10 Best Roblox Game Development Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookThis article aims to explore various Roblox game development courses available on the internet. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, the online world offers a plethora of resources to hone your skills in Roblox game creation. In this review, we will examine some of the best Roblox game development courses available online, with a focus on the quality and effectiveness of each course. The information presented here is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the courses and their features, enabling you to make an informed decision about which course best suits your needs.

Here’s a look at the Best Roblox Game Development Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Roblox Game Development Courses and Certifications Online

1. The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Game Development with ROBLOX by Philip Ritmeester, Deviac Education (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Game Development with ROBLOX is a course that teaches game development and design. The course is instructed by Philip Ritmeester and Deviac Education. The course aims to simplify game development for beginners and aspiring game developers. The course is recognized as an official 2019 & 2020 Featured Roblox Educator course.

Roblox is an immersive educational tool that offers limitless opportunities for creativity and imagination. The platform is accessible to anyone, regardless of their coding or game design experience. The course offers video tutorials that teach step-by-step game development on Roblox. By the end of the course, learners will be able to create commercial-grade Roblox games with a minimum of 10k plays and an 8/10 rating.

The course has several features that learners will enjoy. There is online support available five days a week, so learners can receive help from the instructor team quickly. Parents can get active support on how to block certain features on the Roblox platform to ensure their children are safe while learning to create games. The course also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The course has several sections, including an introduction to the course, intro to Studio, code fundamentals, game design basics, intermediate game design, 3D model design, Blender & Substance Painter design, animations, team development & collaboration, and known reports. The course offers a Q&A section, quizzes, exercises, and live updates.

To take the course, learners need to watch the video tutorials, learn the Lua code, and share their games with friends and publish them online. They can earn Robux thanks to what they learned and created during the course. As learners progress, they can host small events and expand their game based on feedback from friends and other Robloxians.

2. Learn How To Code Games In Roblox Studio by Brendon Ross (Udemy)

This course, titled “Learn How To Code Games In Roblox Studio,” is led by instructor Brendon Ross. The course is designed to teach individuals how to create Roblox games through a step-by-step process. Roblox is a popular entertainment platform with over 80 million players under the age of 18, and over 1 billion hours of Roblox played each month. Roblox’s mission is to bring people together through play and enable anyone to create immersive 3D experiences. Over 4 million developers and creators are currently active on Roblox Studio, with community developers having received over $98 million in payment as of March 2019.

The course is divided into five sections, meant to be taken in order. Section one covers setting up a Roblox account, installing and using Roblox Studio. Section two focuses on coding concepts and how they work. In section three, students begin to develop a camping game, discussing the rules and implementing them using Lua code. Section four builds on the camping game, adding more functionality and delving into more advanced coding techniques. Finally, section five polishes the game and discusses how to use the knowledge gained to develop further games.

By creating the camping game, students will be able to apply the concepts learned to develop their own games in Roblox Studio. Bonus lectures are included in the course content.

3. Complete Roblox Lua: Start making Games with Roblox Studio by Kaupenjoe (Nico) (Udemy)

The Complete Roblox Lua course, offered by instructor Kaupenjoe (Nico), provides an opportunity for individuals to learn both Roblox game development and Roblox scripting in Roblox Studio. The course is designed for beginners with no prior experience in programming or Roblox.

The course begins with an introduction to Lua programming language, followed by basic concepts of Roblox game development like object referencing, scripting simple scripts, and understanding how specific events work. Upon completion of a simple game, an obby, the course delves into advanced concepts such as publishing games, selling developer products, and storing player data in the Roblox Cloud via the Data Storage Service. Students will have access to the entire source code for reference.

The course comprises five sections: Introduction, Lua Introduction, Roblox Basic Concepts, Simple Roblox Game: Creating an Obby, and Roblox Intermediate Concepts. Additionally, the course features a bonus section.

Kaupenjoe (Nico) is readily available to answer any questions or concerns regarding the course content.

4. Roblox Advanced Coding Course by Brendon Ross (Udemy)

The Roblox Advanced Coding Course is designed to help individuals grow their basic scripting skills and develop the ability to create more complex games. The course instructors include Brendon Ross, who will guide participants through the learning process.

