10 Best Print On Demand Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookPrint On Demand (POD) has become a popular approach for independent authors and small publishers to produce and distribute books, without incurring significant upfront costs. To make the most of this business model, individuals often seek out courses to learn the necessary skills and best practices for success. With the increasing availability of online learning, many individuals have turned to the internet to find the best POD courses. In this article, we will explore some of the top options for online POD courses, which can help learners develop the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in this industry.

Here’s a look at the Best Print On Demand Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Print On Demand Courses and Certifications Online

1. T-Shirt Business Mastery 2022 | Full Blueprint From 0 to 1 by Henry Zhang, Henry Zhang Support (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The T-Shirt Business Mastery 2022 course, led by instructors Henry Zhang and Henry Zhang Support, provides an opportunity to learn how to start a successful business designing and selling T-shirts at a low cost. Whether you have prior experience or not, this course can help you make a profit by selling T-shirts online. The course covers strategies for beginners and advanced sales and marketing campaigns.

Participants in the course will learn how to select winning designs, even without prior knowledge of Photoshop. They will also discover how to promote their T-shirts without spending heavily on marketing designs that may not sell well. Additionally, the course teaches the selection of the right printing company, which can make or break a business.

This course is suitable for anyone, regardless of prior experience or skill level. It covers strategies for growing a business from the ground up, and participants can even earn money from selling T-shirts as they learn. The course is budget-friendly, requiring minimal investment.

The course is divided into two main sections: Independent Stores and Merch by Amazon. Participants will learn the basics of each section and how to incorporate them into their T-shirt business. By the end of the course, participants will have a full blueprint to start and run a successful T-shirt business. Joining now can help anyone achieve T-Shirt Business Mastery in 2022.

2. Print on Demand with Etsy for Passive Income 2022 Course by Patrick Gamaliel (Udemy)

The “Print on Demand with Etsy for Passive Income 2022 Course” is designed to help beginners create an automated Etsy store with Print on Demand and Dropshipping. The course includes bonus monthly graphics and is frequently updated with new content. The most recent updates include new graphics bundles, a bonus lecture on “Sneaker Review,” and a downloadable PDF on how Print on Demand works.

The course instructor, Patrick Gamaliel, has accumulated years of research and development into the print-on-demand and dropshipping business model. He shares his knowledge on how to make consistent sales on Etsy while only putting in about an hour of effort per week. The course is suitable for beginners with little to no experience, but intermediate learners can also benefit from learning about various topics, such as SEO, vector graphic design software, and Etsy’s built-in marketing tools.

The course includes a workbook that is updated from time to time to reflect changes in the market. The workbook serves as a cheat sheet and Etsy store planner for learners. The course does not cover advanced topics such as marketing analyses, social media ads, or advanced graphic design techniques.

The course is broken down into sections such as Introduction, What You Should Know Before Starting, Creating and Integrating Your Accounts Setup, Researching for Designs, Creating Your First Design, Adding Products to Your Store, Generating More Sells, After the Sell, Other Useful Tools, and two test lectures.

Overall, the course is designed to help learners generate a passive income and launch their clothing brand using Etsy’s platform. The instructor’s experience and knowledge in the print-on-demand and dropshipping business model make this course valuable for those looking to make consistent sales on Etsy with minimal effort.

3. How to Print on Demand – Beginners Guide to POD by Nick Nyxson (Udemy)

Nick Nyxson’s “Beginners Guide to POD – Print On Demand Masterclass” is a comprehensive course designed for individuals with no prior experience in E-commerce. The course provides detailed, step-by-step instructions to help beginners start their own print-on-demand store and avoid costly mistakes.

The course covers every aspect of building a print-on-demand store, including design, marketing, and store building. It’s an all-in-one solution for individuals who have an idea for print-on-demand products but don’t know where to start.

Participants will learn how to set up a print-on-demand store from scratch, upload products, customize their store, and sell their products. It’s a perfect course for beginners who are looking to create their own print-on-demand store or anyone who is looking for a refresher on the basics.

What sets this course apart is that it requires no initial investment, making it accessible to anyone interested in starting a print-on-demand store. Additionally, the course provides live examples of products and all the tools needed to design and launch a print-on-demand store.

Participants will also learn how to design, launch, and grow their own print-on-demand store with zero technical skills required. The course covers free or cheap platforms to create an online store, making it an affordable option for beginners.

The course is divided into six sections: Introduction, Print on Demand (POD) Explained, Designing Print on Demand Products, POD Store, Product Promotion, and Conclusion. With the help of this course, participants can learn how to design and launch their own print-on-demand store in just a few simple steps.

