10 Best Odoo Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookOdoo is an open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that is popular among businesses of all sizes. With its comprehensive suite of applications, Odoo can handle various functions such as accounting, inventory management, project management, human resources, and more. As Odoo gains traction in the market, the demand for comprehensive online courses that cover the software’s features and functionalities becomes increasingly high. This article aims to explore some of the best online courses available for those interested in learning Odoo.

Here’s a look at the Best Odoo Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Odoo Courses and Certifications Online

1. Odoo Functional Implementation Guide | Accounting [En] by Yossef Elsherif. CMA®, PMP® (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

Course Title: Odoo Functional Implementation Guide | Accounting [En]

Course Instructors: Yossef Elsherif, CMA®, PMP®

Course Short Description: This course provides instruction on how to fully implement the Odoo Accounting System from scratch.

Course Long Description: The Odoo Accounting System is a comprehensive ERP solution that offers a wide range of features. This course is designed to teach you how to configure, implement, and launch the system, and covers all aspects of the Accounting module in Odoo.

The course is a step-by-step guide that covers all key areas, including Business Master Data, Business Cycle and Transactions, Reporting, and Setup & Installation.

Whether you are a consultant, end-user, or an intern, this course is tailored to meet your needs and provide you with the most effective knowledge and tools to get the most out of the Odoo Accounting System.

2. Mastering Odoo Development – Technical Fundamentals by Odoo Class Videos (Udemy)

Mastering Odoo Development – Technical Fundamentals is a course designed for individuals who want to develop Odoo applications without any previous Python experience. The course covers Odoo installation and understanding of the Odoo framework. The course now includes a complete application built in Odoo 14 and a free Odoo 14 Installation Guide.

The video lectures added on May 23, 2021, include an updated build for Odoo 14 with new features, and the lecture added on June 15, 2021, covers WSL Development Environment setup. As the API has not changed fundamentally since Odoo 8, this course can be utilized in versions Odoo 8 to Odoo 14 with relatively small changes. OdooClass continues to produce updated videos for Odoo.

This course is suitable for individuals who want to learn how to develop in Odoo or need a comprehensive course to help them fill in some of the missing pieces they have been picking up while trying to self-teach Odoo development. The course is designed to be easy for those that are new to programming and helps them get Odoo installed and developing right away. The video is based on a real-world example and provides a strong foundation for becoming an expert Odoo Developer.

The course covers various topics, including understanding the Odoo framework, creating custom Odoo reports, extending Odoo models with custom fields, modifying views to display user-relevant information, creating custom search filters, creating custom menus, and using domain and context for data limitation. The course also covers how to write utility scripts in Python to import data into Odoo and modify Odoo reports.

Testimonials from Odoo Class Video subscribers are included, recommending Odoo Class for anyone who wants to learn Odoo, and praising the quality of the videos. The course is continually updated to include all the essential topics for becoming a solid Odoo Developer.

3. Odoo: The complete Master Class: Beginner to Professional by Abhilash Nelson (Udemy)

This course, titled “Odoo: The Complete Master Class: Beginner to Professional,” is designed to teach learners the basics of Odoo ERP. The course covers installing, configuring popular modules, and advanced administrative features. ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, is a software that businesses can use to manage their processes in one platform. Before ERP systems, businesses used separate software for each process such as sales management, accounting, and HR. Today, many companies, big and small, use ERP systems provided by companies like Microsoft and Oracle. Odoo is an open-source ERP system that has a vast community and is used globally.

To use any ERP solution efficiently, learners should understand basic business processes like sales flow, how purchases work, and how accounting is done in an organization. This course provides an overview of these concepts and covers in-depth sessions on creating a VPS server in Amazon Web Services, installing Odoo, and using various modules like Accounts, Sales, Purchase, HRMS, E-commerce, Task Management Systems, and Website Management System. For advanced users and developers, the course covers enabling development mode, backing up and restoring databases, installing custom modules, and customizing the Odoo system by adding new fields to the interface and reports search. The course also covers report customizations and compares the community version of Odoo to the enterprise version.

ERP Administration, Management, and Customization can be a lucrative career, and this course can jumpstart learners’ ERP careers. Upon completion, learners will receive a course completion certificate that they can add to their portfolio. The course is divided into several sections, including Ubuntu Server setup, Odoo installation, Odoo Sales, Odoo CRM, Odoo Purchase, Odoo Manufacturing, Odoo Accounts and Finance, Odoo HRMS, Odoo Project Management, Odoo Website Builder, Odoo E-Commerce Setup, Odoo Advanced, and Odoo Community VS Enterprise.

