10 Best Price Action Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookPrice action courses online are designed to help traders develop a deeper understanding of how price movements in financial markets can be analyzed and used to make profitable trading decisions. These courses typically cover various technical analysis tools, chart patterns, and other strategies that can be used to identify trends, reversals, and key levels on price charts. By studying price action, traders can gain a better understanding of market dynamics and improve their trading skills. In this article, we will be exploring some of the best price action courses available online, examining their features and benefits, and providing insights into how they can help traders achieve their goals.

Here’s a look at the Best Price Action Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Price Action Courses and Certifications Online

1. Complete Day Trading : Stock Trading With Technical Analysis by Jyoti Bansal (NCFM,NISM Certified Technical Analyst & Investment Adviser ), Jyoti Bansal Analysis (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Complete Day Trading: Stock Trading With Technical Analysis Course is offered by Jyoti Bansal, a certified technical analyst and investment adviser. The short description of the course indicates that it covers day trading strategies, scanning and trading momentum stocks, and Nifty/Bank Nifty by technical analysis. The long description further explains that the course teaches high probability day trading strategies and how to make money within a day by using technical analysis and day trading strategies. Topics covered include day trading basics, scalping strategy, momentum strategies, reversal strategies, gap strategy, and more. The course includes over 5 hours of HD video tutorials and offers lifetime access.

The course is suitable for both regular traders and experienced market players who want to learn the art of making money in intraday trading regardless of market direction. The instructor addresses the pros and cons of day trading, risk and account management, and how to scan stocks. The course also features live examples and tutorials on support and resistance strategy, momentum strategies, and reversal strategies.

The instructor offers a 30-day refund policy and encourages potential students to ask themselves three questions to determine if the course is suitable for them. The questions are: do you want to learn how to trade in the stock market the safest way via day trading and technical analysis, do you want to make a living with day trading, and do you want to learn the essence of day trading that others may not know?

The course consists of several sections and lectures, including an introduction, day trading basics, day trading essentials, scalping strategy, momentum strategies, reversal strategies for momentum stocks, other reversal strategies, support and resistance strategy, gap strategy, index trading strategy (Nifty/Bank Nifty), live trades, live examples, and a bonus section. The author provides a legal disclaimer stating that parties related to the course or its contents will not be responsible for any kind of loss to anyone in any way due to the course.

2. Stock Trading ( Day Trading ) Pivot Point Technical Analysis by Jyoti Bansal (NCFM,NISM Certified Technical Analyst & Investment Adviser ), Jyoti Bansal Analysis (Udemy)

The course titled “Stock Trading (Day Trading) Pivot Point Technical Analysis Course,” instructed by Jyoti Bansal, aims to teach students how to trade like a professional and make a profit within a day using Pivot Point Strategy. The course covers the basics of Pivot Points, which are used to determine levels of potential entry, stops, and take profit. Pivot Point Strategy is ideal for day trading in stocks and Forex, as it is both accurate and useful. The course provides an in-depth understanding of how to trade with Pivot Points the right way, since people lose money trading Pivot Points as they don’t know how to do it in the correct way.

The course is for anyone who wants to learn the art of making money through intraday trading, regardless of the market’s direction. It has 3+ hours of HD video tutorials that share everything one needs to be a day trader and start making money in the best way possible. The course also includes a bonus section where students can receive maximum discount coupons and download cheat sheets. The course instructors, Jyoti Bansal, is an NCFM, NISM certified technical analyst, and Investment Adviser.

The course claims to teach the safest way to trade in the stock/Forex market via day trading and technical analysis. The aim is to help students make a living with day trading and learn the essence of day trading. The course’s description points out that many people lose money trading Pivot Points because they don’t know the correct way to do it. However, the course promises to teach students all the secret methods to trade Pivot Points effectively.

The course includes an introduction, the basics of Pivot Points, Pivot Point Strategy for day trading, Trading the Strategy, LIVE TRADES, Trading RELIANCE for four successive days, Pivot Points Strategy for Expiration Day, and Pivot Points in Forex. The authors or any party related to the course’s contents will not be responsible for any loss to anyone due to the course.

3. Complete Price Action Trading From beginner to Pro (2021) by Yatesh Kumar (Udemy)

This Udemy course titled “Complete Price Action Trading From beginner to Pro (2021)” is taught by Yatesh Kumar. As a full-time trader with five years of experience and having taught hundreds of students online, Yatesh provides a step-by-step guide to Price Action Trading. The course promises to not only cover the material required to be successful in trading but also the interpretation of different types of information in real-time to make effective trading decisions.

The course is suitable for beginners looking for a decrease in their learning curve, starting out traders, and intermediary level traders who want to learn more. It is also for anyone who wants to trade in the stock market and learn the important concepts required in trading along with better timing of entries and exits.

The course covers various sections, including Introduction, Type 01 Strategy, Type 02 Strategy, Strategy 03, Patterns, How to Select Stock For Intraday & Swing Trading, Intraday Risk Calculator Concept, Fundamental Analysis For swing Trading and Long Term Investment, Assignments, and how to make the best use of Trend lines.

