10 Best Telepathy Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookTelepathy is a phenomenon that has intrigued humans for centuries. The ability to communicate with another person using only the power of the mind is a skill that many aspire to possess. With the advent of online education, it has become easier than ever before to access Telepathy courses from the comfort of your own home. The internet is replete with options for those looking to develop their Telepathy skills, and choosing the best one can be overwhelming. In this article, we will explore the key features of the top Telepathy courses available online, helping you make an informed decision about which one to choose.

Here’s a look at the Best Telepathy Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Telepathy Courses and Certifications Online

1. Animal Communication For beginners by Claire Bloomfield (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Animal Communication for Beginners course, taught by professional animal communicator Claire Bloomfield, aims to teach an easy process for telepathically communicating with animals. The course is designed for those who have always been curious about how animal communicators do what they do but felt they needed some special ability to communicate with animals. The course emphasizes the importance of practice and recommends practicing with other people’s animals first before practicing with one’s own.

The course is suitable for those who want to understand what their animals are trying to communicate, want to identify the underlying cause of their animal’s behavioral challenges, or just want to have a casual conversation with their animal friends. While animal communication is a lifelong gift, it requires practice like any other language. The course has received great reviews from students who have already had great results.

The course breaks down the techniques used by professional animal communicators into a basic and simplified course that explains the process of communicating with animals without the need for a lot of study or meditation. The course covers the concepts behind animal communication, how animals do it, and what the student needs to do to prepare themselves for this kind of communication. The course also teaches techniques for quieting the mind and protecting oneself and the animal before connecting with them.

The course is designed to deepen the student’s connection with their animal and develop a more conscious communication with them. Bloomfield emphasizes that she was not born psychic and that it took years of hard work and studying to get to the point where she could communicate telepathically with animals. Passing on what she has learned to others is something she takes great pride in.

It is important for students to have realistic expectations about communicating with their own animals after finishing the course. Trusting what one receives takes practice, and practicing with other students on the platform allows for validation and builds confidence. The course is broken down into Introduction to the course, Getting ready to communicate, Telepathic communication, and Communicating with animals sections.

2. Animal Communication – Intermediate by Claire Bloomfield (Udemy)

The Animal Communication – Intermediate Course, led by Claire Bloomfield, is designed to offer intermediate level instruction in telepathic animal communication. The course builds upon the foundation of the Beginner’s course, providing support and guidance as students become more confident in their ability to communicate with animals. This course is suitable for individuals who have already completed a beginner’s course in animal communication.

The course covers a variety of topics, including the use of animal communication in everyday situations, as well as with more complex issues such as communicating with wild or rescue animals, and animals who have passed on. Students will also learn how to check in with their own mental and physical states to improve communication.

In addition to improving communication with animals, the course aims to provide students with the ability to better understand and respond to animal behavior. This skill is important for individuals working in professions that involve animal care, such as pet sitters, dog trainers, and rescue shelter workers.

The course also covers more complex issues of animal communication, including mirroring, reincarnation, and animals with emotional disorders. Students will learn how to prepare themselves and their animals for the passing of a beloved animal friend, and how to help animals suffering from illness or injury.

Throughout the course, students will have access to a supportive and loving community and will have the opportunity to practice what they have learned with other student’s animals. The course is organized into six sections: Introduction, The Learning Process, Conducting a Session, Problem-Solving, Challenges and Deeper Issues.

3. Natural ANIMAL Communication CERTIFIED Course 2022 by Inner Spirit (Udemy)

The Natural ANIMAL Communication CERTIFIED Course 2022 is an online course offered by Inner Spirit that teaches participants how to communicate with animals through telepathy, spirituality, and science. Animal communication is a natural-born skill that has been used for centuries to form strong bonds and relationships with animals. This course aims to help learners rediscover this innate ability and use it to form deeper connections with other species. The course includes lectures, meditations, exercises, and downloadable materials to help participants become proficient animal communicators.

The course covers several topics, including the natural way our ancestors communed with animals, the science and spirituality of animal communication, and techniques to connect with any being and oneself in a more profound way. Additionally, the course includes exercises to empower participants’ consciousness, masterclass demonstrations, step-by-step practices, and a deep dive into all aspects of animal communication. Participants will also learn about animal behavior, such as whether animals lie, understanding predators and adaptation, and how to respond to the passing of an animal spirit.

The course is designed to be accessible to both beginners and progressive communicators. It includes theory, exercises, and real-life examples of interspecies communication, followed by genuine animal communication exercises. Participants are encouraged to put in the work as there are no shortcuts to mastering animal communication. The course includes hours of video content that covers the science of animal sentience and the more soulful moments of animal life passing to spirit.

