10 Best Telegram Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookTelegram is a cloud-based instant messaging platform known for its user-friendly interface and strong security features. With its popularity continuously increasing, individuals and businesses are seeking ways to optimize their use of the application. To cater to this demand, numerous online courses have been developed, aiming to equip Telegram users with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively navigate and utilize the platform’s features. This article provides an overview of some of the top Telegram courses available online.

Here’s a look at the Best Telegram Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Telegram Courses and Certifications Online

1. How to create Telegram bots with Python. No-Nonsense Guide by Alexander Shavelev (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The “How to create Telegram bots with Python. No-Nonsense Guide” course is taught by Alexander Shavelev and includes step-by-step instruction on discovering Bot API and common patterns, as well as ample opportunity for practice. A Telegram promocode, TELEGRAMPROMOJUNE, is available.

The course covers the creation of a bot, exploring various settings, and utilizing the full power of Bot API to create a real-world application. Basic and advanced components of bots are presented, along with quizzes to reinforce learning. The course also includes questions from beginner bot developers.

The course is divided into sections, including an introduction, setting up a Telegram bot, building the first simple bot, diving into bot features, advanced features, creating a real-world application, deployment, and a bonus section.

By the end of the course, students will have gained a comprehensive understanding of Bot API and the ability to create their own bots with Python.

2. Telegram bot with Python and Dialogflow by Maksym Postument (Udemy)


The Telegram bot with Python and Dialogflow course is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of how to build a joke bot with Dialogflow. The course is led by Maksym Postument, who is a seasoned instructor in the field.


Before enrolling in this course, it is recommended that students have a basic understanding of Python programming language. Familiarity with Telegram bot development and Dialogflow will also be helpful.

Bot basics:

The course will begin with an overview of logging setup and the creation of a first command handler. Students will then learn how to create a message handler and pull the latest messages from Telegram. The course will cover the basics of bot development, including how to integrate the bot with Dialogflow.

Integrating with DialogFlow:

The final section of the course will focus on integrating the bot with Dialogflow. Students will learn how to teach the Telegram bot to send and receive responses from Dialogflow. This section will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of how to build a successful Telegram bot with Python and Dialogflow.

Overall, the Telegram bot with Python and Dialogflow course is an excellent choice for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of Telegram bot development and Dialogflow. The course is well-structured and led by an experienced instructor, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and advanced students.

3. Telegram Bot – Beginners to Pro – Chatbot – Group Management by Vikas Kumar Jha (Udemy)

The Telegram Bot – Beginners to Pro – Chatbot – Group Management Course, instructed by Vikas Kumar Jha, is a comprehensive course that covers all aspects of Telegram Bot and Automation. The course includes easy-to-follow and real-life examples using Python programming to manage Telegram groups and achieve complex functionalities. Participants will be able to create real-time projects, which can be used to impress friends, colleagues, or add to their CV.

The course covers different Telegram APIs to automate tasks that were previously handled manually by Telegram Group Admins. Participants will learn how to create Telegram Bots and read, send, and delete group messages, photos, and documents. They will also learn how to create auto-replying bots, welcome and goodbye messages, and delete messages using selected keywords.

Furthermore, the course covers six real-time projects, including creating a chatbot that can answer questions or queries, a URL shortener, a Youtube keyword checker, an image downloader, and sending quotes and jokes.

The course is structured into six sections, starting with an introduction, followed by bot creation and reading messages, sending messages including photos, documents and audio, replying to messages and creating a chatbot.

4. Full Stack Telegram Bot from Scratch(Python + PSQL + Heroku) by Dmytro Malyshenko (Udemy)

The Full Stack Telegram Bot from Scratch course teaches how to build and deploy a complete telegram bot with a connected database. The course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to build their first custom telegram bot and deploy it to a popular web server. The course includes 2 hours of HD video tutorials with clear captions and covers various tools and technologies such as Python 3, Python multithreading, PyCharm, Telegram API, python-telegram-bot, psycopg2 python modules, Database PostgreSQL, Git, GitHub, Version Control, and more. The course is broken down into five sections: creating and configuring a bot, Python basics (optional), basic functionality of the bot, background task for monitoring, connecting Postgres database, and deploying to Heroku. By the end of the course, students will have programmed their own custom bot that is capable of storing information in a dedicated database and is available to any Telegram user.