In addition to the material covered, the course also provides personal strategies, techniques, and views on the stock market, which have been fast-tracked for success. Updated in 2021, the course promises to provide all the required information and get learners on the right path to becoming successful and consistently profitable traders.

4. Price Action Trading Master Class [3.5 Hours] by Kumar Gaurav Khullar (Udemy)

The Price Action Trading Master Class is a course designed to help traders learn the best Price Action Setups, master the swings and ride the trends, and trade with noise-free charts to reduce losses. This course is applicable to Stocks, Forex, Commodities, and even to Crypto Currencies. It is a must for both aspiring and professional traders who want to obtain deeper knowledge of what is called “the Naked Trading” trading based on simple price action.

The course structure is divided into 14 sections, including Price Action Trading Introduction, Advantages of Price Action Trading, Long and Short Positions, Order Types, Candle Sticks Intro (With reference to Price Action), How to Identify Market Trends, Mastering Trendlines, Support and Resistances, Pin Bars, Confluences, Pin Bar Trading Setup, Inside Bar Trading Setup, and Railway Track Price Action Trading Setup.

Student feedback on the course has been positive, with students noting that the course is informative and well-structured. They also mention that the instructor lays a strong foundation and builds upon it with good strategies. Students have learned Price Action in a simple, easy, and engaging manner.

The course does not promise overnight success or make false claims about making huge amounts of money per trading session. However, it does offer the instructor’s years of experience in the stock market, which saves students from making hundreds of mistakes.

The course is a perfect solution for traders who are tired of constant losses in the market and struggling to find ideal entry and exit points. It teaches the insider knowledge of Price Action Trading and offers the keys to succeed in the stock market. Whether a trader wants to generate some side income by trading stocks or make trading their only source of income, this course is for them.

5. Price Action Trading Master Course (Forex and Crypto) by Ibozi Trading (Udemy)

The Price Action Trading Master Course (Forex and Crypto) is a popular trading approach that focuses on naked charts instead of complex indicators. This course is taught by former investment bank treasurers who currently make their income from full time forex and crypto trading. The course is structured step by step, covering fundamental parts first and then focusing on advanced techniques to increase odds. The instructors combine trendlines, moving averages, Fibonacci retracements, and candlestick formations to demonstrate the power of price action. By the end of the course, students will be able to create their own trading setups, enter high-probability trades, use a healthy risk-reward ratio, control their psychology, and apply the step by step recipe.

The course offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and is divided into various sections such as Getting Started, Trendlines, Trading Styles, Breakout Trades, Pullback Trades, Stop Loss & Take Profit, Step by Step Recipe, Advanced Techniques, Break of Structure (B.O.S), Trade Management, Trading Psychology, and Extra – Live Analysis. The former treasurers aim to put their favorite strategies ahead by combining discipline, psychology, and teaching efficient trading setups. They focus on simplicity, keeping all concepts clear and understandable, and support them with live examples. Witnessing the exact approach of professionals to the market will be a strong leverage for future trades. If you want to become a full-time forex or crypto trader, this course can be helpful, but it requires time and experience.

6. Forex Price Action Secrets by William simpson (Udemy)

The “Forex Price Action Secrets” course is taught by William Simpson and focuses on trading with the smart money in the professional trading world. The course promises to teach students how to read charts using price action only, identify when a trend is starting and ending, and understand market cycles. In addition, students will get access to live trading results, learn how to identify areas where professionals are entering and exiting the market, and receive constant updates of live trade examples. The course also includes a free powerful price action indicator and a best-selling ebook on Amazon. Students have given the course positive reviews, with one student calling it the “best course” they have taken on Udemy.

The course distinguishes between two groups of traders: the smart money (professional traders, hedge funds, banks, and large financial institutions) and the dumb money (retail traders, indicator junkies, etc.). The course teaches students to trade with the smart money, who manipulate the forex markets in their favor. The course emphasizes the importance of understanding when the smart money is coming in and out of the markets, in order to trade with them and profit like them.

The course covers several sections, including an introduction, how to read the charts using price action only, analyzing the charts, trading examples, and a bonus section. The bonus section includes a secret weapon for entering and exiting the market, as well as a free Skype Kickstarter Call. The course promises to put everything in an easy-to-understand format that even an 8-year-old could understand.

The course has received positive reviews from current students, who have called it “outstanding” and “better than the $10,000 course” one student had previously bought. Another student praised the course for its simple yet effective information, which identifies the small details without overwhelming the student with too much information.

Overall, the “Forex Price Action Secrets” course promises to teach students how to trade with the smart money and profit like the professionals.

7. Price Action Trading With The Anti-Climax Pattern by Galen Woods, Richard Deutsch (Udemy)

The course “Price Action Trading With The Anti-Climax Pattern” is led by Galen Woods and Richard Deutsch. The course aims to provide traders with a practical price action trading framework for the Anti-Climax setup, which is a pattern that helps fade exhaustive price swings. By the end of the course, traders will be able to identify Anti-Climax setups, locate trade entry points, and set stop-loss levels.