The course’s instructor, Helen, has spent years traveling the world, learning the secrets of natural animal communication, and condensing her knowledge into the most practical and usable forms. She has also included bonus material to reinforce the concepts participants learn within the course, including bonus meditations and true stories of experiences. Helen is an approved training provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT), and this course has been officially approved by them.

4. Animal Communication – Animals and the Afterlife by Claire Bloomfield (Udemy)

The Animal Communication – Animals and the Afterlife course offers a chance to explore the topic of death and the afterlife from an animal’s perspective through telepathic communication. The instructor, Claire Bloomfield, draws on her extensive experience as an animal communicator to provide insight into how animals experience death, what life is like on the other side, and what they want us to know. The course is designed for those who have lost an animal companion, those who are caring for an animal in declining health, or those who are curious about the topic.

The course aims to help individuals better cope with the loss of an animal companion by sharing information about how animals experience death and the afterlife. Students will learn how to communicate with their own animals in spirit and explore the concept of reincarnation. The course addresses common questions about the afterlife, including whether animals have a soul, if animals go to heaven, and what happens on the other side.

While the course provides guidance on what to say to a dying animal and how to communicate with animals in spirit, it is not a course on animal communication for beginners. The course is designed for those who already have a basic understanding of animal communication and want to learn more about the afterlife of animals. The course is also appropriate for those who are grieving the loss of an animal companion.

The Animal Communication – Animals and the Afterlife course is divided into several sections, including an introduction, discussions on souls, death and dying, grieving, the afterlife, reincarnation, and special considerations. The course is intended to provide comfort and guidance to those who have lost an animal companion and to help individuals better understand death and the afterlife from an animal’s perspective.

5. Telepathic Healing 101 by Bill Haberman (Udemy)

The course, Telepathic Healing 101, is designed to introduce participants to the concept of healing through secret “mind-to-mind” communication. The course is instructed by Bill Haberman and is suitable for all healers and caring friends.

The practical course is geared towards teaching participants how to apply the ancient Chinese Art of organ-emotion healing, Emile Coue healing, autogenic healing, and more. The course content is fully integrate-able with any healing modality being used or can be used on its own to achieve amazing effects.

Participants will learn how to use their latent telepathic sense to heal or speed up healing of the mind, body, or spirit. The principles learned in the course can have wider applications beyond healing.

The course is divided into five sections. The first section is a general introduction to telepathy. The second section covers doing a Telepathic Sending, while the third section focuses on practical usage of healing telepathy.

In the fourth section, participants will be introduced to Advanced Telepathic Healing using Chinese Qi Gong Organ-Emotion Healing. The fifth and final section covers additional considerations about Telepathic Healing.

Overall, Telepathic Healing 101 offers a simple and straightforward approach to healing through telepathic communication. The course is suitable for anyone interested in expanding their healing abilities, and the principles learned can be applied to other areas of life beyond healing.

6. Finding Lost Animals using Animal Communication by Claire Bloomfield (Udemy)

The Finding Lost Animals using Animal Communication course is designed for both practicing animal communicators and individuals who may have an animal go missing. The course is intended to offer practical tips and advice on how to use animal communication when working on lost animal cases, as well as guidance for those with missing animals. The course is structured to provide a list of important questions to ask when communicating with a lost animal, an example communication with a missing animal, and tips for how to get help from your own animals and the Universe to bring an animal home.

The course contains a section on what to expect from lost animal communication sessions, from the point of view of the animal, the guardian, and the communicator. This helps ensure everyone is working from the same understanding, increasing the chances of success. The course also introduces reasons why animals might go missing and advice on how to handle that. The curriculum includes the following sections: Introduction, Getting prepared, Methods for finding lost animals, What to expect with lost animal cases, Lost animal communication session, The guardian’s influence on a lost animal case, Increase your chances of finding a lost animal, and Practical advice.

It is important to note that communicating telepathically with your own animals can be much harder as you have a vested interest in the results. However, the course is designed with both the communicator and animal guardian in mind, as it will help communicators know what advice the animal’s guardian should be following and help guardians understand how and why a communicator works their case the way they do. The course’s aim is to have everyone working from the same perspective, making it easier for lost animals to be located and returned to their homes safely and quickly.

Those seeking advice about a lost animal and wondering if animal communication might help will find the information provided in this course supportive. The course provides a list of important yes/no questions and open-ended questions that can be asked to get the most useful information from the missing animal.

7. Animal Communication 101 by Claire Bloomfield (Udemy)

Animal Communication 101 is a course offered by Claire Bloomfield, which provides insights and tips for communicating telepathically with animals. The course is designed for both beginners and those who have been practicing animal communication for some time. However, it is recommended that beginners take an equivalent beginners course or Bloomfield’s beginners course prior to enrolling.