4. Printable Business Mastery 2022 by Henry Zhang, Henry Zhang Support (Udemy)

The Printable Business Mastery 2022 course, led by instructors Henry Zhang and Henry Zhang Support, teaches students how to build a successful business on Etsy selling printable products with low cost and no burden of shipping and return. Printables are in demand across all markets, as they’re designed to help people improve the quality of their lives in some way. The course covers the many different ways one can set up a printable business in just a few days.

The Print on Demand Course is open to all levels and provides long-lasting value. Students will learn how to set up shop, launch their shop, use power keywords, and start on Pinterest. The course focuses on strategies that grow one’s business from the ground up, and students are shown how to make money from their POD business as they learn. No experience or prior skill is required to join the course, and everything needed to grow a POD business on a budget of next to nothing will be provided.

The course is broken up into sections, including an introduction.

5. Build a Shopify Print on Demand Business from Scratch by Adam Reed (Udemy)

The Build a Shopify Print on Demand Business from Scratch course teaches students how to create their own E-Commerce business by following a step-by-step process from initial idea to launching Facebook Ads to drive traffic. The course instructor, Adam Reed, is a Best Selling Udemy instructor with over 30,000 students enrolled in his various Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing and E-Commerce courses. He has run E-Commerce ventures since he was 15 years old, and loves Shopify. The course covers a range of topics including Print on Demand and how it works, niche, audience and theme research, Shopify settings, website pages, theme selection, and much more. The course also includes a dedicated Shopify Startups Facebook Group for students to join and participate in.

The course is designed for absolute newbies with no knowledge or experience in E-Commerce. Adam Reed shares all of the tools and tricks he used on his first store, as well as some bonuses that will be helpful for students. The course includes information on how to create a professional navigation bar, adding social media to your store, setting up collections, product pages, and basic tips for Shopify SEO. Additionally, students will learn about automatic shipment tracking and customer updates, adding a social proof pop-up app, adding a Facebook chat support, adding an announcement bar, adding an Instagram feed to your store, collecting Messenger subscribers, adding product page trust seals, and much more.

The course also covers tactics for driving free and paid traffic to your store, and other ways to monetize your new skills. The beauty of a Print on Demand Dropshipping business is that it can be run from anywhere in the world which makes it perfect for many people. The course includes a brand new Facebook support group for students to join, where they can share their experience and get advice from their peers.

6. Print on Demand: Ety T-Shirt Business 150% Profit Margins! by Luke Kelly (Udemy)

The course, “Print on Demand: Ety T-Shirt Business 150% Profit Margins!” is designed for anyone who wants to start an online business on Etsy, one of the biggest opportunities online. The course offers step-by-step instructions on how to create a fully automated, 150% profit business that can be run while traveling, working part-time, or as a side income. The course is suitable for existing Merch by Amazon sellers, Teepublic, Redbubble, and Teespring sellers, graphic designers, illustrators, and artists, and anyone who wants to build their first successful e-commerce store. The course covers all aspects of running a successful Etsy/Printful store, including optimizing listings, using the right tags, pricing, and exchange rates.

The instructor, Luke Kelly, shares his experience of waking up to his first Etsy sale and how he became worried about the next steps. However, he soon realized the potential of the print on demand business model, which offers passive income without owning inventory. Luke subsequently became successful on Etsy by uploading 80 listings, researching, and optimizing listings to generate more sales. He also realized that different pricing strategies played an important role in increasing his profit margins.

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to create a successful store and earn huge profit margins, selling products that people love, all while they sleep. Following the instructions in the course, a store can be up and running with multiple products in a matter of hours. The course cover all aspects of Etsy/Printful store procedures, including Etsy policies, Etsy SEO, optimization, and mock-ups.

The course offers a case study of Lachy’s new store, which highlights the importance of correct store procedures and fixing those syncs. The course also offers a bonus lesson on how to multiply success with niche stores. The instructor recommends talking to print partners to optimize profitability.

7. Beginners T Shirt Design Using FREE Tools by Dana Gore (Udemy)

The Beginners T Shirt Design Using FREE Tools course, taught by Dana Gore, is aimed at complete beginners looking to design and print T-shirts using free online graphic design tools and programs. The course covers simple text designs as well as more elaborate and artistic ones. No previous design skills are necessary to succeed in this course; all you need is a desire to learn something new. The course is designed to make the learning experience simple and fun, and the focus is on simple design techniques.

The course is divided into several sections, including Introduction, Designing Merch, Adding Your Designs to Your Print On Demand Platforms, Create Your Mockups, and Additional Free Resources to Help You Design and Sell Your Products. The course concludes with a Conclusion & Additional Material section and a new updated add-on content. The objective of the course is to help students go from being confused to capable, all without spending a dime on design tools.