The course includes information on identifying congestion zones that work as reliable support and resistance, and is structured for existing traders looking for a structured approach to an overbought or oversold market. The course does not utilize indicators like the Stochastic and RSI, but rather a simple and effective price action pattern.

The course is applicable to stock trading, Forex, and futures trading, and can be used with day trading or swing trading. The principles of price action are universal. While there is no guarantee of profit, traders are encouraged to study the material and apply it to their trading strategies.

The course is comprised of sections dedicated to the Anti-Climax Pattern and includes diagrams and chart pattern examples to illustrate key concepts. Traders are invited to review the course description and consider joining the program.

8. Penny Stocks Day Trading Strategies for Consistent Profits by Travis Rose (Stock Market Day Trading & Investing Professional) (Udemy)

The Penny Stocks Day Trading Strategies for Consistent Profits course is taught by Travis Rose, a full-time penny stock day trader with experience in stock market day trading and investing. The course is designed to teach students stock analysis and day trading strategies to trade penny stocks profitably, with defined risk. The course comes with seven multiple-choice quizzes, several resources, and a free day trading ebook download containing in-depth trading strategies and education.

The course covers the basic concepts of day trading, including the pros and cons of day trading, penny stocks versus blue-chip stocks, and an introduction to technical and fundamental analysis. Students will also learn how to buy breakouts, trade momentum stocks, and use the morning gap trading strategy.

Through live examples and analysis, students will be able to learn how to properly analyze price action to profit from any market condition. Additionally, there is a section on how to practice trading risk-free.

The course is highly praised by students, who appreciate the detailed and informative content, as well as the ability to download and watch offline. The short quizzes after each section are also helpful.

Enrolling in this course will save countless hours of studying and potentially save thousands of dollars in losses that many new traders face due to lack of preparation. The course is ideal for individuals interested in learning the ins and outs of the penny stock market and day trading.

9. Price Action Trading Strategy: Advanced Forex Trading Course by Anas Abba, FXMindTrix Academy (Udemy)

The Price Action Trading Strategy: Advanced Forex Trading Course is an online course offered by FXMindTrix Academy and taught by Anas Abba. The course teaches traders how to use RAW price action trading strategies to profit during ranging and trending forex market environments. The instructor acknowledges that many traders experience the frustration of losing money after initially finding success with a forex trading strategy. The course offers a solution to this problem in the form of price action trading, which allows traders to predict price moves in spot forex markets with an alarming degree of accuracy without relying on technical indicators.

The course teaches students how to place safe stop losses to avoid becoming a victim of stop hunting, how to increase profits from winning forex trading positions using advanced risk management techniques, and how to improve the win-rate of any forex trading strategy. The course is designed to teach traders how to trade the dynamic spot forex markets using proven price action trading strategies that allow traders to seamlessly adapt to constantly changing market conditions.

The course includes several sections, including “How To Read the Story Behind Price Action,” “How To Win More Trades and Lose Less Trades,” “How To Find High Probability Reversal Trade Setups,” and “Case Studies: Live NZD/USD Price Action Trading Examples.” The instructor encourages students to practice what they’ve learned with play money in a virtual trading environment before switching to live forex trading.

The course is not marketed as a magic button or get-rich-quick program. The instructor warns against anyone promising overnight success without putting in the work. The course comes with Udemy’s 30-day money-back guarantee. The instructor notes that about 95% of retail forex traders lose their entire forex trading capital within 6-12 months of live trading. The course aims to teach students the closely-guarded secrets of the lucky few 5% consistently profitable forex traders.

10. Learn Pivot Point Trading from Scratch by Kumar Gaurav Khullar (Udemy)

The “Learn Pivot Point Trading from Scratch” course, taught by Kumar Gaurav Khullar, aims to educate traders on how to analyze future support and resistance levels with confidence and set targets using Pivot Point levels.

Pivot Points are technical analysis indicators that can predict future support and resistance levels and are a must-have in any trader’s toolkit. This course provides comprehensive material to help traders master Pivot Points confidently and effectively.

Before diving into the strategy, the course covers essential Pivot Point basics designed to strengthen traders’ knowledge bases and help them understand the intricacies of Pivot Point Levels. The concepts and trading strategies discussed in this course can be applied to Forex, stock, bond, cryptocurrency, commodity, futures, and other financial markets where technical analysis can predict future price movements.

The course focuses on understanding the psychology behind the formation of Pivot Point Levels and how to trade using Pivot Point Levels effectively and efficiently. Traders will learn about Pivot Point Analysis, Pivot Point Terminology, advantages of Pivot Points, how to calculate Pivot Points using a Pivot Point Calculator-Excel Template, Pivot Point Variations, why Pivot Points work, price action at Pivot Levels, potential trading range for the trading session, how to eliminate extra Pivot levels, Pivot Point Confluence, Pivot Point Confluence Trading Setup, Pivot Point EMA Trading Setup, Pivot Point bounce Trading Setup, Pivot Point Extra Tips and Tricks, and the philosophy behind every trade.

Traders will also receive lifetime access to the course, free future updates, dedicated support from the instructor, and a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.