10 Best Test Driven Development Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookTest Driven Development (TDD) is a software development approach that emphasizes building automated tests before writing any production code. This technique helps to detect errors early on in the development cycle, resulting in higher quality and more maintainable software. With the rise of online learning platforms, there is now a plethora of TDD courses available for professionals and students alike. In this article, we will explore some of the top-rated TDD courses available online, based on their content, instructor credibility, and user reviews.

Here’s a look at the Best Test Driven Development Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Test Driven Development Courses and Certifications Online

1. Build a Backend REST API with Python & Django – Advanced by Mark Winterbottom, Brooke Rutherford (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The “Build a Backend REST API with Python & Django – Advanced Course” aims to teach students how to create an advanced REST API through the use of Python, Django REST Framework, and Docker with a focus on Test Driven Development. The course is ideal for freelance programmers, tech entrepreneurs, and beginners in backend development who want to improve their skills with popular programming languages. The project that students will work on throughout the course is an advanced recipe API that allows for uploading and storing of recipes with titles, price points, cooking times, ingredients, and tags. The course covers a range of topics, including user authentication, object creation, filtering and sorting, and image uploading and viewing. It also provides detailed guidance on setting up a project with Docker, configuring GitHub Actions, writing unit tests with Django Test Framework, and handling media files with Django. The course is not suitable for those looking to build a front-end or multiple apps in one course. The content is challenging but practical, with a mix of theory and hands-on practice. The course is divided into several sections, covering different aspects of the project, including App Design, System Setup, Project Setup, Implementation, Deployment, and Upgrades. The course includes a free preview of Lecture 6, which covers options for running Docker on Windows 10 Home edition.

2. Learn TDD in 24 hours by Maurício Aniche (Udemy)

The “Learn TDD in 24 Hours” course, instructed by Maurício Aniche, aims to provide Java developers with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform automated software testing using JUnit. The course offers a comprehensive overview of testing software, including the advantages of automated testing and the art of writing a good test.

Throughout the course, attendees will have access to real-world classes that require testing. The course is designed to teach attendees how to write a good testing code, simulate databases using mock objects, and practice Test-Driven Development (TDD), which involves writing test code before production code.

The course consists of five sections, including “Getting started with automated tests,” “Taking care of the test code,” “Test-Driven Development,” “Mock Objects,” and “Last Thoughts.” Attendees will learn how to write code that works and never have a bug again.

In summary, the “Learn TDD in 24 Hours” course is designed to teach Java developers how to perform automated software testing using JUnit. The course covers the advantages of automated testing, the art of writing good tests, and the benefits of practicing TDD. Attendees will have access to real-world classes and learn how to write code that works without bugs. The course consists of five sections and is instructed by Maurício Aniche.

3. Practical Test Driven Development for Java Programmers by Matt Greencroft, Virtual Pair Programmers (Udemy)

The “Practical Test Driven Development for Java Programmers” course, instructed by Matt Greencroft of Virtual Pair Programmers, offers a real-world approach to the fundamentals of test driven development (TDD) in Java. The course focuses on the practical application of TDD, including how to use JUnit and Mockito for mocking. The course also includes hands-on exercises and covers how to work with legacy code that lacks proper testing.

It is important to note that the course covers JUnit4 and JUnit5 and is compatible with Java versions 7, 8, and 11+.

The course content is divided into ten chapters. Chapter 1 serves as an introduction, and Chapter 2 covers JUnit. Chapter 3 deals with the basics of creating tests, while Chapter 4 covers practicing those basics. Chapter 5 covers refactoring, and Chapter 6 discusses best practices. Chapter 7 covers stubs, and Chapter 8 covers mocks and Mockito. Chapter 9 covers fakes and tautologies, while Chapter 10 provides guidance on how to handle legacy code. Finally, the course concludes with a farewell.

4. React – Mastering Test Driven Development by David Joseph Katz (Udemy)

This course, titled React – Mastering Test Driven Development, teaches individuals how to build React and Redux applications using a test and behavior driven development approach. The course instructs students on testing practices commonly used in the industry with notable testing libraries like Jest and Enzyme.

By learning how to write thorough tests, individuals will become highly sought after software engineers. The course covers the process of building an application from scratch with React and using popular libraries like Jest and Enzyme to guide the testing process.

Additionally, the course covers building a more in-depth application with Redux in the behavior driven development approach. Advanced techniques for testing asynchronous code and effective mocking are also covered.

The course is designed for individuals who have already completed the quick JavaScript and React tutorials online and are looking to take their skills to the next level.

The course includes an introduction, GiftGiver and Test Driven Development section, LootCheck and Behavior Driven Development | Part One section, LootCheck and Behavior Driven Development | Part Two section, and a conclusion.

5. Unit Testing and Test Driven Development in Python by Richard Wells (Udemy)

The course titled “Unit Testing and Test Driven Development in Python” is designed to teach software developers the discipline of Test Driven Development (TDD) using the Python Programming Language. TDD is a key practice that helps developers ensure the quality of their code base. The course covers various aspects of TDD and how it can be used in everyday coding practices.