5. Complete course TelegramBot and PHP, Build your ChatBot by wholesky Clem (Udemy)

The course titled “Complete Course TelegramBot and PHP: Build Your ChatBot” features instructors wholesky and Clem. The short description of the course includes learning PHP and TelegramBot complete course API method, and how to build a robot in 2021. The long description includes an announcement of a new big update for 2021, which is currently being produced and recorded based on feedback received from previous students. The course covers all methods of Telegram for writing a bot, and focuses on API and PHP, with step-by-step instructions for creating a TelegramBot. The course also includes examples and complete projects to help students understand the material better.

The course content includes an introduction, beginning with installation and Botfather, learning PHP easily, database CRUD PHP, and how to create a TelegramBOT with PHP, which is currently being updated. The course also covers sending photos, audio, documents, and future parameter of methods, as well as projects such as random file, keyboards, saving information, nested menu and step, inline bot, and registration system. Projects also include creating a file store or music store. By the end of the course, students will have a new understanding of programming and be able to work with other APIs like WhatsApp, write their TelegramBot and application free on Telegram platform, and start a new career.

6. Telegram Bot in Java by Mousa Al Bateh (Udemy)

Course Title:
Telegram Bot in Java

Course Instructors:
Mousa Al Bateh

Course Short Description:
This course focuses on creating and programming Telegram bots in Java, with examples in code. It provides a detailed, practical approach to building a responsive bot that can respond to messages from different users.

Course Long Description:
Participants will develop the skills necessary to create a responsive Telegram bot, which can be applied to hobby projects or workplace tasks assigned by an employer. The course focuses on programming the bot in Java, which is one of the most widely used languages globally. The course aims to be fun, meaningful, and short, enabling participants to pick it up quickly, dedicating a few days to the training.

The course structure is designed to first explain concepts concisely, and then enhance the understanding with practical live coding videos for each functionality. To ensure participants don’t lose their way, codes will be shared via Bitbucket.

Who This Course is For:
The course is ideal for beginning programmers who have basic coding skills, as well as experienced developers seeking to avoid hours of digging for the correct documentation or methods to program the bot.

Course Content and Sections:

1. Introduction
2. Setup
3. Bot Programming
4. User Data Persistence on MongoDB
5. Pizza Bot Project
6. Customer Support Bot
7. Bot Deployment to a Server

7. Telegram Marketing Beginner to Advanced: Start+Grow+Monetize by Sam BA (Udemy)

The Telegram Marketing Beginner to Advanced: Start+Grow+Monetize course offers an alternative to Facebook Groups and other community solutions. The course aims to help users reach 100% of their followers with less effort.

The instructor, Sam BA, had issues with growing organically on Facebook due to limitations on sharing. Additionally, Facebook’s algorithm suppressed his posts, leading to only 20% of his followers seeing them. When sharing links to outside offers, only 2% of followers would see them. During his research, he discovered Telegram Channels as an alternative.

Telegram Channels offer benefits such as no ads, unlimited subscribers, and high privacy and security. Telegram’s audience is mainly men and women between 24-37 years old, well-off financially, and well-educated. The course also offers lifetime access to updates, fast and friendly support, and a Udemy Certificate of Completion.

Enrollment comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the instructor is available in the Q&A section 7 days a week to help users succeed with their Telegram Channels, offers, and affiliate marketing endeavors. The course is broken down into four sections: introduction, how to create and use Telegram Channels, a remark and strategy, and monetizing your Telegram Channel.

