10 Best Twitch Courses and Certifications Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookTwitch is a popular live streaming platform that has gained immense popularity among gamers and content creators. With its increasing popularity, there is an ever-growing demand for training and courses that can help users make the most out of the platform. As a result, there are numerous Twitch courses available online that claim to provide the best training for aspiring streamers and content creators. However, not all courses are created equal, and it can be challenging to identify the best ones. In this article, we will explore some of the best Twitch courses available online that can help users improve their skills and maximize their potential on the platform.

Here’s a look at the Best Twitch Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

10 Best Twitch Courses and Certifications Online

1. The Complete Guide to Twitch Streaming by LVLUP Dojo, Reinessa Gaming, Sam Murray (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Complete Guide to Twitch Streaming Course, taught by LVLUP Dojo, Reinessa Gaming, and Sam Murray, offers practical ways to start, build, and grow your Twitch stream. The course is designed for avid gamers who want to improve their streaming skills and reach a wider audience. The instructors, who are content creators and industry experts, cover all aspects of live streaming on Twitch.

The course is divided into 9 sections, each containing lectures and actionable activities to apply what you have learned to your own Twitch stream. The sections cover topics like setting up your accounts and software needed to stream, gaming PCs, stream channel aesthetics, streaming bots and extensions, streaming best practices, marketing your stream, Twitch communities, and Twitch culture.

The instructors, Sam Murray and Reinessa, are both partnered Twitch streamers. Sam’s company, Senshudo, creates systems around Twitch to provide analytics and data to help streamers grow their channels and better understand the data behind Twitch. Reinessa has been involved in a wide variety of gaming content creation, including cosplay, YouTube highlights, weekly gaming news shows, and streaming popular competitive games and interesting indie games.

Overall, The Complete Guide to Twitch Streaming Course is suitable for streamers of all levels who want to improve their Twitch channel and community. The course offers comprehensive coverage of live streaming on Twitch and provides practical tips for improving your stream quality and reaching a wider audience.

2. Introduction To Twitch TV Video Game Live Streaming by John Shea (Udemy)

The course titled “Introduction To Twitch TV Video Game Live Streaming” is instructed by John Shea. The course aims to guide individuals who want to start streaming their favorite video games live on Twitch TV. Twitch TV is a platform that allows users to broadcast their game play to the online gaming community and build an audience.

The course provides comprehensive knowledge on how to set up a channel, choose a streaming platform, get artwork, build an audience, and receive donations while playing games live. The course covers various topics such as setting up a channel, comparing different streaming platforms, using a Greenscreen on a stream, getting high-quality artwork designed, becoming personable with the audience, running contests, and giving away prizes.

The course is divided into several sections, including an introduction to Twitch TV, case studies of success on Twitch, which game to play and what people are watching, hardware setup, picking a streaming platform, setting up a channel, consistency and personality, building a following, and conclusion. The course provides an opportunity for individuals to learn how to get started on Twitch TV and build a following within the online gaming community.

3. Ninja’s Guide to Streaming: Grow Your Channel (2019) by LVLUP Dojo (Udemy)

Course Title: Ninja’s Guide to Streaming: Grow Your Channel (2019)

Course Instructors: LVLUP Dojo

Course Short Description: This course, led by Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, provides guidance for individuals looking to start, grow, and maintain their Twitch or Mixer channel.

Course Long Description: Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has become a household name in the gaming industry, largely due to his success in Fortnite. However, Blevins initially gained recognition as a professional Halo player and has since spent over five years as a full-time streamer. In this course, participants can learn from Blevins’ experience and insights to build their own successful streaming channels.

The course covers a range of topics, including starting a Twitch channel from scratch, building a personal brand, implementing gimmicks, and using growth hacks to expand one’s audience. Blevins also addresses the importance of fan interaction and provides guidance on how to effectively engage with one’s audience.

Participants can expect a comprehensive breakdown of what it takes to become a full-time Twitch streamer.