Roblox is a popular online entertainment platform, especially among audiences under the age of 18. The platform is powered by a community of over 2 million developers who produce their own immersive multi-player experiences using Roblox Studio. As of February 2020, the platform has had 28 billion hours played (since 2008) and 150 million dollars paid to Roblox Community Developers.

The course aims to teach participants how to create a coding toolkit and develop a round-based game with a timer and lobby. Participants will also learn how to create their own simulator-style game. Throughout the course, over 50 individual scripts will be explained with working examples that participants can learn and download.

The course will cover topics such as building a coding toolkit, creating a round based game loop, and developing a camping survival simulator. Participants will receive a basic simulator project that they can use as a template to create any simulator they can imagine.

The course includes a Camping Survival Simulator project, which provides ideas on how to create a simulator and challenge players. Participants are encouraged to take all the concepts they learn in the course and create the best game in the world.

The course is expected to grow, with new content regularly added. The course content is divided into several sections, including an introduction, building a coding toolkit, and advanced tools for more complex projects.

5. Roblox Lua Game Development For Beginners: Make Roblox Games by Raymond Brown (Udemy)

The Roblox Lua Game Development For Beginners course is designed to teach aspiring Roblox game developers the fundamentals of scripting with Lua and how it can be used with Roblox. The course is mainly focused on the programming side of game development, as it is considered the most important and challenging aspect. By the end of the course, students should have a good foundation in understanding the basics of programming, which they can use to potentially make games on Roblox.

The course covers various topics, including program flow in Lua, variables, AI pathfinding, creating tools, an introduction to Object Orientated Programming (OOP), creating a weapon, events, and communicating between client and server. Although it is not possible to cover everything about programming in just one course, students are encouraged to continue learning other programming languages and the math behind computers to increase their knowledge in programming to an even higher degree.

The course consists of multiple sections, including Introduction To Roblox Studio And Coding, Fundamental Coding Skills, Modeling and Physics, Roblox Specific Coding Fundamentals, Roblox Services and Features, Treasure Hunt Game, and Conclusion. Additionally, there are several new courses planned to be introduced in June 2022, such as Programming Fundamentals I, Obstacle Course Upgrade, Programming Fundamentals II, Modeling in Roblox, Basic Classic Brickbattle Game, Roblox Specific Programming Fundamentals I, Survive The Disappearing Platforms Game, and Survive The Falling Bricks Game.

Overall, the Roblox Lua Game Development For Beginners course aims to provide students with the necessary programming skills and knowledge to create their own games on the Roblox platform, as well as potentially on other game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine in the future.

6. Roblox Programming and Game Creation by SimTek Game Development (Udemy)

The Roblox Programming and Game Creation Course is designed to teach participants how to create their own Roblox game using Roblox Studio, a game development suite that is commonly used for this purpose. The course is taught by SimTek Game Development and is suitable for all skill levels, including beginners. Participants will learn the LUA programming language, which is widely used in game development and other fields such as image processing and web development.

The course is divided into several sections, starting with basic programming skills such as declaring and using variables, assignment statements, conditionals, loops, tables, and functions. More advanced topics covered include touched events, powerups, traps, spawning objects and NPC monsters, leaderboard creation, and creating an in-game store for players to purchase weapons. New content is continually being added, such as a section on creating Non-Playing Character AI, creating animations, and using the data store to allow players to save their data in between games.

The course is updated regularly, with new videos being added once per week to ensure that the latest functionality of Roblox is captured. The course is divided into several sections, including Getting Started, Game Objects, Spawning Objects, Money and Buying In-game Items, Improving the Game, Game Modifications, and Extra. The course aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of game development using Roblox and to equip them with the skills necessary to create their own games.

7. Roblox for Beginners: Learn to Script Your Very Own Games! by Mr. CoolTeacher (Udemy)

The “Roblox for Beginners: Learn to Script Your Very Own Games!” course is designed to teach the basics of Roblox scripting to aspiring game developers on the platform. The course is created for everyone, with short videos that are packed with knowledge and humor, making it a fun learning experience. The course aims to help turn game development dreams into reality by teaching the skills needed for every game.

The course instructor, Mr. CoolTeacher, has been scripting and making games for many years and has learned how to script fluently, making him an effective teacher. The course took a long time to create to ensure a fun learning experience. The course is now finally available for those who are excited to learn.