The course emphasizes building a foundation and expanding on skills, abilities, and creative imagination. The instructor’s goal is to get students’ creativity in gear and help them go from “I have no idea what I’m doing or where to start” to “Wow – look what I’ve created – I totally get this now!” The course also includes information on print-on-demand companies that students can use for free. Overall, the Beginners T Shirt Design Using FREE Tools course is an exciting opportunity for beginners to learn something new, cool, and interesting.

8. Print on Demand Graphic Design Masterclass by Ryan Hogue (Udemy)

The Print on Demand Graphic Design Masterclass Course, taught by Ryan Hogue, aims to help sellers increase their daily sales by understanding and catering to customer shopping habits. The course is divided into four parts. Part 1 covers the differences between online and retail store shopping. Part 2 teaches students how to identify design styles that consistently convert across different niches. Part 3 teaches students the basics of Photoshop and Canva, even if they have no prior design experience. Part 4 covers Ryan’s method for boosting product sales and increasing organic rank with each conversion.

The course also includes an introduction to print on demand, where high-level concepts about the course content are discussed. Students get prepped to start their eCommerce business, and the exact tools and services used by the instructor are shared. An appendix is also included in case students need to look something up along the way.

The course’s second module teaches students how to create winning designs using Canva and/or Adobe Photoshop. Three core concepts are illustrated, which can be used individually or in combination to create designs that sell. Additionally, the course addresses students not confident in their design ability, as the instructor provides methods for success even for those who are not gifted designers.

The third module is a bonus section that provides guidance on design automation. The instructor shows how he uses a little-known Chrome extension that automates the design process, allowing him to let it run in the background while he uploads new print on demand listings. The bonus section setup process takes less than five minutes and includes guidance on how to succeed with the automation process.

In summary, the Print on Demand Graphic Design Masterclass Course provides students with a comprehensive guide to creating designs that sell. The course is divided into three modules, including design for success, design tools, and design tutorials, and includes a bonus section on design automation. Students gain a better understanding of customer shopping habits, which can ultimately lead to increased daily sales.

9. Merch By Amazon: Learn How To Sell Print-on-Demand T-Shirts by Rob Cubbon (Udemy)

The Merch By Amazon course teaches individuals how to sell print-on-demand t-shirts on Amazon’s platform. The course is instructed by Rob Cubbon and offers a short and long description of the program. The short description explains that individuals can upload an image, and Amazon will do the rest, while the long description elaborates that participants will get paid every time a t-shirt with their design sells.

The course is designed for individuals with no prior design experience and requires no marketing. It is a passive income opportunity that allows individuals to earn money easily from Amazon’s organic traffic. However, mistakes can occur, and it is essential to learn more about the industry before starting.

Participants in the course will learn how to apply to Merch By Amazon and how to get accepted quickly. They will also learn how to move up the tiers, find highly profitable niches, and other print on demand sites that they can sell their designs. The course will also teach individuals how to produce designs without Photoshop, check trademarks and copyrights, and provide useful resources such as Facebook groups, podcasts, and YouTubers.

The course offers four sections, including the introduction, how to get ideas for t-shirt designs that will sell, designing and uploading, and the conclusion. The instructor has been doing Merch for only a few months and already generates over $500 in passive income each month. The course offers an opportunity for individuals to learn about the print on demand industry and earn additional income.

10. Create & Sell Print on Demand Products On Etsy by Flavio Nelson (Udemy)

The “Create & Sell Print on Demand Products On Etsy” course, taught by Flavio Nelson, is designed to help individuals create an online Print on Demand (POD) empire, without the need for design skills or inventory. The course focuses on designing coffee mugs and selling them on popular marketplaces like Etsy and eBay. The course creator has been doing POD without any design skills and aims to share the tools, resources, research, and knowledge to help others start selling products like mugs quickly.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to create an Etsy account and optimize it, learn about other channels to sell on, identify the types of mugs that sell the most, create selling designs for mugs, market their products via ads and social media, and develop a simple yet robust business model of selling mugs. It should be noted that the course is not limited to mugs but is helpful for selling any POD product on Etsy.

The course includes text information, video screen-shares, and downloads, as well as free and paid tools that the course creator personally uses. Additionally, the course instructor is always available to offer help to students who have questions and concerns.

The course content is divided into several sections, including Introduction, Getting Started, Research, Creating Designs, Creating Etsy Listings Through Print Providers, Selling On Other Marketplaces, Marketing Your Mugs, and Conclusion.

Overall, this course is appropriate for anyone interested in generating income from the comfort of their own home without costly upfront investments in network marketing. The course offers comprehensive guidance on how to start a successful POD business and provides valuable resources and support to help students achieve their goals.