10 Best Passive Income Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookPassive income refers to a stream of earnings that does not require active involvement in the generation of revenue. With the growing popularity of digital platforms, there has been a surge in online courses that claim to provide guidance on passive income generation. These courses usually cover topics such as affiliate marketing, real estate investments, and stock trading. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular and effective passive income courses available online. The aim is to help individuals who are interested in generating passive income through online education.

Here’s a look at the Best Passive Income Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Passive Income Courses and Certifications Online

1. Blogging For Beginners: Start a Blog Discover Passive Income by OMG – Mastermind (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Blogging for Beginners course offered by OMG – Mastermind Course aims to teach students how to become a top influence blogger and start a blog that generates passive income. The course offers two certificates for the price of one, including a Udemy course completion certificate and a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificate, making it a highly rewarding way to work and earn money online.

The course emphasizes the advantages of working online, such as the freedom to work from anywhere, set your own pace, and determine your salary. However, not all online home businesses are equally successful or enjoyable. For this reason, becoming an authority blogger is considered the ultimate method to earn money online, as it enables individuals to generate a passive income and do things they enjoy, such as writing about a topic they love.

To make money blogging, individuals need to set up their blog, create useful content, find readers, and engage with them to build a community. While the process may seem straightforward, each step requires a lot of effort, and bloggers need to be aware that the money won’t flow automatically. To help students become top bloggers, the course provides a step-by-step guide that covers different sections, including an introduction, the journey to becoming a top influencer, and WordPress.

Overall, the Blogging for Beginners course is aimed at individuals who want to start a blog and generate passive income by becoming an authority blogger. By following the step-by-step guide and completing the course, students can obtain two certificates that attest to their professional development and enhance their career prospects as bloggers.

2. Passive Income: 27 Ways to Earn Passive Income Online by Roope Kiuttu (Udemy)

The Passive Income: 27 Ways to Earn Passive Income Online course is a comprehensive program that teaches students how to make money while they sleep. Led by instructor Roope Kiuttu, who has been earning passive income for years, the course covers 27 different ways to earn passive income online.

The course is suited for beginners who are looking to earn money automatically, as well as those who have previously only earned money through traditional 9-5 jobs. The benefit of earning passive income is that it continues to pour in even after you have stopped working, unlike traditional jobs where income stops when you stop working.

The course is broken down into 13 sections that cover a range of topics, including the easiest options to earn passive income, apps that pay money while you sleep, passive income models from a $5 million entrepreneur, and how to invest your time and money for maximum returns.

The course also includes several bonus sections, such as 7 ways to earn passive income on one of the biggest websites in the world, 7 ways to get free bitcoin while you sleep, and how to earn money automatically by mining bitcoin.

Overall, the Passive Income: 27 Ways to Earn Passive Income Online course is a valuable resource for anyone looking to earn money automatically and take control of their finances.

3. Online Business: 20 Ways To Make Money Online 2022 by António Araújo, Marina Arantes (Udemy)

The “Online Business: 20 Ways To Make Money Online 2022” course is offered by instructors António Araújo and Marina Arantes, and features 20 different methods for making money online and working from home. The course promises to teach students how to start a personal online business that can earn them over $100 per day, with nothing more than a computer and internet connection. By the end of the course, students will have a good understanding of common online business ideas, 20 different methods for making money online, and how to avoid costly mistakes made by other online business owners.

The course includes a PDF document with all the videos’ text, so learners have access to the links of the websites mentioned in the videos. The course has received positive reviews from happy students, with many praising the course for providing a good overview of different online businesses with the pros and cons of each. The instructors guarantee that using the methods presented in the course and with some effort, students can change their lives for the best in no time.

The course is divided into sections, with the first section welcoming students to the course. The second section covers 20 proven ways to make money online, while the following sections teach students how to avoid costly mistakes and provide valuable tips and tricks for success. The course promises to teach students much more, including how to decide which money-making method suits them best. The course encourages students to start now and change their lives for the better.

4. Passive Income : Top 3 Easiest FREE Websites by Greg Gottfried (Udemy)

This course, titled “Passive Income: Top 3 Easiest Free Websites,” is instructed by Greg Gottfried. The course’s short description promises to unveil the secrets of the top three free websites used for generating passive income. The long description claims to cover all aspects of making passive income online, regardless of one’s level of expertise. The course received a five-star rating in a review, which praised it for providing new opportunities for online business.