4. The Complete Twitch Streaming Course – 4 Courses in 1 by LVLUP Dojo (Udemy)

The Complete Twitch Streaming Course – 4 Courses in 1 is a comprehensive online course designed to help content creators and broadcasters master the art of Twitch Streaming. This course is created by LVLUP Dojo, in collaboration with four industry experts namely Ninja, ZombiiUnicorn, Squalmuzza, and D1.

The course is ideal for those who want to start streaming but have no idea where to begin, as well as for those who have been streaming for a while but haven’t taken the leap into streaming full-time. By the end of the course, students will learn how to set up their stream, design creative assets for their channel, ideate and build their personal brand, attract new viewers, and build their community.

The course is divided into four sections, each taught by one of the expert instructors. The first section, taught by Ninja, covers how to grow your following on Twitch by using scheduling and consistency, and taking advantage of up-and-coming game titles. The second section, taught by ZombiiUnicorn, focuses on making your stream unique and using your career as a streamer to open up new doors of opportunity and career paths.

The third section, taught by Squalmuzza, covers community building and how to use his years of experience consulting and coaching streamers to partnership and beyond. Finally, the fourth section, taught by D1, provides valuable insight into Twitch’s best practices, how to conduct yourself as a streamer, and how to master Twitch’s affiliate program and use that success to fuel your ascension into Twitch Partnership.

Overall, the course provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the Twitch Streaming ecosystem, and is an excellent resource for anyone looking to take their Twitch Streaming career to the next level.

5. Easily Start Successful Twitch Channel (365-day challenge) by Chris Ahl (Udemy)

The Easily Start Successful Twitch Channel (365-day challenge) course, taught by Chris Ahl, promises to teach students how to become a successful Twitch streamer within one year. Ahl, who was able to build a great side income from Twitch streaming off of his PS4 in 2014, will share what he did and offer some bonus tips to bring students up to speed with today’s game streams. The course will cover equipment, cost, and how much money can be made, as well as the reasons for pursuing a full-time career in Twitch streaming. Despite the perception that the market is saturated, Ahl believes that Twitch streaming presents an opportunity to make money on the side or as a primary income with little overhead.

The content of the course includes Ahl’s own success story on Twitch. Students are encouraged to ask questions, and Ahl promises to respond as soon as possible. This is Ahl’s 14th Udemy course, and with over 43,000 students, there is likely something for everyone. Twitch streaming is presented as a viable way to make money through video gaming streaming, and the course aims to help students excel in this field. Ahl ends the course by expressing his belief in his students’ ability to succeed and wishing them a blessed day.

6. Twitch Marketing – Learn How To Stand Out On Twitch by LVLUP Dojo (Udemy)

Course Title: Twitch Marketing – Learn How To Stand Out On Twitch
Course Instructors: LVLUP Dojo

Short Description:
This course, led by Natalie Casanova, also known as “ZombiUnicorn” online, focuses on providing insights and tips for streamers and content creators. It is designed to help participants amplify their online presence and build a community.

Long Description:
Natalie Casanova, the instructor for this course, is a 30-year-old Cuban-American professional gamer who is known as “ZombiUnicorn” online. She has been a partnered content creator on Twitch and YouTube for almost five years and is known for being a positive role model for women in the gaming space. Apart from this, she has also done voice acting for various animations, commercials, and indie games. She was also the inaugural winner of FOX’s survival reality show “Kicking and Screaming,” which makes her the first full-time Twitch partner on a major US TV network during prime time.

About The Course:
This course aims to help streamers and content creators tackle the holistic challenges of a competitive and saturated market. It focuses on deconstructing the methodology of the great content creators of today and exploring what new streamers can do to stand out and grow. Additionally, Natalie provides advice for the female community as well.

Course Content and Sections:
The course is divided into different sections that cover specific topics. The first section, “Making your stream unique,” focuses on ways to make your stream stand out from the rest. Participants will learn how to create unique content, engage with viewers, and build a loyal community.

7. Learn how to Live Broadcast on YouTube & Twitch by Jason Haines (Udemy)

Course Title: Learn How to Live Broadcast on YouTube & Twitch

Course Instructors: Jason Haines

Course Short Description: This course teaches the fundamental techniques required to live broadcast video content over the internet.

