10 Best Neuromarketing Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookThe field of neuromarketing has gained significant attention from marketers seeking to understand consumer behavior through insights derived from neuroscience. As a result, several online courses have emerged, claiming to offer the best training on this subject. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the highest quality neuromarketing courses available online, including their key features, benefits, and limitations. By examining these courses, readers can make an informed decision on which program best suits their learning goals and budget.

Here’s a look at the Best Neuromarketing Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Neuromarketing Courses and Certifications Online

1. The Neuroscience of Shopping (Marketing and Manipulation) by Gregory Caremans – Brain Academy (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The course titled “The Neuroscience of Shopping (Marketing and Manipulation)” is instructed by Gregory Caremans from Brain Academy. The course aims to educate consumers about how neuromarketing triggers the subconscious mind and influences purchasing decisions. The course provides an in-depth understanding of conscious and subconscious decision-making processes, using real-life examples of marketing strategies that have successfully capitalized on these processes.

Marketing departments have developed principles based on empirical evidence, and the course demonstrates the scientific basis of these principles using the latest research in neuroscience and psychology. However, the course’s focus is not on teaching how to apply neuroscience to marketing efforts but instead to empower consumers to make conscious buying decisions.

The course’s content covers topics such as survival instincts, sex, herding, obedience, and neurotransmitters, among others. Understanding the subconscious mind, recognizing marketing strategies, using simple rules of thumb, avoiding impulse buying, and freeing oneself from marketing manipulation are some of the topics covered in the course.

The course consists of an introduction, followed by sections on instinctive, emotional, and contextual beings. The course concludes by highlighting the importance of being aware of marketing manipulation and making educated choices. The course is highly entertaining and interactive, making it accessible to anyone interested in the neuroscience of shopping.

2. Neuromarketing and the Marketing Psychology of Impulse by Whrite Emmanuel (Udemy)

This course is titled “Neuromarketing and the Marketing Psychology of Impulse” with Whrite Emmanuel as the instructor. The short description states that the course focuses on the psychology of why people buy things they don’t need and how to use this knowledge for marketing purposes. The long description aims to address common struggles in marketing and offers a non-secret approach to improve marketing efforts. The course emphasizes the importance of practicing and using the materials as a handbook, without making any extravagant promises.

The course aims to teach students how to unlock the reasons behind unsuccessful marketing efforts, how to understand the underlying cause behind why people buy certain products, and how to use the knowledge of how urges work in humans to make people buy from them. The non-secret lies in the brain, and students will learn about the underlying factors behind compelling urges, how they are created, and how they turn people into product-consuming zombies. The course also teaches how to make products, services, and marketing messages activate the “product-consuming” Zombie state to make people buy from them.

The cost of the course is simply the commitment to practice, accept that knowledge is not a magic trick, and use the materials as a handbook. If students are not satisfied with the course, they can receive their money back. The course is not for those who would rather sell their souls or buy a magic wand to solve their marketing problems overnight. The course content includes an introduction, understanding impulse and the neuromarketing link, activating the product-consuming zombie brain, and the A-Z of neuromarketing and using impulse marketing psychology.

Overall, the course aims to teach students about the psychology of impulse buying and how to use this knowledge to improve marketing efforts. The course emphasizes the importance of practice and practical application of the materials.

3. Behavioral Economics and Neuromarketing by ICAN Consultancy (Udemy)

This course, titled Behavioral Economics and Neuromarketing, offered by ICAN Consultancy, teaches learners how to influence the decision-making process of consumers in order to increase sales and usage of products. The course delves into the psychological background of consumer behaviour and provides real-life examples to support these behavioural rules. Additionally, learners will learn how to conduct their own experiments and run A/B tests to make crucial decisions regarding their products. The course has over 900 five-star ratings and is a bestseller on Udemy.

The course creators are consultants who have experience implementing these techniques in marketing campaigns, and the course content includes proven methods used by FTSE 100 companies. The course is suitable for professionals such as entrepreneurs, product managers, marketing specialists, campaign managers, pricing experts, service designers, and user experience experts. Additionally, anyone who wants to make more logical decisions in their personal life can benefit from this course.

The course covers several topics, including an introduction to consumer behaviour and human biases, scent marketing, the power of sound in purchase behaviour, anchoring and the decoy effect, the status quo and goal gradient effect, how to name, display and price products, framing, decision point intercepts, planning fallacy, mental accounting, sunk cost effect, choice overload, and how to structure your own experiments and nudge samples.

The course is divided into several sections, including an introduction, behavioural economics, senses, experiments, psychological tricks in daily life, and a new addition focused on what has happened since 2016. Overall, this course has the potential to greatly impact learners’ professional careers and personal lives.

4. Design Thinking & Neuromarketing – Complete BootCamp by Ana Maria Andronachi (Udemy)

The Design Thinking & Neuromarketing – Complete BootCamp Course is taught by Ana Maria Andronachi and is designed to help individuals develop innovative thinking and creative problem-solving skills. The course provides a systematic approach to discovering creative insights and innovative solutions.