The course consists of 60 lessons that cover a wide range of topics from Chakras and crystals to self-care, which will help students to further develop their skills as animal communicators. The course contents are divided into different sections that cover understanding animal communication, energy and vibration, getting started, mental, physical, external and energy blockages, the necessary elements for effective communication, enhancing communications and developing animal communication skills.

Bloomfield shares her experiences and stories to help guide students through their journey of learning to communicate with animals. The course teaches fundamental skills of connecting and understanding intuitively what animals have to say. It stresses the importance of setting boundaries while communicating with animals and also discusses the challenges students may face while practicing animal communication.

The course provides detailed guidance on how to deal with blocks students may encounter while communicating with animals and tips to help ease the way as their skills develop. Animal Communication 101 is an excellent resource for those who are struggling with communicating with animals or for anyone who wants to hone their skills as budding communicators.

8. Missing Animals – The ANIMAL COMMUNICATION CERTIFiED Course by Inner Spirit (Udemy)

The “Missing Animals – The ANIMAL COMMUNICATION CERTIFIED Course” is a masterclass that teaches animal communication techniques to connect and understand animals at a deeper level. This course is designed to assist people in guiding lost animals to safety, confidence, and harmony with nature. The course is created by an industry expert who has over 30 years of experience as a spiritual communicator for animals and indigenous tribes all over the world.

The course is over 3 hours long and includes lectures, tutorials, and remote viewing exercises. It provides additional downloadable resources that learners can keep forever. The course is perfect for individuals who want to improve their animal communication skills and fine-tune their existing knowledge.

The course covers various modules, including inspirational stories, understanding why animals go missing, developing a simple plan, the first steps and initial contact, the emotions of missing an animal, helping animals find home or a new home, and more. The course also includes exercises to help learners ingrain their newfound knowledge for years to come.

The course is eligible for an IICT approved certificate upon completion and review. The instructor can be contacted through the messages section of the course if learners need additional help or guidance.

In summary, the “Missing Animals – The ANIMAL COMMUNICATION CERTIFIED Course” is designed to improve animal communication skills to assist lost animals. The course provides lectures, tutorials, and remote viewing exercises, as well as additional downloadable resources. It is perfect for individuals who want to hone their animal communication skills and earn an IICT approved certificate.

9. Animal Communication; Dog; Cat; Telepathy Certificate Course by Crystal Tummala (Udemy)

Animal Communication: Dog, Cat, Telepathy Certificate Course is a course offered by Crystal Tummala through Pursuing Wisdom Academy. The course aims to help individuals establish a stronger connection with their pets and teach them methods to locate missing pets. Crystal Tummala, who has over 40 years of experience in owning dogs and cats, formulated the course based on her personal experiences.

The course has several learning objectives, such as teaching participants about animal communication, how to communicate with their pets, and how to use animal telepathy. Furthermore, the course also focuses on identifying blocked messages and how to deal with them, dog training for telepathy, and better understanding animal behavior. In addition to this, the course also teaches participants several methods of locating lost pets using Dowsing, Body Scan, and Remote Viewing.

The course is backed by a 30-day, risk-free money-back guarantee, and participants will have lifetime access to the course content and updates. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from Pursuing Wisdom Academy.

Interested individuals can enroll in the course today through the Pursuing Wisdom Academy website. The course comprises several sections, including an introduction. The course has been taken by over 74,000 students in 180 countries.

10. Animal Communication Beginner Level by Zoe Henderson, Tamara Pitelen (Udemy)

The Animal Communication Beginner Level Course is designed to help animal lovers develop their ability to communicate with animals telepathically. The course is taught by Zoe Henderson, a professional animal communicator and energy healer, and Tamara Pitelen, a trainee communicator. The course is suitable for all individuals who want to connect with the animal world and gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the natural world.

The course covers the essentials of telepathic animal communication, including techniques to quiet the mind, a simple six-step process for communication, and how to use all senses for communication. Participants will learn how to communicate with any animal, including pets, wild animals, farm animals, and even marine life and insects. The course also addresses common obstacles and challenges, such as fear of making things up or experiencing radio silence.

The course concludes by teaching participants how to support animals who are ill or dying and sharing anecdotes of animals from Zoe’s career. The course emphasizes the importance of regaining the ability to communicate with animals for humans and the natural world. Humans have become disconnected from the natural world, and regaining the ability to communicate with animals can help shift consciousness and change the way humans live in the world.

The course teaches intuitive or telepathic communication, which involves the transfer of mental images and movies, physical sensations, words, and emotions. This is not the same as reading body language, which is the work of an animal behaviorist. Humans used to communicate telepathically with other species but have forgotten how to use this ability.

The course is structured methodically, with a progression designed to open up intuitive pathways gradually. The course includes an introduction, preparing for communication, the six steps of communication, demonstrations, live practice sessions, varying styles of communication, and concluding next steps. The course is suitable for anyone, regardless of experience or special abilities.