The course covers the following topics:
– What is Unit Testing and Test Driven Development and how it helps developers.
– An overview of the PyTest testing library and how it is used for writing unit tests in Python.
– How to set up common Python development environments for using PyTest.
– Test Doubles and how to implement and use them with unittest.mock.
– Best Practices for unit testing and Test Driven Development.

The course includes hands-on programming sessions, where participants will learn how to use TDD in Python. The course is divided into sections, including an introduction, overview of TDD, development environment setup, Pytest overview, supermarket checkout kata, Test Doubles, TDD best practices, and conclusion.

6. Test-Driven Development Masterclass with Angular by Irek Mirgaleev (Udemy)

The Test-Driven Development Masterclass with Angular course offers both basic and advanced test-driven development techniques, with a focus on building an Angular web application. The course aims to empower developers with the skills and knowledge to confidently use TDD in test-heavy environments, such as corporate web application development. Participants will learn how to write tests first, make them pass, and then refactor code to meet industry standards.

Throughout the course, learners will create an application with a few simple features whilst following the TDD methodology. For each feature, participants will write a test first, then add code to make it pass. This process will ensure that each feature is built to the required standards. Designed for developers who want to start using test-driven development, but may be struggling to write their first failing test, this course offers an accessible entry point to the methodology.

The course is divided into several sections, including Getting Started, Application Header, Home List, and Home Booking. By enrolling in the course, participants can begin to write their very first test within minutes.

7. Beginning Test Driven Development in C++ by Richard Wells (Udemy)

Course Title: Beginning Test Driven Development in C++

This course, instructed by Richard Wells, focuses on teaching the discipline of Test Driven Development (TDD) using the C++ programming language. TDD is an important practice that ensures code quality, making it a key discipline for software developers.

Throughout the course, participants will learn:

– What Unit Testing and Test Driven Development are and how they can benefit coding practices.
– How to use the Google Test testing library to write unit tests in C++.
– How to set up common C++ development environments to utilize Google Test.
– Best practices for TDD and unit testing.
– Hands-on programming sessions utilizing TDD in C++.

8. Learn Test Driven Development in Java by Fluent Software Solutions (Udemy)

The “Learn Test Driven Development in Java” course offered by Fluent Software Solutions is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of TDD in Java. The course covers the TDD approach from scratch and includes video lectures, demonstrations, and exercises to allow students to gain experience using TDD. The course content includes an introduction to TDD, walkthroughs and exercises to demonstrate TDD, real-world examples of TDD, testing legacy code, test principles, and applying TDD.

The course is suitable for individuals with a basic understanding of Java programming and a desire to learn TDD. The course page provides more information on the content and structure of the course. Interested individuals can sign up for the course to gain access to the ultimate test driven development tutorial for Java.

9. TDD in C# From A to Z by Engineer Spock (Udemy)

The TDD in C# From A to Z course is designed to help developers improve their unit testing skills and learn test-driven development (TDD) using the C# programming language and NUnit as a unit testing framework. The course is aimed at developers who are already familiar with the basics of unit testing and dependency injection, and some experience in C# programming is required. The course provides a solid theoretical foundation reinforced with practical material, including tons of programming sessions and code katas.

The course covers the basics of TDD, including why it is needed, what it is, and the three laws of TDD. Different types of tests, tooling, and other fundamental topics are also explored. The second section focuses on practical implementation, including generating Fibonacci numbers, FizzBuzz, parsing Roman numerals, and more. The three main TDD techniques (faking, triangulation, and obvious implementation), which tests to write first, and how to start writing a test in a TDD manner are also covered.

The course also covers acceptance testing, SpecFlow acceptance testing framework, UI tests, TestStack.White framework, and code katas. The third section explores acceptance and integration testing, and the fourth section takes a real enterprise approach, demonstrating how all the material learned can be applied to a software project. Philosophical topics are discussed in the final two sections, including the relationship between TDD and Agile development, designing architecture upfront, and the quality of tests.

The course material is succinct but comprehensive, and important concepts are covered in-depth. The teaching approach is straightforward, with no fluff or ranting. The course is designed to respect the student’s time and ensure satisfaction.

10. Testing React apps with React Testing Library (RTL) by David Armendáriz (Udemy)

The course titled “Testing React Apps with React Testing Library (RTL)” is focused on teaching individuals how to test React components using the recommended library from Facebook. The course instructor is David Armendáriz.

The course will cover various topics such as the principles of Test Driven Development, the differences between RTL and Enzyme (another popular test framework for React), how Create React App (CRA) works, how Jest works with RTL, and how to test with RTL and query elements using getBy, queryBy, findBy, getAllBy, queryAllBy, and findAllBy. Additionally, the course will cover simulating user interaction with the fireEvent and userEvent APIs, testing components in isolation (unit tests), and understanding coverage and debugging.

The course will also delve into more advanced topics such as mocking 3rd party libraries like Axios and mocking a GET request. Furthermore, students will learn about the pitfalls of CRA. By the end of the course, individuals will have all the necessary tools to test any React component and achieve 100% coverage.

The course contains several sections, including an introduction, bonus materials, CRA, Jest, React Testing Library, coverage and debugging, a more complex example, and custom matchers. The course encourages individuals to have fun and never stop learning.