8. Telegram Marketing for Business and Personal Promotion by Константин Савкин (Udemy)

The Telegram Marketing for Business and Personal Promotion course, led by instructor Константин Савкин, aims to provide insights into Telegram marketing strategies to attract channel subscribers, increase post views, and boost SEO promotion, among other benefits. The course is designed for those who seek to grow a successful Telegram channel, increase their members without paying for ads, and leverage the Telegram Channel to promote corporate content.

The course emphasizes Telegram channels as a tool to broadcast public messages to a large audience, with an unlimited number of members. The message is signed with the channel’s name rather than the sender’s, and additional administrators can be appointed to manage the channel. Moreover, new members can see the entire message history in a channel once they join.

The course provides a detailed account of how to create a channel with over 1,000 members, generate revenue in diversified ways, and promote personal branding. The instructor shares insights that took him a significant amount of time to learn and figure out, and provides tips to help students create a winning strategy for their Telegram channels.

The course concludes with a disclaimer that results may vary for different students, depending on their channel type, market conditions, and implementation of the strategies provided in the course. However, the course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing students to try it risk-free and learn how to grow their Telegram channels in many amazing ways.

The course is divided into four sections: an introduction to the course, starting a Telegram channel from zero, growing the audience and getting more subscribers, and an overall authority strategy.

9. Ultimate Guide | Develop Telegram Bots (Java) by Michi Guckla (Udemy)

The Ultimate Guide | Develop Telegram Bots (Java) course is a series of high-quality tutorials teaching participants how to create custom Telegram bots using Java. The course is suitable for beginners with no programming experience and includes everything from registering a Telegram account to creating and hosting a bot, writing programs, and working with API changes. The course is free and includes lectures, materials, and resources to help participants become advanced Telegram bot developers.

The course is led by instructor Michi Guckla and is designed to provide participants with a peaceful and knowledgeable atmosphere. The course includes a 30-day money-back guarantee and participants are encouraged to ask questions, make suggestions, or have conversations with the instructor. The course is broken down into seven sections, including bot development, Java basics, setting up a bot, advanced features, config file, database (SQLite), and ending.

Participants can enroll in the course with confidence, as the instructor has a lot of experience in the topic and is confident in their ability to lead participants to amazing results in a quick and efficient way. Overall, the Ultimate Guide | Develop Telegram Bots (Java) course is a comprehensive and valuable resource for anyone interested in creating custom Telegram bots using Java.

10. Telegram Marketing Advanced Monetization Strategies:for PROS by Sam BA (Udemy)

The “Telegram Marketing Advanced Monetization Strategies: for PROS” course offers strategies for faster monetization of Telegram channels. The course promises to provide passive income and valuable insights to online marketers who are struggling to succeed. The course offers practical tips and advice, along with step-by-step instructions on how to monetize Telegram channels. The course is designed to help online marketers overcome information overload and learn how to market like the pros.

The course offers valuable insights for online marketers who are struggling to make money online. The course creator acknowledges that it can be frustrating and exhausting to try and make a living online, and that many people end up paying hundreds of dollars for software that does not work. The course is designed to help online marketers overcome these challenges by providing them with practical tips and advice on how to monetize Telegram channels.

The course promises to offer a comprehensive solution to making money online. The creator claims to have used the same strategies to make money online in less than two months, and has shared these strategies with other online marketers who have also achieved success. The course is designed to provide online marketers with the ultimate secret book that changed the creator’s life, along with other tips and strategies to monetize Telegram channels.

The course provides an all-in-one solution for online marketers who are struggling to make money online. The creator promises to provide “straight from the trenches” advice and is available to answer all questions within 24 hours. The course includes a full 30-day money-back guarantee, so there is no risk for online marketers who want to try the course. The course is designed to help online marketers achieve success beyond their wildest dreams.

The course includes an introduction, along with sections on Telegram as an alternative to Facebook, and a warning for online marketers. The course promises to provide valuable tips and advice on how to monetize Telegram channels, along with step-by-step instructions for online marketers who are struggling to make money online.