10 Best Synology Nas Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookThis article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the best online courses available for learning about Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. Synology NAS systems are widely used for data storage and management, and understanding their configuration and functionality is vital for IT professionals and businesses alike. With numerous online courses available, this article will review and compare the top options based on their content, structure, and overall value, helping readers make informed decisions when selecting a course to enhance their Synology NAS knowledge and skills.

Here’s a look at the Best Synology Nas Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Synology Nas Courses and Certifications Online

1. Synology DiskStation einrichten von A-Z unter DSM 6.x by Bamberger Dominik (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The course titled “Synology DiskStation einrichten von A-Z unter DSM 6.x” is an introductory course taught by Bamberger Dominik. The goal of the course is to make the DiskStation fully functional for beginners by covering topics from hardware installation and operating system setup to app installation and configuration. The course also covers network access from Windows and macOS, as well as the internet with IPv4 or IPv6 connections. All connections are encrypted and administrators are secured with 2-factor authentication.

The course is divided into different sections including an introduction, hardware installation, installation of DSM operating system on the DiskStation, creating volumes, configuring the system control panel, network access with Windows and Mac, accessing DiskStation services over the internet, configuring the system control panel further, installing and configuring apps from the package center, and concluding remarks.

The course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the DiskStation and its features to novices. The course also includes a bonus section.

2. Synology DiskStation als private Cloud & Produktiv-Apps by Bamberger Dominik (Udemy)

This course, titled “Synology DiskStation als private Cloud & Produktiv-Apps,” is instructed by Bamberger Dominik. The course aims to teach individuals how to use the Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS) device as a private cloud and leverage collaboration apps.

The course covers the various benefits of using a Synology NAS as a private cloud, which includes being independent of third-party providers. This is achieved by transferring all data, including contacts, calendars, photos, and other files, onto the device instead of relying on cloud providers such as Apple, Google, or Microsoft.

The course offers an introduction section, followed by topics such as the Synology calendar, CardDAV server, Synology Drive, Synology Office, Synology Chat, Moments, Photo Station, and Bonus Note Station.

Individuals who prefer using the convenience of iCloud contacts, Google Calendar, or Microsoft OneNote can still do so while exploring the additional features that the Synology NAS offers.

The course concludes with final thoughts and recommendations.

3. Configuring the Synology Network Attached Storage Appliance by Daniel Botescu (Udemy)

The “Configuring the Synology Network Attached Storage Appliance” course, led by Daniel Botescu, aims to teach participants how to work with Synology NAS appliances, which provide many functions that can be useful for everyday tasks. This course covers topics such as creating private cloud storage, connecting to IP surveillance cameras, creating files, shared folders, volumes, installing and using a web server, among others.

The prerequisites for this course are basic networking knowledge, hard drive and storage knowledge, and a desire to learn new things. By the end of the course, participants should be able to configure the multitude of functions provided by a Synology storage appliance and use it to increase productivity in their daily operations. Additionally, they will learn how to keep their data safe.

The course is divided into four sections: an introduction to Synology and NAS appliances, a walkthrough of the system and initial setup, configuring services and operations, and a conclusion.

4. Synology NAS – Configure & Administer like a Storage Pro!! by Emilio Aguero (Udemy)

Course Title: Synology NAS – Configure & Administer like a Storage Pro!!

Course Description: The Synology NAS – Configure & Administer like a Storage Pro!! course is designed to provide individuals with an essential and foundational understanding of how to setup, use and configure Synology NAS systems. In this course, we will cover a range of storage technologies with a focus on NAS.

The course is suitable for individuals who are new to the field or would like to enhance their knowledge. The course will provide the skills needed to set up and work with Synology NAS devices, which are commonly used in businesses and homes around the world.

The course will cover the following areas-

– Introduction to NAS and Synology
– Setting up and configuring a NAS
– Building and using disk pools, volumes, and shares
– RAID differences
– How to fully administer and master the Synology NAS
– Much more

The course is designed for individuals with little to no knowledge about Storage, NAS, and Synology systems. By the end of the course, individuals will be able to fully manage a Synology NAS and apply their new skills in administering it like a pro.

