10 Best Real Estate Flipping Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookReal Estate Flipping has increasingly become a popular investment strategy among individuals looking to make significant returns from buying, renovating, and reselling properties. As a result, there has been a proliferation of online courses that offer guidance on how to succeed in this lucrative venture. This article explores some of the best online Real Estate Flipping courses available, highlighting their key features and benefits, to assist individuals in making informed decisions when selecting a course that best suits their needs.

Here’s a look at the Best Real Estate Flipping Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Real Estate Flipping Courses and Certifications Online

1. Fix & Flip Real Estate – Beginner to Pro by Wayne Fox (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Fix & Flip Real Estate – Beginner to Pro Course, instructed by Wayne Fox, is designed to teach individuals the process of flipping real estate, from finding viable and profitable projects to attracting buyers and investors. The course covers a variety of topics, including identifying areas to avoid, developing the perfect property, working with a team of experts, managing a project budget, and complying with legal obligations and responsibilities. It also includes strategies for finding more deals, attracting investment, and measuring returns on a project. The course offers a unique feature that allows participants to skip sections they are not interested in. The course is divided into six sections: Introduction, Where to Invest, Planning the Project, Construction Phase, Exit Phase, and What’s Next? A bonus section is also included.

2. Real Estate Flipping Without Getting Your Hands Dirty by Aaron Wilson (Udemy)

Course Title: Real Estate Flipping Without Getting Your Hands Dirty
Course Instructors: Aaron Wilson

This course focuses on the use of crowdfunding for Fix and Flips in real estate. It is designed for those seeking to identify and submit real estate fix and flip loans and new construction projects for extra income as a referral partner.

The course covers the basics of how crowdfunding works and how to invest in real estate fix and flips as a micro lender. It also sheds light on the JOBS Act and how it has changed the game for anyone looking to take part in strategies that were previously only accessible to wealthy investors.

By the end of the course, you will have a good understanding of the secret wealthy investors have used for years in real estate investment.

The course is divided into a single section: Introduction.

3. Secret Strategy to Wholesale Real Estate for BIG Profit 2019 by Rodrick Long (Udemy)

Course Title: Secret Strategy to Wholesale Real Estate for BIG Profit 2019

Course Instructors: Rodrick Long

Course Short Description: This course offers step-by-step instructions on how to wholesale real estate without money or credit, in order to make big profits.

Course Long Description: The course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the process of wholesaling real estate. The course materials will teach how to get properties “under contract” directly from motivated sellers or owners, and how to mark up the price before wholesaling the property to an investor. The course will also provide an in-depth overview of what wholesaling real estate is and what a wholesale deal consists of.

The instructors will instruct you on how to close a wholesale deal within 30 days or less, and how to buy and sell houses without utilizing your own credit or money. The course will also cover marketing techniques to bring in a large number of motivated sellers, and provide strategies to do deal after deal.

Course Content and Sections: The course is focused on the “secrets” of wholesaling, and is split into separate sections. Each section will provide extensive information on various topics such as finding motivated sellers, researching properties, negotiating deals, and marketing strategies.

The course will cover a range of topics in detail, including marketing to motivated sellers, finding leads, negotiating deals, and managing transactions. The course materials will include case studies and examples to illustrate the process of wholesaling in action. Furthermore, there will be step-by-step instructions on how to close a deal, handle legal aspects, and market your business.

Overall, this course is designed to help students learn about the secrets of wholesaling real estate and how to profit from it. The course materials cover all the necessary knowledge and techniques to help students become successful wholesalers in the real estate industry.

4. Find, Fund, Fix and Flip Real Estate Investors 101 Bootcamp by Ebonie Caldwell (Udemy)

The “Find, Fund, Fix and Flip Real Estate Investors 101 Bootcamp Course” is designed to teach individuals the skills necessary to successfully run a house flipping business. In this course, students will learn how to locate off-market deals, secure funding without using their own money or credit, evaluate properties before purchasing, and determine the selling price of the finished product.

Students will also gain insight into the process of fixing and rehabilitating a property, as well as the steps required to sell the property for maximum profits. Along with this, the course will cover the basics of evaluating a property, analyzing a good deal, finding motivated sellers, and using various types of funding such as Gap Funding, Transactional Funding, and Hard Money Funding.