The course aims to teach several skills, including setting up Roblox Studio for scripting, understanding the use of folders in the explorer, using variables to organize scripts, creating, cloning, and destroying from a script, customizing parts, using events to create explosive lava, using if statements to check things, creating custom functions, while loops and how to break a loop, both types of for loops, and how to read the wiki. The course concludes with a cool project that combines everything learned in the course to create a game.

The course is divided into two sections: Setting Up Roblox Studio and Scripting Guide.

8. Roblox Concepts 01 – Create Your Own NPC Quest Giver by Brendon Ross (Udemy)

The Roblox Concepts 01 – Create Your Own NPC Quest Giver Course is designed to teach you how to create a quest engine capable of serving multiple quests to players and tracking their progress, while also providing rewards. The course covers several Roblox Studio programming techniques that can be adapted to various games. Participants will learn to use different scripts, module scripts, and game services to save and load player data and control multiple parts using one script.

The course also teaches how to create unique quests and integrate them into the game. Participants will learn to use For loops, While Loops, and Functions, as well as programming language concepts like arguments, objects, and return values. The course enables participants to write their quest storylines and engage players with quest givers.

Additionally, participants will learn how to install and use plugins to assist in completing the project. They will also understand error messages and how to fix them, and will be able to add music and sound effects to add atmosphere and audio cues for players. The course covers powerful coding concepts linking scripts and module scripts, enabling the creation of game currency and rewarding players for completing quests.

The course content consists of several sections, including Project Setup And Starting Code, Creating The Apple Quest, Quest 2: Stomp The Vermin, Quest 3: Water The Crops, Saving And Loading Player Data, Making It Better, and Multi-Player Adjustments. Overall, completing this course will provide participants with a solid foundation in programming techniques that can easily be adapted to their own ideas.

9. How To Make/Earn Robux in Legit Ways by Macklin Patzloff (Udemy)

The course titled “How To Make/Earn Robux in Legit Ways” is designed to teach participants the three main methods of earning Robux, the virtual currency used in the online game Roblox. The course instructors are Macklin Patzloff, and the course aims to equip participants with the necessary skills to earn Robux in an easy and legitimate way. The course is divided into three main sections, namely Roblox Game Development, Robox Clothing Design, and Roblox Trading System.

The course content covers the following topics:
– Creating successful and high-earning Roblox games
– Making Robux through virtual clothing design
– Earning Robux through the Roblox Trading System.

Each section is broken down to explain the main idea and teach participants how to make Robux through the specific activities. The first section focuses on developing successful Roblox games that can generate high earnings. The second section teaches participants how to design virtual clothing that can be sold for Robux. The third and final section covers the Roblox Trading System, which allows participants to trade virtual items for Robux.

Overall, the course is ideal for anyone looking to learn how to earn Robux in a legitimate and easy way. The course content is designed to be beginner-friendly, making it suitable for even those with no prior knowledge of Roblox. By the end of the course, participants should be able to apply the skills learned to start earning Robux through the three main methods covered.

10. Roblox Beginner ESSENTIALS Course: Code & Build Custom Games by Kyle Davies (Udemy)

The Roblox Beginner ESSENTIALS Course is a comprehensive course that teaches students how to use Roblox Studio to create video games. The course is taught by Kyle Davies, an expert in Roblox Studio, and provides a step-by-step guide for beginners who want to become Roblox game developers. The course covers topics such as setting up a Roblox Studio account, building worlds with the Terrain Editor, coding gameplay, and changing game settings. It also includes lessons on creating models, using the Terrain Editor, cutting through parts, and changing game lighting.

The course is designed for beginners who have no previous experience with Roblox Studio or coding. It is perfect for those who want to learn how to begin using Roblox Studio and save time by learning the best ways to use it. The course is easy to follow with many full live demos and walkthroughs of exactly what to do.

The course is divided into several sections, including an introduction, beginning quickstart lessons, how to use Roblox Studio, how to change gameplay, coding in Roblox, changing your game with scripts, and a conclusion thanking students for taking the course. The course also includes keyboard shortcuts that can save time and best practices for coding within Roblox Studio.

Overall, the Roblox Beginner ESSENTIALS Course is a must-have for those looking to grow their skills on Roblox Studio. With hard work, focus, and dedication, students can master the skills needed to make their video game concepts a reality.