The course offers a comprehensive overview of each of the three top websites for passive income, including an inside look at the instructor’s personal accounts. The course promises unlimited earnings and teaches students how to achieve such success with completely free websites. The course offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if the results are not satisfactory.

The course offers convenience and flexibility as students can watch it from the comfort of their homes or on-the-go. The course’s objective is to teach students how to make passive income online, allowing them to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Techniques, tips, and trade secrets are included, sharing years of passive income experience with students.

The course has received positive reviews, with participants finding it to be engaging and informative, and many claiming to have seen results. Participants receive lifetime access, quick and helpful support, and a download and print ready certificate of completion. The course content includes an introduction and the three websites for generating passive income. The course concludes with a 30-day, no-risk money-back guarantee.

5. Passive Income Powerhouse: Learn to Set Yourself Up For Life by Jonathan Levi, SuperHuman Academy® (Udemy)

Passive Income Powerhouse is an online course that teaches users how to create and develop their own passive income streams. The course is instructed by Jonathan Levi, a top Udemy instructor, who has made over $1 million in passive income using simple strategies and frameworks. The course begins by introducing economic theories and frameworks that can save users from expensive trial and error. By understanding how passive income works and learning about each potential avenue for making passive income, users can choose the right ones for them and get started quickly. The course also covers the importance of diversification and addresses common criticisms and concerns. The course requires hard work, including worksheets and exercises, and actual launching of passive income projects. Upon completion of the course, users will have the knowledge and tools to become a Passive Income Powerhouse. The course includes the following sections: Introduction & What You’ll Learn, The Passive Income Mentality, The Economics of Passive Income, The Three Methods of Exchanging Value, Engineering Passive Income & Examples, The Importance of Diversification, Common Criticisms & Concerns, and Conclusion & Next Steps.

6. Passive Income Investing And Side-Gig Mastery! by Steve Ballinger, MBA (Udemy)

The course Passive Income Investing and Side-Gig Mastery, instructed by Steve Ballinger, MBA, offers practical instruction on how to generate passive income from classic investments to new and exciting side-gig opportunities. This course is designed to help individuals maximize today’s opportunities and protect themselves from losses. Passive income can be generated by anyone without leaving their current job or even getting a part-time job. The goal is passive income that is automatically generated with very little effort, not adding a tremendous amount of work, research, or a part-time job.

The course covers various concepts and opportunities for passive income, such as peer-to-peer lending (P2P), master limited partnerships (MLP), rental properties, real estate investment trusts (REIT), home sharing (Airbnb/VRBO), real estate crowd-sourcing, dividend stocks, bonds, cash, annuities, side-gig passive income, private equity, and crowd-sourcing. The course includes hours of video-based HD lessons, screen-cast demos that walk through concepts step by step, quizzes to test and confirm knowledge, and supporting links with more information to deepen learning.

The course offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime access to the course, ensuring that students can receive updates and new bonus lessons for free. The instructor is available to answer questions directly, and the course comes with a disclaimer note that it is for educational and informational purposes only. The course will not recommend any particular investment or side-gig, but rather offers an educational exploration of the opportunities so that individuals can make the best choice that meets their financial goals.

Overall, the course is an excellent flagship course that provides individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to generate passive income effectively. The course is designed to be accessible to anyone and offers practical instruction on various opportunities for passive income. Individuals who take the course can rapidly move ahead faster with the knowledge shared by the instructor, making a significant difference in their financial lives.

7. Udemy Course Creation for Passive Income (Unofficial) by Louise C (Udemy)

This is an unofficial Udemy course that teaches individuals how to create a course on Udemy that can generate income while they sleep. The course provides practical information that can be useful to anyone, regardless of their teaching experience on the platform.

The course encourages individuals to pursue their passion and offers them an opportunity to earn a living from it instead of being stuck in a job they don’t enjoy. The course creator, Louise C, has over 40 courses on Udemy and has made $50k in a single month.

The course covers various aspects of course creation, including choosing profitable topics, selecting the right equipment, editing videos, and promoting courses, among others. Participants will also learn how to create engaging promo videos and how to use SEO to increase sales.

