10 Best Palmistry Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookPalmistry, the art of reading and interpreting the lines and creases on a person’s palm, has been practiced for centuries. With the advancement of technology and the internet, it is now possible to learn this ancient art online. Many websites offer courses on palmistry, each claiming to offer the best education in the field. This article aims to provide an objective analysis of various online palmistry courses and help the reader choose the best one based on their needs and preferences.

Here’s a look at the Best Palmistry Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Palmistry Courses and Certifications Online



Course Instructors: Alp Taş

Course Short Description: This course will enable you to explore yourself by identifying the meanings of lines and shapes on your hands and face.

Course Long Description: Are you really as intelligent as you think you are? How long will the difficulties in your life continue? Can you really trust that person? Do you make decisions based on your mind or heart? Are you considering changing your job? Do you want to choose the right profession? Is it wise to rely solely on what people tell you to understand them? Do you want to save time?

Answers to these and many other questions are rooted in the art of knowing oneself. This course will help you find answers to these questions.

Course Content and Sections:

1. Types of Hands
2. Colors in Hands

2. Palmistry: Learn the Basics for All Aspects of Your Life! by Peter Jack (Udemy)

The course titled “Palmistry: Learn the Basics for All Aspects of Your Life!” is being offered by instructor Peter Jack. The course is designed to teach the art of palm reading and help individuals gain valuable insights into their lives. The course is intended for individuals interested in becoming professional palm readers.

The course currently consists of seven lessons, with additional videos to be added in the coming weeks. The instructor encourages students to enroll and leave a review if they find the course helpful. The course description emphasizes that palm reading should be done by a professional in order to gain valuable insight.

The course covers the four main lines of palm reading: the head line, heart line, life line, and fate line. The head line is the most important line, indicating a person’s mentality and intellectual development. The heart line shows the emotional influences of an individual, including the affection they give and receive, and the action of the heart and diseases. The life line indicates changes in the position of the line, as well as markings on the line. The fate line is one of the most important secondary lines, indicating a person’s directions, successes, failures, and obstacles in life.

The course encourages individuals to take charge of their own lives, careers, health, and love life. There are multiple course sections, including the Complete Palmistry Course, Intermediate Palm Reading, and a Special Handprint Section. The course is suitable for individuals looking to learn the basics of palm reading, as well as those interested in pursuing it as a profession. The course is currently enrolling and classes have started.

3. Secrets Revealed: Palmistry by Karen Lustrup by Karen Lustrup (Udemy)

The course “Secrets Revealed: Palmistry” is taught by Karen Lustrup and offers an in-depth look at the practice of reading palms. The course aims to help individuals understand the lines on their hands and how they may represent significant moments in their lives. The course is designed to take beginners through the necessary essentials to the major lines and signs that create a full picture of what is going on. The course is broken down into multiple sections, including an introduction, basics, major lines, minor lines, love and marriage, Buddha’s finger placements, money, various insights, and more. In addition, the course includes a 166-page PDF book titled “Your God’s Map” and case studies for practical application. A certificate of completion is available upon finishing the course.

4. Palmistry: The Complete Guide To Palm Reading Diploma Course by Dr Karen E Wells (Udemy)

The Palmistry: The Complete Guide To Palm Reading course is a fully accredited program that teaches easy and effective techniques for reading palms. The course is instructed by Dr. Karen E Wells, a bestselling instructor with over 71,000 Udemy students in 177 countries. It is designed to help individuals start or expand their career in palm reading, or simply to have fun doing it for themselves.

Palmistry, a form of divination with deep historical roots, is highly revealing and every line on the palms and fingers can tell a great deal. This course provides everything necessary to provide interesting, accurate, and compelling readings. Proficiency in palm reading can enable individuals to interpret the information on their own palms, offer guidance and counseling to clients, or simply use the skills for fun. It also serves as a great starting point for conversation and forging new connections with others.