4. Odoo (Open ERP) Basics by Patrick Körting (Udemy)

Course Title: Odoo (Open ERP) Basics

Course Instructors: Patrick Körting

Course Short Description: This course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Odoo ERP, enabling learners to work with the system on a daily basis and educate others.

Course Long Description:

This course focuses on Odoo ERP, an all-in-one solution that is affordable and easy to use. It can be tailored to meet a company’s needs, making it a popular choice for businesses looking to improve their digital infrastructure.

The instructor, Patrick Körting, has extensive experience in working with different software tools for various tasks within different companies. He has guided the process of researching, implementing, and establishing Odoo ERP for a German company, and he now uses it daily.

The course consists of well-structured video tutorials that cover the straight functionality of Odoo, along with practical advice on how to apply this knowledge to one’s own business. The aim is to help learners become proficient Odoo users within 14 days.

The course is intended for anyone who wants to work with Odoo ERP, whether they are considering it for the future or are already using it. It can save time, reduce stress, and eliminate the need for costly training sessions and consultancy services.

The course includes an introduction section, followed by sections on basics, customers, sales, products, price lists, warehouse processes, administration, and miscellaneous topics. The final section provides an overview of the course and some concluding thoughts.

The course is priced to increase as more material is added, so buying early is recommended.

Overall, this course provides a practical and informative introduction to Odoo ERP, offering learners the skills and knowledge they need to work with the system effectively.

5. Odoo Certification Practice Test by Yossef Elsherif. CMA®, PMP® (Udemy)

The Odoo Certification Practice Test course, instructed by Yossef Elsherif CMA®, PMP®, is designed to measure and enhance Odoo knowledge. The test aims to evaluate the skills in Odoo functions while providing additional information on areas that need improvement. The test can be retaken multiple times, and the answers are available for review at the end of the test.

To pass the test, participants need to have Odoo knowledge and experience, which can be enhanced by opening Odoo in another window and testing the scenario of the question. The test covers modules included in Odoo Certification versions 13 and 14, including website, eCommerce, surveys, marketing, CRM, sales, purchase, project, timesheets, accounting, inventory, MRP, human resources, spreadsheet, and studio.

Upon passing the test, participants can take the Sample Practice test on I Value Learn’s website, which will be a full simulation for the Certification with the same tools and environment. The test is designed as a comprehensive test on the functions of all modules, and also as a learning source within the questions and answers, to provide more knowledge on Odoo Functions. Passing the test prepares participants to join the Certification on Odoo website and pass it.

It is important to note that the Odoo Certification has only one attempt, so participants need to be well prepared. The course content involves practice tests.

6. ODOO Technical Training – v7, v8-11 by Jay Vora, Husen Daudi (Udemy)

This technical training course focuses on OpenERP/ODOO and is designed for IT professionals, developers, and integrators who wish to learn about the technical aspects of the platform. The course is taught by industry professionals with extensive experience in the technical implementation of OpenERP/ODOO. The course includes video series and demonstration materials, along with all code developed during training. The curriculum covers basic Odoo programming and is useful for versions v7 to v11, including both non-API and API-compliant lessons.

The course begins with setting up a developer environment and installing Odoo, and progresses to advanced customization of reports, wizards, and business process workflows. Developers with basic knowledge of Python can take this course and pursue a career in Odoo development as a technical consultant. The training outline includes sections on the introduction and history of ODOO, technical fundamentals of ODOO addons, inheritance, ORM methods, and an overview of different types of buttons and linked views.

Other modules covered in the course include creating demonstration data and sequence, wizards, web services, ODOO server parameters and configuration, security in Odoo, designing analytical (BI) views, workflow, reporting, and real use case examples. The course is API-compatible and non-API, making it suitable for all versions of Odoo.

7. Odoo 13 Technical Training by Maki Turki (Udemy)

The Odoo 13 Technical Training Course, taught by Maki Turki, is designed for IT professionals, developers, and integrators who want to begin developing and customizing ERP solutions using Odoo. This comprehensive course includes video series and all code developed during training will be provided. It covers setting up the development environment of Odoo, understanding the Odoo framework, and expert-level customization. Developers with basic Python knowledge can take this course and build their career in Odoo development.

The course includes installation of Odoo on both Linux and Windows systems, understanding the Odoo debug mode, creating the first Odoo module, creating form and tree views, creating related fields, creating fields functions, creating form buttons, understanding attrs fields, sequences, inheritance, overriding functions models (create, delete, update), wizard, creating email templates, creating filters and groups, smart button, security, and record rules.