The course is divided into six sections, which include Getting Started, Planning Your Course, Making the Course, Finishing Touches, Selling Your Course, and Wrap Up. Additionally, there is a 2019 Updates section, which provides information on Udemy changes, FAQs, and other relevant content.

Overall, this course provides individuals with the tools they need to create successful Udemy courses and earn passive income, whether they choose to work part-time or full-time. It is an excellent resource for anyone looking to turn their passion into a sustainable income stream.

8. Earn Passive Income by Working from Home with Google Adsense by Tod Vachev (Udemy)

The course titled “Earn Passive Income by Working from Home with Google Adsense” is instructed by Tod Vachev. The course aims to teach individuals how to earn passive income through Google Adsense by working from home on their computer. The course instructor claims to have earned over $25,000 in passive income in the last 2 years and will share the methods used to earn an average of $1,000 per month. The course is designed to provide straightforward content, with no unnecessary information.

In addition to the course content, students will also receive a bonus section titled “How I got 1000’s of Tumblr followers and 100’s of backlinks” for free. The instructor shares that achieving financial freedom is possible through earning passive income and working from home. The course aims to provide individuals with the necessary knowledge to achieve financial independence and work on their own terms.

The course will cover topics such as the theme and settings used on the instructor’s WordPress site, types of ads used, and how to use Google Adsense and Google Analytics to analyze website traffic and earnings. The instructor also shares a simple trick that can increase website traffic by 10-20%. The course will cover how to use Tumblr to get high quality backlinks for website ranking improvement.

Students are promised a reveal of the instructor’s current website, which has generated $20,000 in earnings. The course is broken down into sections such as Introduction, Find a Niche, WordPress Setup, Content Setup, Adsense, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Search Engine Optimization, Use Tumblr, and Track Your Ranking Progress. The course promises to guide students towards financial freedom by providing them with knowledge and tools to earn passive income through Google Adsense.

9. Domain Flipping – Make a Profit Online Flipping Domain Names by Aaron Connolly (Udemy)

The “Domain Flipping – Make a Profit Online Flipping Domain Names” course, instructed by Aaron Connolly, is designed to teach individuals how to make money online by buying, appraising and selling domain names. The course is beginner-friendly and has been updated for 2021.

The course covers several important aspects of domain flipping, including key terms, the differences between expired and deleted domains, back ordering a domain, valuating domains, checking for blacklisted domains, and purchasing a domain.

In addition, the course includes a section on where to sell domain names, creating a domain auction, writing a winning domain listing, and transferring domains through GoDaddy. The course is divided into two sections, with the first section covering the basics of domain flipping, and the second section focusing on selling domains for profit.

Overall, the “Domain Flipping – Make a Profit Online Flipping Domain Names” course is a comprehensive guide for those interested in learning about making money through domain flipping.

10. Generate passive incomes: Create low content books on Amazon by Marie Rivière (Udemy)

This course titled “Generate Passive Incomes: Create Low Content Books on Amazon” is instructed by Marie Rivière. The course aims to teach individuals how to create and sell low content books on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform, including journals, notebooks, magazines, coloring books, and puzzle books. The course is suitable for anyone interested in expressing their creativity while earning a passive income from home or while traveling. The course content is entirely online, and Amazon will handle printing and shipping logistics.

The course will start by creating an Amazon KDP account and exploring three techniques for finding profitable niches. Then, three profitable niches will be chosen to create three notebooks from scratch, including the inside, cover, and publishing process. Participants will learn how to find good keywords, select a catchy title, and set a price for their books. A bonus section provides four free book interior templates, including two coloring books and one gratitude/dream journal.

The course is divided into ten sections, including an introduction to low content books, creating an Amazon account, niche finding strategies, creating a low content book quickly and easily, creating and publishing a puzzle book and a coloring book for kids, using Bookbolt Lister to improve productivity, finding ready-to-use interiors, and selecting the best keywords for maximum visibility. Participants will also learn how to sell their books in other languages and markets and receive updates on the course in 2022. The course concludes with a section on the three best selling niches and 100 free royalty-free PDFs.

In conclusion, this course provides a comprehensive overview of creating and selling low content books on Amazon’s KDP platform. The course is accessible to anyone interested in earning a passive income while expressing their creativity. The course content is divided into ten sections, including practical tips on niche finding, book creation, and marketing. The course also includes bonus materials and updates for 2022.