The course covers the fundamentals of Design Thinking, with a focus on using various tools in each phase to enhance and develop creativity. Neuromarketing is also explored as a potential tool in the inspiration and testing phases. Participants will learn how to start and finish a Design Thinking project on their own.

To introduce the concept of Design Thinking, three concrete examples are discussed, and a quick Design Thinking exercise is provided. Participants will then pick a case study to work on and take it through the Design Thinking process.

All course materials are available 24 hours a day, and participants have unlimited access to them for as long as they need. The course is based on the values of trying out new behaviors and sharing creative ideas with others.

The course is broken down into five modules: Design Thinking & Neuromarketing BootCamp, Inspiration/Immersion, Ideation, Prototyping, and Neuromarketing.

5. Making Marketing Easy with NLP -Learn how your market thinks by Matthew Barnett (Udemy)

The course titled “Making Marketing Easy with NLP” is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of neuromarketing and teach powerful psychological concepts and principles that can be implemented in marketing strategies. The course instructor, Matthew Barnett, will share knowledge from his NLP practitioner training, specifically adapted for marketing. The course aims to deliver the product or service to the audience at a time when they want it and when they are ready to buy. The course covers the general psychology of marketing, audience needs, information processing, and Maslows hierarchy of needs. Additionally, it covers techniques to plan and implement marketing efforts that engage with the audience and result in them joining the sales process. The course also highlights the importance of ethics in marketing to build a sustainable business and obtain repeat customers.

The course is divided into seven sections. The introductory section covers the course overview, while the next section focuses on basic marketing psychology. The third section deals with how motivation influences buying decisions, followed by the fourth section on representational systems. The fifth section covers influence in marketing, and the sixth section is about deciding on the approach to marketing. The final section emphasizes the importance of maintaining ethics in marketing.

The course will enable participants to understand the audience’s needs and design marketing materials that hit the mark. The course content is structured to help participants develop a solid business strategy, and the techniques taught in the course are based on the psychology of marketing. Ethics and ecology in marketing are emphasized to ensure that participants build a sustainable business and gain repeat customers. The course will be fast-paced, and participants are advised to grab a pen and paper to take notes.

6. Brand Storytelling (neuromarketing & psychological approach) by Heba Mahdy (Udemy)

The “Brand Storytelling (neuromarketing & psychological approach)” course offers a scientifically-proven 7-step system called the Neuro-Story System to craft the best persuasive brand story in less than 60 minutes, even if it’s the first time someone is writing a story. The course teaches how to tell stories that inspire and motivate customers to buy products, based on neuromarketing and consumer psychology principles. It explains the reason why good stories engage the brain and how to tell stories that engage both the hearts and brains of customers. The course also covers the steps to craft an irresistible story that sells and inspires customers to take action.

The course creator, Heba Mahdy, is a neuroscientist who has a Ph.D. and M.Sc. in behavioral Neuro-Pharmacology, and has published five scientific medical publications in five of the most respected international medical journals. She has also been an entrepreneur for over five years, starting with a website that helped mothers be more productive and happier with their children. The course is focused on the psychology and storytelling of brand storytelling, rather than the technical aspects. It is a simple, step-by-step course for beginner-level brand storytelling, and includes worksheets to help with each step.

The course includes a section on the Neuro-Story System, which covers how to hijack both the brain and the heart using six principles of neuroscience and psychology of storytelling, as well as tips to apply when writing a persuasive brand story. It also covers the seven story pieces, how to craft each piece, arranging the seven pieces in a persuasive way according to the Neuro-Story system, and how to edit, proofread, and share a story. The course is not about public speaking or novel writing, but it does include tips and tricks that may be useful for video storytelling or social media storytelling.

The course is not about the technology involved in brand storytelling, but rather the psychology and storytelling.

7. Neuromarketing: Applied Neuroscience to Grow your Business by Diego Davila • 700.000+ Students, Helena Decker (Udemy)

The course entitled “Neuromarketing: Applied Neuroscience to Grow your Business” is aimed at boosting digital marketing efforts through the use of neuromarketing strategies. Diego Davila, an instructor with over 700,000 students, and Helena Decker, a neuroscientist with more than 18 years of experience, will teach participants how to create an irresistible desire for their products in their customers’ minds.

The course will cover 10 simple and powerful neuromarketing strategies that big companies use to earn millions of dollars every day. Topics that will be discussed include how to use colors to evoke emotions, how to add dopamine to content to increase engagement, and how to set the right price for products based on neuromarketing. Additionally, participants will learn how to use neuromarketing headlines to immediately capture the attention of their audience and get better results from ads while spending less money.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to use scientifically proven strategies to escalate their business using neuromarketing. The hands-on section of the course will ensure that participants can implement each strategy correctly in their business to guarantee the desired results. By the end of the course, participants will have learned how to use neuromarketing to influence their customers to purchase from them repeatedly.