The course is broken down into several sections, including Introduction, Installation of Odoo 13 and Preparation of the Development Environment, What’s New in Odoo 13, General Knowledge of Odoo, Creating the First Odoo Module and Exploring Standard Modules, Creating Models and Adding Form and Tree Views, Related Fields, Functional Fields and Creating Form Buttons, Attrs Fields and Sequences, Inheritance, Overriding Model Functions (Create, Write, Delete), Wizard, Creating Email Template, Creating Filters and Groups, Translation I18N, Smart Button, Security, and Project Code Source.

Upon completion of the course, developers will be able to install Odoo on Linux or Windows, understand the Odoo framework, create their first Odoo module, create form and tree views, related fields, functional fields, form buttons, attrs fields, sequences, inheritance, override model functions, wizards, email templates, filters and groups, smart buttons, and ensure security and record rules. The course is suitable for anyone with basic Python knowledge who wants to start their career in Odoo development.

8. Master Odoo Studio by Qusai Aldomur (Udemy)

The Master Odoo Studio Course is designed to equip learners with the skills required to create business apps using the Odoo Environment. This course does not cover the supply chain process, but demonstrates how it can be used as an example to apply business processes in any app. Learners will be able to convert their ideas into a working app that connects with other apps.

The course covers the following topics:
1. Creating app models from scratch and linking them together
2. Creating Server Actions and calling them through button clicks
3. Creating Automatic Server Actions based on Triggers and Events
4. Controlling Create, Edit & Delete permissions and granting Confirm and Reject permissions to users, among other topics.

The course contains several sections, including an introduction, basic usage of Odoo Studio, configuring the training platform, changes in Odoo 13, creating forms and grids, buttons and server actions, passing data between different models, permissions and security, reporting and search, and extra skills.

The course promises to provide learners with the necessary skills required to create business apps using Odoo Studio, and can be a valuable first step towards a professional career.

9. Learn Odoo ERP for Absolute Beginners 2019 by Priyanka P (Udemy)

The “Learn Odoo ERP for Absolute Beginners 2019” course is designed for those who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of Odoo ERP system. The course is suitable for absolute beginners and teaches how to set up Odoo ERP for business and install apps. The course assumes no prior knowledge and covers the basics of Odoo ERP. Odoo is an all-in-one management tool for businesses and has a simple and easy-to-use solution. The course covers various features of Odoo and helps the user to understand the basic Odoo interface. The course also covers the basic configurations like setting up the company details, creating users, managing their access rights, and changing the preferred language of the Odoo application.

The course covers various applications of Odoo, such as CRM, Product, Sales, Inventory Management, Purchase, and Manufacturing. The course also includes a real-world example to help the user understand the overall business transactions in Odoo. By the end of the course, the user will have all the required knowledge and skills to implement ERP for their own business or for their client’s business. The course includes complete hands-on demos and implementation using the real-world example.

The course is taught by an expert who has provided various functional training for Odoo. The course content includes English(US) caption enabled content. The complete comprehensive course covers most of the business operations like sending Quotations, invoices, purchase orders, payment registration, and many more. By the end of the course, the user will be able to provide training to others and manage all their business transactions effortlessly.

The course is structured into various sections, such as Introduction to ERP, Nuts and Bolts of Odoo, Getting Started With Odoo, Odoo Applications, Basic Configuration, Manage Contacts, Communication using Discuss Application, Manage Events using Odoo Calendar, Real-world example, CRM, Product, Sales, Inventory Management, Purchase, Manufacturing, Conclusion, and Bonus Material.

10. Odoo 11 Development Essentials by Packt Publishing (Udemy)

This course, titled “Odoo 11 Development Essentials” and offered by Packt Publishing, aims to teach individuals how to become proficient in developing business applications with Odoo 11. The course covers the latest features of Odoo ERP and provides hands-on training to build and customize business applications. The video begins with covering Odoo installation, administration, and Odoo Server deployment, followed by an in-depth look into the implementation of Odoo modules with different inheritance models. Additionally, the course covers adding Business Intelligence to the module and overriding functions.

Riste Kabranov is the author of this course, with two years of experience in developing Odoo modules and leading the Odoo team for one year. He has successfully solved many problems faced by users and helped newcomers become proficient in developing with Odoo. His expertise and experience in Odoo make him a reliable source in the field.

The course content includes sections on essential tools, setting up mail servers, and scaffolding a new module. It also covers creating a new model, adding Business Intelligence to the module, and overriding native functions. By the end of the course, individuals will learn how to set up and develop new modules, which is the main focus of the course.

Overall, this course provides a comprehensive understanding of Odoo 11 development and is suitable for individuals who want to enhance their skills in building business applications.