The course will be easy to understand and will provide an overview of the necessary skills. It will give individuals foundational skills that they can add to their knowledge bank while continuing to improve on their tech skills more and more.

The course is divided into the following sections- Introduction, Hardware and Initial Walkthrough, Setup & Config, Disk Configuration, Updates and Notifications, Services and Operations, Apps and Further Config, and Conclusion.

5. Das große Synology DSM 7 Kompendium by Patrick Schlenker (Udemy)

Course Title: Das große Synology DSM 7 Kompendium
Course Instructors: Patrick Schlenker

The course aims to empower Synology NAS owners to take control of their data. The Synology NAS (Network Attached Storage) is more than just a storage device. The course, “Das große Synology DSM 7 Kompendium,” will show participants how to utilize the device to its full potential.

Users of Google or Apple cloud services may be unaware of where their sensitive data, such as contacts and photos, are stored and who has access to it. Additionally, users may be paying monthly fees for storage capacity when they already own a Synology NAS. The course emphasizes taking 100% control of data by using a Synology NAS like a pro.

Participants will learn how to replace cloud storage providers such as Dropbox with a Synology NAS, manage their central photos with Synology Photos, and replace iCloud with Synology Kalender and Kontakte. The course will also cover fundamental configurations, including securing access to the NAS from external sources and using a TLS certificate for added security. All Synology services presented in the course are free with the purchase of a Synology NAS.

The course is suitable for Synology NAS owners who wish to become Synology NAS users. The course offers something for everyone, and the content is actionable.

The course includes the following sections:
– Introduction
– Upgrading from DSM 6.x
– Basic configuration – making the NAS externally accessible
– Basic configuration – security
– Synology Drive
– Synology Kalender
– Synology Kontakte
– Synology Photos
– Other Synology NAS applications
– Bonus

Note that the course primarily uses Disk-Station-Manager (DSM) version 7.x.

6. Das große Synology NAS Kompendium (DSM 6.x) by Patrick Schlenker (Udemy)

The course titled “Das große Synology NAS Kompendium (DSM 6.x)” is being offered by Patrick Schlenker. The course aims to help Synology NAS owners become proficient users of the device. It covers the use of Synology Cloud services for data, photos, calendar, and contacts. The current version of Synology DSM 7 Kompendium is available through various channels. Interested learners can access the course through the instructor’s website or by sending a private message to the instructor for a link to the Udemy platform.

The course emphasizes that Synology NAS is much more than a simple data storage device. It highlights concerns about the security of sensitive data stored on third-party cloud services and the associated costs of using these services. The course promises to teach participants how to take full control of their data using Synology NAS like a pro. It covers replacing cloud storage providers like Dropbox with Synology Drive, using Synology Kalender and Synology Kontakte to replace iCloud, and managing a central photo repository with the Photo Station Synology NAS application. The course also covers basic configurations for accessing the NAS remotely and security aspects like using a TLS certificate and setting up 2-factor authentication.

The course is suitable for Synology NAS owners who want to optimize the use of their device and become proficient users of Synology Cloud services. The course is designed in a way that allows for easy implementation of learned concepts. The course content is divided into several sections, including an introduction and prerequisites, basic configurations, Synology Drive, Synology Calendar, Synology Contacts (CardDAV Server), Photo Station and Moments, and other topics. The course also includes a bonus lesson and an assessment.

Participants can access the course at a discounted price by using the code “KOMPENDIUM25RABATT” through the instructor’s website. The course uses the Disk-Station-Manager (DSM) in version 6.2.2.

7. Instalación y configuración de NAS Synology by Jair Gomez (Udemy)

Course Title: “Instalación y Configuración de NAS Synology”

This course focuses on teaching students how to implement Synology NAS devices in their homes, offices, or businesses. The course is led by Jair Gomez and covers various aspects of NAS Synology installation and configuration.