Course Long Description: The course offers a comprehensive guide for beginners to advance towards becoming professional broadcasters. It covers various aspects such as selecting the right content to broadcast, hardware and software requirements, monetization, building an audience, and tips and tricks for success.

Your teacher, Jason, will provide answers to all your queries and keep you updated with the latest technological practices and advancements.

The course content and sections are as follows:
– Determine Where & What you are going to Live Broadcast
– What Hardware You Will Need
– What Software Will You Need
– How to Monetize your Channel
– How to Promote Your Content
– Hints & Tips: Strategies for Success
– Final Thoughts

By enrolling in this course, you will have a clear understanding of the techniques and methods needed to start live broadcasting on YouTube and Twitch.

Start today and enjoy learning the art of live broadcasting on the internet. With this course, you will quickly gain the essential knowledge and skills to get started.

8. Building Your Twitch Channel For Small-Mid Sized Streamers by LVLUP Dojo (Udemy)

The “Building Your Twitch Channel For Small-Mid Sized Streamers” course, taught by LVLUP Dojo, is aimed at gamers who are looking to build their brand, grow their stream, and become more well-known in the Twitch space. The course covers topics such as how to break into the gaming scene as a streamer, how to leverage existing talents to build a recognizable brand, and how to engage with your audience and fans, regardless of the size of your stream. The course is suitable for streamers of all levels, with each section containing lectures on the topic being covered.

The course is taught by Bree, also known as Caliverse, a full-time streamer with a passion for gaming since childhood. Bree shares her experience of moving from casual to full-time streaming, and the positive impact that the streaming community has had on her passion. She also acknowledges the challenges of being a full-time streamer, including long hours and limited social life, but assures students that a healthy balance can be achieved. Bree draws on her personal experience to provide insight into overcoming obstacles and achieving success as a streamer.

The course is divided into sections, with an introduction providing an overview of the topics covered. Students will learn how to build a brand, engage with their audience, and grow their stream through topics such as branding, community building, and analytics. The course is aimed at small to mid-sized streamers, but the principles taught can be applied to streamers of all levels. Overall, the course provides valuable insight and practical tips for streamers looking to build their brand and succeed on Twitch.

9. Earn Money By Designing Twitch Screen Overlays by Moditha Damindu (Udemy)

The “Earn Money By Designing Twitch Screen Overlays” course is offered by Moditha Damindu, a graphic designer with a background in mechatronics engineering. The course is geared towards individuals who are interested in designing Twitch overlays, screens, and panels from beginner to expert level.

The course instructor will be teaching students how to design using Adobe Illustrator, but individuals who have Photoshop can also follow along. The course is not designed for beginners, so individuals are required to have a basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator’s workflow.

Students will learn more about Adobe Illustrator, streaming, and how to earn money. The course consists of several sections, including Introduction, Start With Illustrator, Facebook Group, Basic Design Series, Road To Earn, Updating Illustrator (Not Necessary), Advance Tips, Watch This If You Want To Earn Money, and a Bonus Lecture.

To enroll in the course, individuals are required to have Adobe Illustrator and a basic understanding of its workflow. For individuals who are proficient in Photoshop but not Adobe Illustrator, the course instructor assures that the differences between the programs are minimal, and individuals can still follow along.

10. Learn to animate twitch transitions and way to extra income by Moditha Damindu (Udemy)

The course, “Learn to Animate Twitch Transitions and Way to Extra Income,” is designed to teach participants how to create Twitch transition animations for the purpose of earning additional income. The instructor, Moditha Damindu, is a Mechatronics engineering student and graphic designer who has received over 350 five-star reviews for his work on Fiverr.

The course is geared towards freelancers and students who want to earn an extra $400-500 per month. No previous knowledge of designing is required. The instructor promises to teach participants what he has learned about Twitch graphics and how to design them for clients.

The course is structured into several sections, starting with an introduction and then moving onto the basics of animation. Participants will then learn how to animate transition screens using a logo, and then move onto more advanced techniques using effects and plugins. The course concludes with a section on how to market your skills on Fiverr to start earning money.

Overall, the course offers a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to learn how to create Twitch transition animations and earn extra income through freelancing.