The course is a combination of videos and an in-depth training manual. The easy-to-learn modules cover a range of topics, including an introduction to palmistry, understanding the major and minor lines, the fingers and mounts, and what to do next. The course is fully accredited by the Complementary Therapies Accredited Association (CTAA) and is intended for individuals who wish to have fun and do palm reading for themselves, or for those who wish to expand their career in palm reading.

Overall, the Palmistry: The Complete Guide To Palm Reading course provides individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to read palms with confidence and accuracy.

5. Your Complete Palmistry Online Diploma – Detailed Training by Jason Baigent (Udemy)

The Complete Palmistry Online Diploma course, taught by Jason Baigent, offers detailed training in both the arts of palmistry and hand reading. While these two divination forms are related, they are distinct in their focus. Palmistry examines the palm, while hand reading encompasses the hand, fingers, thumb, and wrists as a whole. Students will learn to accurately read and interpret various aspects of a subject’s personality, health, and life events based on their hand features.

The course covers a broad range of topics, including identifying latent talents and potential, recognizing areas holding individuals back from success, and predicting future outcomes. Students will also learn to offer guidance and warnings to their subjects, with a focus on delivering difficult messages without causing trauma or tension. By the end of the course, students will have the skills and knowledge to start their own palmistry business or use their skills for personal enjoyment with family and friends.

Included in the course are full transcripts of each video lecture, self-assessments for each module, and several planning and reference guides. This comprehensive approach ensures that students have everything necessary to become skilled and intuitive readers and guides. The course is broken down into several sections, including an introduction to palmistry and hand reading, an exploration of hand shapes and sizing, and a detailed analysis of palmistry.

6. Diploma Course In professional Palmistry/ Fortune Telling by Dr. Himani Sharma (Udemy)

Vidya Retreat is offering a Diploma Course in Professional Palmistry/Fortune Telling instructed by Dr. Himani Sharma. The course provides a comprehensive education in the ancient art of Chiromancy from basic to expert level. The course covers all permutations and combinations of hand lines and their position, enabling live demonstrations for effective learning. After completing the course and practicing, students will be prepared to begin their professional practice.

This unique online course discusses every aspect of Palm Reading and provides students with a diploma as a Professional Palmist/Palm Reader from Vidya Retreat once completed. The course is a result of months of hard work and provides a free preview to give potential students an idea of what the course will entail.

Chiromancy, also known as Palmistry, is one of the oldest forms of Divination. The course content includes an introduction, the shapes of the hands and fingers, study of palm lines including interpretations of the head line, life line, line of destiny/fate, line of sun, and line of heart. Additionally, the course covers signs relating to marriage and children, the line of health or the hepatia, minor lines and signs in hand, signs and marks on hands, time and dates of principal events, and the mounts of the hand and their meaning.

7. Palmistry for Beginners: How to Read Like a Pro by Natalie Sedgwick (Udemy)

Course Title: Palmistry for Beginners: How to Read Like a Pro, introduces students to the ancient art of Chiromancy, also known as Palmistry. This form of divination is often misunderstood and practiced in many forms throughout the world. The course aims to provide students with a basic understanding of Palmistry and its significance in revealing key information about people and their life choices.

The course covers topics such as finger correspondences, major mounts and their meanings, major lines and their placement and meaning, and how to select which hand to read. Students will also be equipped with an understanding of other signs seen within the palm.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to begin their practice immediately and enroll in Advanced Chiromancy, which will be offered in the near future. Also, Palmistry can be used together with other forms of divination such as Tarot.

The course is divided into an introduction and several sections covering the course content mentioned above.

8. Psychic Palm Reading by Kelliena Psychic (Udemy)

The Psychic Palm Reading Course is offered by Kelliena, a professional psychic from Nova Scotia, Canada. The course aims to help individuals deepen their psychic abilities and energy through the practice of palm reading. According to Kelliena’s teaching, before our souls come into this world, our angels write our story in our hands, and palm reading can help us remember who we truly are. The course covers various topics such as reading energy from the palm, the number of children one may have, marriage/union lines, differences between the left and right hand, and the meaning of symbols such as bracelets and stars on the palm.