The instructors, Diego Davila and Helena Decker, are experts in their respective fields. Diego Davila has helped thousands of people take their businesses to the next level using digital marketing. Helena Decker, on the other hand, has studied the brain for over 18 years, and over 2000 scientists have used her work to discover new things and move forward in science.

The course is divided into five sections, namely Introduction, Neuromarketing: Why It Is a Game Changer, 10 Powerful Neuromarketing Strategies to Boost Your Marketing Effectiveness, Hands-on: Applying Neuromarketing on Your Business, and Conclusion.

8. Landing pages that convert with neuromarketing by Luca Panzarella (Udemy)

The course titled “Landing pages that convert with neuromarketing” is instructed by Luca Panzarella. The course focuses on optimizing landing pages and conversion rates through the use of neuromarketing, UX design, and copywriting. The aim is to convert the maximum number of users into customers, newsletter subscribers, or online software trial users. Participants learn about the mechanisms in the brain that determine preferences for images and communication on a webpage. The course is beneficial for those studying neuromarketing, as well as for anyone seeking to enhance their communication and design skills.

Udemy students who have taken the course have provided positive feedback. Umberto Rossino, a UX designer, has found this course useful because there is a dearth of resources online about landing pages and UX design. Antonio Grassi, another student, has successfully doubled his landing page conversion rate using the concepts he learned in the course. Antonio Caprera, a third student, has found the course engaging and has completed it in one sitting.

The course is divided into seven sections. The introduction provides a brief overview of the course. The USER section explores the psychology of the user and their behavior when interacting with a webpage. The ATTENTION section delves into how to capture the user’s attention. The ATTRACTION section focuses on how to make the webpage attractive to the user. The INTEREST section covers how to generate interest in the user. The ANALYSIS section deals with analyzing the user’s behavior on the webpage. Finally, the ACTION and END sections deal with how to generate action from the user and conclude the webpage respectively.

9. Neuromarketing Mastermind: The Art of Marketing Influence by Akshay Hallur (Udemy)

The Neuromarketing Mastermind course, taught by Akshay Hallur, is designed to help individuals understand the human decision-making process and use neuropsychology concepts to influence consumer behavior. Neuromarketing, a recent field in psychology of marketing, utilizes principles from neuropsychology and behavioral economics to market products and services effectively. In this course, students learn about the triune brain theory, the iceberg theory, and the various strategies of influence in marketing, such as scarcity, social proof, preframing, and the decoy effect.

The course begins with an overview of neuromarketing and its importance in the field of marketing. Students then delve into the decision-making process in humans and the role of dopamine in decision-making. The course explores the three parts of the brain, the reptilian brain, the paleomammalian brain, and the neomammalian brain, understanding their influence on marketing. Students learn about the process of decision-making in humans and the strategies that marketers use to influence their customers.

The course goes on to discuss various techniques for influence in marketing, such as scarcity, social proof, preframing, the decoy effect, consistency, authority, anchoring, and matching and mirroring. These techniques are explained in detail with real-life examples of how they have been used in marketing to increase conversions. Students will also learn how to leverage the cognitive bias of matching and mirroring to build rapport with their audience.

Overall, the Neuromarketing Mastermind course is an excellent resource for individuals looking to understand the human decision-making process and leverage neuropsychological principles in their marketing efforts. The course provides a comprehensive overview of the latest field in psychology of marketing and covers various techniques for influence in marketing.

10. Neuromarketing Masterclass – The Complete Guide by Wizdom Learning (Udemy)

The Neuromarketing Masterclass – The Complete Guide is a course that explores the principles of Neuromarketing and how it is changing the way marketers influence consumer behavior. This new field combines marketing, market research, and brain science to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts accurately. The course covers a wide array of topics, including the decision-making process, cognitive principles, emotions, consumer behavior, and the role of the human brain in marketing. It also covers the application of Neuromarketing across various business domains and its impact on branding, product creation, packaging, design, and product testing.

The course is designed for individuals who want to learn more about Neuromarketing, whether they are interested in implementing it in their organizations or simply gaining knowledge about this emerging field. It covers the core tenets and drivers of Neuromarketing, the difference between Neuromarketing and traditional marketing approaches, and the journey of the evolution of Neuromarketing and its history. The course also explores the application of Neuromarketing principles across key areas of brand, product creation, advertising, shopping, online business, and entertainment.

The course includes cutting-edge techniques and innovations in measuring consumer responses, such as eye tracking, electro-dermal activity, and response times. It also covers the four key steps in the consumer decision-making process and changes in the ways of measuring marketing effectiveness. The Neuromarketing model for consumer thinking and behavior and its impact on online business and entertainment are also discussed.

The course also addresses ethical concerns arising from the developments in Neuromarketing and the key benefits it offers for consumers, marketers, and businesses. The team of experts who curated the course content has made it the most comprehensive course on Neuromarketing available.

In conclusion, the Neuromarketing Masterclass – The Complete Guide is a course that provides a very comprehensive guide to Neuromarketing.