The course is divided into several sections, including an introduction to the course, an overview of house flipping for huge returns, a step-by-step explanation of the “Find, Fund, Fix and Flip” process, and various tips for successfully executing each step. Students will also learn how to assemble their house flipping team and find a property to flip, while also considering the challenges and pitfalls associated with this business model.

By the end of this course, students will be equipped with the resource tools necessary to become a successful house flipper, with the potential to increase their equity and wealth while living their best life.

5. Secrets of Buying Auction Properties by Heather Boren (Udemy)

The Secrets of Buying Auction Properties course, instructed by Heather Boren, is a comprehensive program for real estate investors looking to successfully bid and purchase auction properties. The course covers various topics such as the single family homes investment property class, trustee foreclosure auctions, competing with flippers and other investors, and how REITs have approached auctions. The course uses scientific research, personal experiences and case studies to provide winning techniques and key insights. By the end of the course, students will be confident in bidding, buying and investing in properties.

The course also focuses on the changes in the single family homes investment property class between 2009-2011 when large companies began buying properties leading traditional flippers to get outbid at a very quick pace. The course aims to teach students the difference between how a flipper and an investor analyze a property, and how to be prepared and win successfully against the competition.

Included with the course materials are resources to help students analyze properties easily and quickly, along with handy check-lists for auction preparation and research. The course is suitable for those who may not be math wizards, as it simplifies the property analysis process.

The course is divided into five sections: Welcome, Auction Buying Fundamentals, House Hunters Decoded, Rent v. Flip: Did the REITs Get It Right?, and Putting It All Together. Additionally, there are bonus materials provided to help students master auction properties.

Overall, the Secrets of Buying Auction Properties course provides a comprehensive approach to understanding and succeeding in the auction property market.

6. House Real Estate Flipping Business Plan Template & Example by Jeff Mack (Udemy)

The House Real Estate Flipping Business Plan Template & Example Course is led by Jeff Mack and is designed to teach students how to start a real estate/house investing and flipping company, as well as create an investor presentation using a template and example. The course is structured around a set of hybrid business planning documents that serve as both a template and sample, which students can customize to suit their specific needs.

Throughout the course, students will learn how to create a full business plan, financial projection, and pitch deck for starting a real estate flipping and investment company. Lectures will guide students through each page of a Microsoft Word Business Plan, Excel Financial Projection Workbook, and PowerPoint Pitch Deck, highlighting areas that require customization.

In addition to creating a full written narrative business plan, students will also learn about the industry, due diligence strategies, and marketing strategies for starting and running a real estate investment business. The course will cover start-up costs, income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and all cash flow figures, and will include building a detailed Excel financial model.

Finally, students will create a pitch deck using the provided model template, which will serve as a quick yet professional way to present their business and investment opportunities. Ancillary real estate investing, flipping, and financing documents will also be covered.

7. Complete Real Estate Wholesaling course 2022(With Contracts) by Rauph Souleimanov (Udemy)

The Complete Real Estate Wholesaling course 2022 (With Contracts) is an educational program that teaches students how to become successful wholesalers. The course instructor is Rauph Souleimanov, an active and successful wholesaler who generates six-figure business annually. The course is primarily designed for individuals who are new to real estate wholesaling or those who are unsure where to begin their journey.

The course is a comprehensive guide that covers all aspects of the wholesaling business. It starts with the basics, explaining how to start and where to start, and gradually progresses towards more advanced topics. The curriculum includes how to acquire properties and secure them under contract for the best price for maximum profit. Students will also learn how to disposition properties, including the best software to use for each task.

Additionally, students will receive access to the contracts used in Souleimanov’s day-to-day business. They will be provided with step-by-step instructions on how to handle these contracts. The course includes a deep explanation of how to find investors to buy properties and what type of properties are suitable for various investors.

Finally, students will receive extra bonuses and tips from an active wholesaler who has learned through trial and error. These tips will help students avoid making the same mistakes and allow them to become successful wholesalers. Upon completion of the course, individuals will have a clear understanding of how to build a successful business from the ground up. The course content is divided into four sections: Introduction, Acquisition of Properties, Disposition of Acquired Contracts, Extra Tips and Outro.

