mac, and Invision.

8. Design Mobile Apps – Android & iOS – UI, UX & Prototyping by Cristian Doru Barin (Udemy)

The Design Mobile Apps – Android & iOS – UI, UX & Prototyping course is a comprehensive approach to mobile app designing, utilizing Adobe XD. The course covers a range of topics such as Material Design, principles of color, spacing, typography, and design resources. Students will learn how to design beautiful mobile apps and create interactive prototypes without the need for coding, as well as how to use Adobe XD for mobile app design, learn Adobe XD from scratch, and prepare all the necessary files for developers through a special program called Zeplin. Typography best practices and sizing elements correctly on all phone types and sizes will also be covered.

The course does not cover coding languages such as Kotlin, Java, Swift, Android Studio, or Xcode. However, the course teaches students how to talk to developers and prepare everything without having to manually export assets. The course includes a flagship app with over 70 screens in the final prototype, utilizing cutting-edge techniques and best practices.

The course is created by Cristian Doru Barin, a best-selling instructor who has taught over 250,000 students on Udemy. The course is priced affordably and provides a valuable life skill that is in high demand in today’s job market. The course is divided into multiple sections, including Getting Started, Learn about Material Design 2 & 3 from Google, Food Delivery App, Android Icons & Design Principles, The Principles of Color in Android Apps, Typography in Android Apps, Designing iOS Apps, Food Delivery App – Part 2, Introduction to Adobe XD, Supercharge your work in Adobe XD, How to Work with Mobile App Developers, Designing & Prototyping in Adobe XD, Advanced Techniques in Adobe XD, and Final Thoughts from Chris.

Overall, the Design Mobile Apps – Android & iOS – UI, UX & Prototyping course is a highly recommended masterclass for those who want to learn mobile app designing without coding, using Adobe XD.

9. Mastering Mobile App Design With Sketch 3 by Mark Wahlbeck, Caleb Stultz, Devslopes by Mark Wahlbeck (Udemy)

The “Mastering Mobile App Design With Sketch 3” course teaches beginners how to design mobile apps using the Sketch 3 app. The course is designed to provide the most important information in a concise and efficient manner, allowing students to be up and running quickly. The program covers core design principles that can be applied to any design tool. The course is taught by Caleb Stultz, a graphic and mobile designer from Devslopes, which is known for creating effective programming courses.

The course begins by teaching the basics of Sketch 3 and progresses to more advanced app design. Students will have the opportunity to complete exercises to reinforce their learning. Live help is available through a chatroom with instructors and teacher’s aides. The course is organized into four sections: Intro to Course, Basics of Sketch, Advancing Your Skills & Designing A Chat App, and Designing an App With Requirements – Globetrotter.

10. iOS 12 & Swift 5 – App Design, UI/UX plus Development by Gwinyai Nyatsoka (Udemy)

The iOS 12 & Swift 5 – App Design, UI/UX plus Development course is a three-in-one course led by Gwinyai Nyatsoka. It teaches app design, UI/UX, and iOS development, and includes Sketch and Figma. The course starts from the basics and progresses to advanced topics. The course aims to help students master app design, UI/UX, and iOS development from beginner to advanced professional levels. The course recognizes that practice is key to mastering design and code, and provides quizzes, challenges, and further reading topics for enthusiastic learners.

Part 1 of the course covers app design and UI/UX. It includes Sketch Basics, Foundational Design Principles, User Flows and the Conversion Funnel, and more. Optional Figma topics are also available.

Part 2 of the course covers Fundamental App Development. It includes Xcode Introduction and Setup, Swift 5, Auto Layout, Git and Github: Version Control, and more.

Part 3 of the course covers Custom Interface Development and Animation. It includes CALayer and Gradients, Beginner Animation, Motion Design, Core Graphics (Quartz 2D Drawing), and more. This part of the course also includes bonus topics such as Custom Controls and a Speed Gauge App.

The course recognizes that app design and UI/UX are key factors for successful apps. The course includes app design and UI/UX to help students build apps that stand out on the App Store. By the end of the course, students can expect improvements to their app, potentially up to a 400% increase in conversion rates.

This course is suitable for app designers who want to learn how to code and app developers who want to learn how to design. The course assumes no prior experience in design or code and builds up at a comfortable pace. All tools used in the course are free, except for Sketch, which can be substituted with Figma.