Kelliena encourages students to reach out to her with any questions or concerns regarding palm reading, either through email or Facebook message. She emphasizes that all readings are done with love and peace and that the intention of the course is to help individuals see their own divine powers. The course is designed to share the knowledge of psychic palm readings and enable individuals to read their own palms. By learning the power in their palms and reading the energy of their palms, individuals can improve and strengthen their psychic abilities.

Overall, the Psychic Palm Reading Course is a comprehensive course that covers various aspects of palm reading, including the significance of different symbols and lines on the palm. The course is designed to help individuals develop their psychic abilities, and it is offered by an experienced and professional psychic who has been practicing palm reading since 1997. The course is divided into different sections, each covering a different aspect of palm reading. The course aims to help individuals understand their own divine powers and make informed decisions based on their own readings.

9. Learn Practical Palm Reading : How to Read Palm Lines by Manish Paliwal (Udemy)

The “Learn Practical Palm Reading: How to Read Palm Lines” course is designed to teach individuals how to read palms professionally. The course emphasizes practical palm reading and is suitable for individuals with no prior knowledge of palmistry. The course covers the main questions that individuals typically ask palmists regarding their careers, money, possession, wealth, health, and family life. The course is a 4-hour video course that takes participants from the fundamentals of palmistry to the big lines and signs that provide a complete picture of what is going on.

The course emphasizes that individuals do not need to have any psychic power to be able to read a palm. Palmistry is not divination, but rather an analysis. The main purpose of people learning palmistry is to either read their own palms or to become professional palmists. The course aims to answer the main questions that clients typically ask palmists, such as questions related to marriage, money, career stability, unusual signs/symbols, and job opportunities in foreign countries or in governmental organizations.

To answer these questions accurately, the course emphasizes that individuals must first understand the human qualities that give success, such as skills, communication abilities, financial responsibility, groundedness, risk-taking, and focus on goals and relationships. The course emphasizes that individuals need to apply common sense and look for human qualities on the palm rather than simply searching for lines that indicate success.

The course covers various topics related to palmistry, including the meaning of mounts in palmistry, Jupiter and Saturn, the meaning of signs on the Mount of Sun, rare signs and symbols in palm reading, fake signs that are considered to be rare and good signs of success, marriage relationship attachments, lines and their meanings, understanding human nature to understand palmistry, practical tips for giving realistic and believable palm readings, a quiz, and a sample palm reading. The course also includes a few videos with no sound but good visuals.

10. The Art of Palmreading (Handreading) by Vanessa Nawka (Udemy)

Course Title: The Art of Palmreading (Handreading)
Course Instructors: Vanessa Nawka

The course aims to introduce the old art of Palmreading and teach participants how to analyze a person’s character through hand reading. The instructor claims that anyone can learn this magical knowledge of Chirology and a bit about Chiromantie (Fortunetelling) too. Participants will learn how to make a character-analysis by reading someone’s handshape, lines and hills.

The course includes two exercises, one that covers theory and another that covers practical applications. Participants will receive a script with 119 pages, which covers all the information that they would normally learn from old thick and dusty books. The course runs for 1.5 hours and is designed to be interactive.

After completing the course, participants will need to practice what they have learned. They can use this knowledge for themselves or for friends and make them a small joy! Participants can also receive a designed certificate as proof of completion.

However, the instructor advises participants not to just hear the course and just do it fastly. Practicing is crucial. The instructor welcomes questions and feedback from participants and requests that they inform her before assessing the course. Participants should note that the instructor is not a native English speaker but will give her best.

The course content includes an introduction, the forms of the hand, the finger, exercise 1, the palm: hills, lines, other hand lines, and exercise 2. The course aims to provide participants with an opportunity to dive into the fantastic world of personality analysis.