8. 72 Hour Listing: Real Estate Marketing Plan to Sell Homes by Nick Carpenter (Udemy)

The 72 Hour Listing: Real Estate Marketing Plan to Sell Homes course, led by instructor Nick Carpenter, aims to equip Realtors with a six-step marketing plan designed for home sellers seeking to update their marketing systems to 2015. The course short description boasts a fast-action marketing plan that optimizes the opportunity to sell a new listing within the first 72 hours, and aims to attract more traffic for stagnant listings. The course long description outlines three main rules of selling a house: to sell it for the most amount of money possible, with the least amount of impact on the seller’s life, and as fast as possible.

The 72 HOUR LISTING is comprised of six separate but connecting strategies that can be implemented in the first three days of listing a home for sale. This process will provide the Realtor with a significant marketing edge, positioning their listing in front of local homeowners and even Realtors who might have a buyer for the listing. Each of the six strategies–namely, the Movie Release Method, Seller’s Shoulders Check-In Strategy, Not Quite MTV Cribs Tour, the Facebook Buzz, KLT Goldmine Strategy, and Pre-MLS VIP Tour–is explained in a short, easy-to-understand video, included in the program.

The course content is structured around the 72 Hour Listing Modules and Bonus Material. Realtors have the ability to watch the videos repeatedly until they have mastered each technique.

9. Advanced Real Estate Flipping Strategies by Anderson Business Advisors Clint Coons, Esq. (Udemy)

Course Title: Advanced Real Estate Flipping Strategies

Course Instructors: Anderson Business Advisors Clint Coons, Esq.

Course Short Description: This course teaches how to structure and operate a real estate flipping business for asset protection and tax savings.

Course Long Description: The instructor, Clint Coons, Esq., of Anderson Business Advisors, provides in-depth knowledge on the best practices to run a successful real estate flipping business. The course’s focus is on structuring your business to achieve the maximum asset protection and tax savings in a litigious world. Earlier, this expert-level information was available only at private seminars, but now you can access it on Udemy.

Course Content and Sections:
– Introduction: Provides an overview of the course, its objectives and goals.

– Asset Protection: This section teaches how to safeguard your business from potential legal claims by structuring it appropriately.

– Tax Savings: This section provides guidance on how to minimize taxes by optimizing the business structure.

– Operating a Real Estate Flipping Business: This section provides practical tips on how to run a successful real estate flipping business.

– Conclusion: The final section summarizes the course’s key points and provides actionable steps to implement the learnings.

10. How To Sell Real Estate On Instagram by Joe Ramirez (Udemy)

The course “How To Sell Real Estate On Instagram” is taught by Joe Ramirez and aims to teach realtors how to use the social media platform to expand their network and ultimately sell more properties. Through videos, images, and step-by-step instructions, participants will learn how to use Instagram strategically, create engaging content, attract and maintain a strong following, and track their progress. The course is divided into sections such as “Instagram For Real Estate”, “Apps You Need”, and “Wrap Up”, with new additions including “Instagram Stories for Real Estate” and “Instagram TV”.

Enrollees will gain comprehensive knowledge that can aid in the growth of their real estate business. By learning how to use Instagram, they can attract clients and expand their network on the app. The course provides detailed instructions on how to take amazing photos and videos of properties and how to use Instagram strategically to sell them. Participants will also learn about the necessary apps to use and how to maintain their Instagram following.

The course is designed to teach participants how to grow their real estate business through Instagram. The course is structured in a way that allows for easy comprehension and provides real-life examples. The course is ideal for any realtor looking to expand their network and sell more properties.

The course is broken into sections that cover a wide range of topics. These sections include “Instagram For Real Estate”, “Apps You Need”, “How To Use Instagram Strategically To Sell Real Estate”, “How To Get A Massive Following On Your Real Estate Instagram Account”, and “Wrap Up”. The new additions, “Instagram Stories for Real Estate” and “Instagram TV” provide further insights into how to keep up with the ever-changing world of social media.

In summary, the “How To Sell Real Estate On Instagram” course offers a comprehensive guide on how to use Instagram to grow one’s real estate business.