The course begins with an introduction to the topic, followed by an in-depth discussion of the installation and configuration process. The section covers various aspects of NAS Synology installation, including hardware requirements, software installation, and network configuration.

The third section of the course focuses on storage administration. This section covers various topics related to the administration of storage, including disk management, RAID configurations, and file sharing.

Overall, this course provides an excellent opportunity for individuals and businesses to learn how to implement NAS Synology devices and leverage them for their storage needs.

8. NAS Synology desde principiante by Efisio Pitzalis Morillas, Arturo Pozo Torres (Udemy)

The course titled “NAS Synology desde principiante” is aimed at teaching users how to effectively use a Synology NAS server. The course covers various aspects of NAS management such as configuring a personal drive, music, and streaming server, as well as managing users and backups.

The course is divided into different sections. The introduction provides an overview of the course, course instructors, and information on what NAS is. The second section covers the installation and initial setup of the Synology DSM operating system. The third section focuses on user management, including group creation and assigning permissions. The fourth section covers NAS configuration, including IP address configuration, DHCP, and access from external networks.

The fifth section covers various Synology applications, including Drive, Office Drive, Moments, Photo Station, Audio Station, Video Station, Download Station, and Synology Chat. Section six covers advanced software installation and configuration, including Plex, MariaDB, phpMyAdmin, WordPress, Prestashop, Java, Tomcat, and docker. The seventh section focuses on security tips such as disabling the admin user, strong passwords, session expiration, changing default ports, two-step verification, and using the security advisor.

The eighth section covers storage management, including volume expansion, shared folder creation, TimeMachine configuration, and raid configuration. The ninth section covers other utilities such as installing a note editor, VPN server configuration, and third-party application installation. The course concludes with a summary of the covered topics.

Overall, the course provides a comprehensive guide on using a Synology NAS server, with detailed information on various aspects of NAS management, including user management, security configuration, and storage management.

9. Synology NAS: Erstelle einfach DEINE private Cloud (DSM 6.x) by Patrick Schlenker (Udemy)

This course, titled “Synology NAS: Erstelle einfach DEINE private Cloud (DSM 6.x)”, is taught by Patrick Schlenker and aims to teach users how to utilize their Synology NAS devices to create their own private cloud and become less reliant on popular cloud providers such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or Apple iCloud. The course is designed to help users understand where their data is stored and how safe it is, as well as enable them to take control over their data by creating their own private cloud. The course is primarily intended for private users, but the configurations covered can also be applied to business users.

The course will use the Disk-Station-Manager (DSM) in version 6.2.2, and will cover the following content and sections: introduction and learning objectives, a brief overview of theory, setting up the Synology NAS device for Drive Cloud, installation and configuration of the Drive Suite on the server, installation and configuration of Synology Drive on the client side, version explorer, client list, and protocol on the server, bonus lessons, concluding remarks, and a final test.

By the end of this course, users will have a deeper understanding of how to utilize their Synology NAS devices to create their own private cloud and control their data securely. The course is structured to enable users to take control of their data by creating a cloud that is fully customizable and secure.

10. Synology NAS Storage Administrator – Zero To Hero by Omar Belal (Udemy)

This course, titled “Synology NAS Storage Administrator – Zero To Hero,” is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of Synology NAS and how to access data from anywhere in the world using the Synology appliance. The importance of storage space in companies and homes has increased with the use of files, making it necessary to have a shared large storage space. Synology storage offers various features that are not provided by other companies and guarantees protection and a permanent presence. Synology’s security and storage solutions require IT professionals to be aware of all the important details in Synology products, including RAID and file division on Synology storage. The course will cover these topics in detail and provide participants with an understanding of the many applications that can be used on Synology storage.

The instructor, Omar Belal, has installed Synology storage in various settings, including universities, factories, schools, and homes. He will be available to provide assistance with the applications at any time. The course is suitable for individuals in the world of information technology and those who are not. The content and sections of the course will cover Synology NAS Storage Administration.